Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Reconnecting - Part 3

It was monday morning and we loaded up the cars and set out on the road, heading to Scottburgh. The kids were so excited because they knew that for the first time in their lives, they were going to see the ocean, they would get to play in the water, build sand castles and collect seashells.

The drive was about 6 hours long but we did stop for breakfast at Wimpy and then once or twice more for bathroom breaks and some drinks and snacks.

One of our stops brought us to Pixa's (peesha's). LOL That's not the name of the place, it's just a family joke amongst us because this is what happened. We will never forget it!
Now if you don't want to go back and read that post, let me give you a quick summary....so we're all excited and we're halfway to the beach, next thing we know the car breaks down and we pull into this gas station/restaurant thing...little did we know that we would end up staying at that darn place for 3 days, just watching the cars go by and wondering when the heck we would be leaving.

The entrance to the restaurant, we came in the first day and ate lunch, then came back and ate dinner, then in the morning we showed up for breakfast LOL The staff were looking at us weird, wondering why this family was constantly in there to eat instead of heading on to their destination just like everyone else.

Oh these benches....we sat and lay on every single one of them, we played cards, we took naps, we listened to music, we talked and most of all we stared sadly at the passing cars knowing they were going to the beach and we were stuck waiting for our car to be fixed LOL

As frustrating as it was at the time, now we can look back on it and laugh. If you want to know the full story including what my dad did, then go read this post.

After a few more hours we started seeing the ocean and there's nothing like it. I could do without the clammy sticky feeling caused by the humidity because my hair gets all frizzy and whatnot, but hey, a girl can sacrifice the hair for some splashes in the ocean.

We finally arrived at Scottburgh at about 4pm, here we are checking into the Blue Marlin Hotel, which I LOVE LOVE LOVE and will definitely go back to.

They offered us some really good litchi juice while we checked in.

A view of the kids beds. The bedroom had a double bed and then this separate room with single beds for the kids...they loved it.

Relaxing for a few minutes before heading out to explore the hotel and beach

Right next to the pool area they have a trampoline and a kid's play area

Dad and Nela by the pool

A view from the pool. I tell you it's just breathtaking, you are sitting by the pool and look over to see this

Now we're going down to the beach which is just below the hotel, we had to keep a good hold on the kids cause they were literally running towards it.

I don't think I've ever seen my kids so happy, the look on their faces was just indescribable

After we visited the beach we went back up to our rooms, had a quick shower and changed for dinner. Now let me tell you about the Blue Marlin Hotel, all meals are inclusive and you can eat as MUCH as you want. YES you heard right, as MUCH as you want.

When you're portuguese there is this overwhelming feeling to play this game LOL Of course my kids had to be introduced to it too, it's only fair since they're half portuguese right?

Dad and Nela while we were waiting for dinner to begin. See those paintings in the back? Those are typical african canvas paintings and they were selling them at the hotel. My brother gave us two beautiful ones as a gift and my dad and stepmom another smaller one. They are stunning, I'll take photos and then post them for you all at another time.

Hungry, happy kids...if there is such a thing. LOL Usually hungry means cranky little ones, but they were true sports and were so happy to be at the beach that having to wait a bit for dinner didn't bother them at all.

Here we all are ready to eat

Now let me explain how this works, every meal has a different menu. See the menu above? You get EVERYTHING on there unless you tell them you don't want something. So the waiter comes around and asks who wants the Cheesy Prawns, when you're done he asks who wants the soup.....me, I was in heaven, I love food so I pretty much had everything LOL

Nicholas and his roast chicken

By the end of the meal you usually end up with a ton of plates around you and a very full happy tummy. If you're looking for value for money, you have to check out the Blue Marlin Hotel in Scottburgh, South Africa. You won't be disappointed!

After dinner we headed outside to the bar area around the pool and had some Irish coffees, the perfect ending to a perfect day......the next morning we woke up to this:

And this was the day we headed to the beach, but you'll have to wait until tomorrow for those photos because this post has gone on so long already I'm afraid you're all falling asleep on me.


  1. I haven't fallen asleep! The ocean is beautiful and the hotel looks great. What a great way to soend time with your family!

  2. The scenery is just stunning! It's so nice to find a hotel where you actually feel you got your money's worth.

  3. It looks so fun Sandra! I love when the food is part of the package, it makes it so easy! I'm really enjoying your trip posts.

  4. Not even close to falling asleep- I'm loving these posts!
    The ocean is so beautiful.

  5. Sandra! I am kicking myself! I did not think or know that you were posting from Africa? I haven't visited in weeks...was waiting for your return...and now look what all I've missed....(kick, kick, kick)....

    Okay, am printing off, reading on my commute home and post comments following!

    Welcome back!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I can just imagine the children at the beach what wonderful memories that they have and you and Curt ..thanks for the blog visit...funny how jasmine and mckenna have the same haircut..lol hugs my dear,

  7. Such great family pictures. I love them. Cant wait until tomorrow.

  8. Wow what an awesome view by the pool and all you can eat inclusive food. Doesn't get much better then that. I can't believe all the cool pictures you got. I love the one where Jasmine is running on the beach.

  9. Sandra, thanks so much for visiting my blog...you have sooo much to do with coming back home and posting YOUR adventure, and I'm very touched that you took time to see little 'ol me!

    Oh, I'm having such a GREAT time reading your wonderful adventure/reunion trip and just loving those marvelous photos...this is like watching a show on the travel channel, except that I feel I know you from blogland! And I'm NOT sleepy in the least! So, looking forward to tomorrow's post!

  10. It looks like y'all had a fabulous time!

  11. Spectacular vistas...you are right...breathtaking...there is so much to take in here... how happy you must have been surrounded by all your relatives and showing your kids their roots.....what an amazing adventure for your kids...


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