Monday, March 22, 2010

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{ Springy kinda day...... }

My babies went back to school today and I was so sad to see them go. You know it kind of confused me a bit when I dropped them off this morning and heard some of the other moms saying things like "Thank God Spring Break is over. I'm so glad they're back at school, I need a break".

I know that not everyone is the same and families are different but I for one absolutely love every moment with my children and I was sad to see the Spring Break come to an end.

With that said, I do enjoy my quiet time alone too and once I returned home, I started by having a piece of favorite way.

A slice of bread toasted over an open fire, or this case, the stove. I had some hotdog buns laying around and that is what I used for my toast. YUM!


After getting the breakfast dishes taken care of, I grabbed a big cup of coffee and got to work on some things around here.

Oh the usual, laundry and more laundry and yet more laundry, then folding and ironing and putting away, straightening up the living room from the weekend activities and sweeping and mopping.

But once that was done, I sat down and got to work on some projects that I've had laying around, desperately needing my attention.

With the weather being just wonderful outside, I donned on some shorts and a tank top and got to work on painting some stuff.

Here come with me let me show you..........

This little shelf sits in my kitchen and I love it, just adore it because my husband made it for me right at the beginning of our marriage, and the fact that he put in a C and an S for our initials makes it that much more special.

This weekend I painted those shelf sitters and Jasmine asked if she could do the writing, I let her and I think it looks cute and perfectly depicts who I am.... *giggle*


This one is in my living room right above my TV. I also painted those and added our names.


Live Simply.....beautifully explains what my life is about.


This shelf my hubby built for me, I just need to add my taper candles behind the shelf sitters. I made the "Bath Thyme" one and Jasmine made the "Wash your Hands", I love her little hand prints, so cute


In the entrance way to the house, on my left I have a cute bench and right above this shelf, I made this super simple little dress and used a branch and some twine to hang it. I also have some dried lavender and a little bonnet to hang on either side.


Then I stepped out side, yesterday I had hubby build me this really simple looking bench, then last night I painted it Colonial Red (love it).

I placed it underneath my kitchen window. The little red flag holder was actually an old dog treats container which the lid got broken. It's perfect to hold my flags, just put in some of those rocks to hold them in place.


Added the little tin star above and I made the sign this morning. It's not perfect, and I don't want it to's not the way the words are written on it that matter, but the meaning behind them.


We're a military family and I love displaying that pride for all to see. Hubby loves this little area and it brings a smile to my face.


Then I stepped back inside and placed my new stove topper on. I stained it a dark red mahogany yesterday morning and it's been drying all night long.


Again I told hubby what I wanted and he built it for me this weekend, these are all really easy woodworking projects and the beauty of primitive and country decorating is that you want things to look old and imagine hubby's face when he got done building it and I took a hammer to it LOL


Ahhhhh makes me happy to see all these projects finished.

I sat down with my crochet and finished my last little Spring Coaster, these work up so fast and I've made these 4 just between last night and this afternoon.


I still want to make another 4 so I will have a set of 8. If you want to try them out for yourself, you can find the free download at Ravelry. These are by Doni Speigle and they're adorable.

Now you may need to sign up to Ravelry to be able to see them and download the pattern, but it's a free site and I highly recommend joining if you love knitting and crocheting.

Well I'm off for now, I have dinner to attend to and kids to kiss on. Have a wonderful night everyone!


  1. I too often wonder why some people even stay home with their kids or are so excited to take them back to school...I look forward to and even count down the days to the weekends and to breaks. I love my kids and I miss Gabe when he goes to school.

  2. You and Curt have been very productive! It all looks great!

  3. Busy hands! I love it when things come together!

    I dont get the people that don't like having their kids around either. Is it hard work? YES! Are they worth every second of it?? YES!

    Bottom have to be far less selfish when your children are around or its going to be rough. Some people can't make that switch.

  4. I love taking my kids back to school because they have such delightful adventures...watching them grow and learn is just amazing to me!

    ...but I don't like it because of them being a burden, because my kids are not a burden. They are amazing!

    You've been a busy lady Miss Sandra!! I just checked out a book on knitting and crocheting today! My mom taught me when I was younger, but I got so rusty my chains look like sad little squiggly lines. :)

    Anyways! BUSY! Everything looks awesome! I'm totally jealous of your stove cover, I wonder if I can talk Kelly into making me one?! hehe!

  5. Sandra,

    I love all your creative and cute signs. I can't believe how much people pay for these in the stores either.

    I've asked my hubby to make one for me as well. Still haven't figured out quite what I want it to say.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  6. wow - cute cute crafts - well done by all of you workers!!

    I too missed my kids sooooooooo much today. It was almost TOO quiet - thankfully I have Miss M to keep me company when she is not napping. Oh -and there is always IRONING to keep me busy - ha!! I wish I could package it up & send it to you in AZ to do it for me! :)

  7. I was sad to see Spring Break end too. Sometimes the kids get anxious to go back and see their school friends, but most of the time they are happy to be home.

    I loved looking at all your pictures. Jasmine did a great job on the lettering. Seems like she will be as crafty as her mom.

    The military area is a great idea. I've never seen anything like it. It's great that your hubby builds things for you like the bench and some shelves.

    I liked the little Spring Coasters too.

  8. As you, I'm sad to see those moms saying that they're glad that their children are back to school because they need a break. I have only one daughter and as she is homeschooled, we spend almost everyday together. And it is absolutely great. I do enjoy having quiet time alone, though I don't have many opportunities right now. But I am enjoying this moment because when she grows up I will certainly have plenty of time alone.
    You've been really busy and I loved your signs. Very creative. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Anonymous5:23 PM

    My goodness, Sandra. You are an energetic gal. I love all of your new shelves and painted signs. The little coasters are adorable.

    Happy Spring. Debbi


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