Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Reconnecting - Part 4

I think for me the best part of being near the ocean is the mornings, you wake up and you can smell the water and hear it's roaring in the distance. We got up and had breakfast and then made our way down to the beach, the weather was just perfect, not too hot and not too cold......except for that first dip in the water. WOWEE.......*brrrr*

The kids first encounter with the actual cold water, there were a lot of shrieks and laughs

Nicholas pants ballooned up LOL

I just love this one, I caught my nephew Dylan right as he jumped up over a small wave

Well now don't we all know the feeling when a wave comes crashing down and throws us onto the beach???? LOL Jasmine was caught off guard but she thought it was the funniest thing ever

Uncle Paul building sand castles with Nicholas and Taryn-Lee

Me and my oldest brother Paul......excuse the fatness, I shouldn't even be walking around in a bikini LOL

My sister in law Lilian and me

RSTuning SA, this is my brother's business for remapping cars. Don't know exactly how it works or whatever, all I know is that it makes them go a LOT faster, so hey if you're in South Africa and want your car remapped, just contact RSTuning SA LOL *shameless plug I know*

Me and my daddy :)

Downtown Scottburgh, it's this really nice small beach town....loved it!

After the beach and lunch we headed to the pool for an hour or two.

Taryn-Lee and Jasmine....they became good friends really fast

My nephew Dylan :)

The girls in the pool

Mr Diary of a SAHM LOL or Curt for those who don't know LOL

And to end of the pool experience, even I got let me tell you first, I don't swim, just never got around to it but I won't drown though. I can float and get from one side of the pool to the other, I'm just not a swimmer and don't do all the cool arm movements and whatnot LOL

It was a fun filled day which I'll never forget. But the vacation was just beginning, the very next day we got in the car and drove the 45 minutes to Durban to the Ushaka Marine World, just wait until you see those photos and videos.....I was even part of the Seal Show LOL


  1. Looks like you all enjoyed the ocean. How fun!
    PS- you're not even close to fat!!

  2. Um fat? I don't think so!!!! The pictures are wonderful,So glad that all of you had a great vacation..

  3. I'm lovin all this. I feel like I was apart of it lol!
    You know me I LOVE the beach so these pictures are awesome=)
    We are going to the beach in August & I'm counting the minutes LOL!
    Oh & you are Not fat. I think you look great!
    Can't wait to hear more!

  4. You look awesome Sandra and it looks like so much fun! When we went to the ocean in October the kids loved it too! It's so impressive, you can really feel God there... or I could :)

  5. What a great time. I love the picture of you and your Dad.\
    PS - I see not even an ounce of fat!

  6. The ocean is wonderful isnt it? I always tear up when leaving it.

  7. You must've been thrilled for your kids, watching them play in the ocean for the first time!

    What a wonderful day for ALL of you!


  8. GREAT pics SAndra!!! I love all of them! And oh my are totally not fat at all!!! You look fantastic!!! I WISH I had your stomach!!!

    Thank you so much for your prayers and encouragement for me right means SO much! xoxo

  9. Oh girl, you ain't seen fatness until you've poured me into a bikini. Which you never will so you'll just have to believe me. LOL. You look fantastic!

    Your beach day looked like so much fun! I love the pic of Jasmine laughing at being caught by the wave.

  10. I'm loving the pics and how you're able to chronicle your whole vacation for us like this! Sounds like you guys sure stayed busy with lots to see and do! What beautiful pics of the ocean and sunrise!

  11. How fun! I feel a trip to the beach coming on.

    And don't apologize for the bikini - you look great!

    Greetings from Maputo! Small world, eh?

  12. I'm having such fun on YOUR trip!! I love the ocean, too, and have always had the daydream of living near the beach, close enough to walk to it and hear the waves and smell the salt-spray. Glad you got to enjoy all of that wonderful water...hmmm...109 degrees expected in Tucson (read Phoenix, too) today and NO water in sight!! Except for our little pool in the back yard.

    Looking forward to tomorrow's post...have a lovely Thursday.

  13. You all look so happy, so joyous...look at your daughter's beautiful red hair.....that pool is inviting, I'd like to take a dip, ahhhhhh.....


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