Tuesday, March 30, 2010

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{ What all women should have }

Oooh bet you're dying to know what I'm talking about, bet you're even thinking along the lines of a diamond necklace or a stunning dress or to die for shoes?

Nah, I mean something that all women should have at home, especially the Homemakers like me.


Yeah I bet you didn't see that coming did you?

Well that is my new friend, my very own Home Tool Set. I picked it up at Home Depot for only $9 but I promise it will be worth it.


I know as women we tend to shy away from tools, and actually for the longest time, well, years really, everytime something needed to be done in the house I turned to my dear husband.

Truth be told, at first it was very confusing when I said I may need a screwdriver and was met with "Phillips or Flat head?"

Nothing like that to make my instant "I am so smart and can take care of this myself" mood fade quickly.


Now being a military wife, I quickly learned that the minute my husband's boots left American soil, everything and I mean EVERYTHING broke down around the house.

It's frustrating being left with no knowledge of how to fix anything and not quite sure of which tools to use where or how.


I decided right after his first deployment, that I needed to be taught as much as possible and needed to learn to fend for myself.

No more running to hubby when a light bulb blew, or one of the hinges on a kitchen cabinet came loose, or a cute little storage shelf was left in a box because the thought of putting it all together made me break out in hives.


I took charge and I started asking for direction, instead of leaving it to him to fix, he supervised and now I can proudly say that if anything breaks in this house, I truly can pretty much fix it myself.

It may start with something as simple as putting up a curtain rod but pretty soon, you will feel comfortable enough to do anything around the house.

Don't be scared off by the fact that you are unfamiliar with tools and what they do, just step over that hurdle and remember that it's another step towards being independent. To know that if the need arises, YOU can fix whatever is broken and you have the means to.

I'm in no way as good as my husband, but for now, I'm pretty good at puttering around the house with my little tool box. No more need to run and dig through his tools and besides, this way if something gets misplaced, I won't be in trouble. LOL

So next time you're in a Home DIY store or Walmart or Target etc, don't be shy to grab your very own Tool Box. Nowadays they even come in Pink. Ooooooohhhh, I'm thinking a pink drill, pink tool pouch......hmmmmm.

Now go forth and conquer the DIY around your home and be thrilled that you can get the pleasure out of saying "Hey I fixed that all on my own".

It's a pretty darn good feeling.

Tell me, do you have your own tool box? Do you know which tool does what? Do you fix things around the house or are those chores left to your husband?


  1. What a good post! I don't have my own tools but I do have a few that well are just mine. I to learned almost 20 years ago being a military spouse I have to fend for myself sometimes in that area. I may not know the names of the tools I need but I can figure it out. I at least try to do it myself unless I am way in over my head-like electrical stuff I won't do. However, I can fix a pretty mean toilet. lol

  2. I don't have my own tools, but I use my husbands. I can do pretty much anything he can and usually give up on waiting for him to get stuff done and just tackle it myself. And if anything needs assembled I'm pretty much the go-to girl for that, I love putting stuff together and am better at following instructions. I would love my own little tool set though, all of Hubby's tools end up scattered everywhere and hard to find when needed.

  3. Sandra,

    The best part about purchasing pink tools is that men are less likely to borrow them when needed so you'll always have your tools handy! I say WOO HOO! Step out in faith and take charge! You can do it if you are willing to try!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  4. Nice set! I have a small tool set too and while I don't have to use it often, it's good to have it around.

  5. For some reason I just can't picture anything being too hard for you to tackle. However, I have some pretty vivid mental pictures of you trying to show Curt how to bake a cake and HIM breaking out in hives! LOL! (Of course, I can see that making you nervous too....lol!)

    Great post.

    Kelly bought me a big box of tools for our first anniversary. The lady at the BX thought he was nuts, because he bought a vacuum too and she thought the tools were for him and the vacuum for me and it made us both laugh lots. (hahahaha..me? housework?? haha...cough.)


  6. Yep ... former military wife ... and I have a similar tool box & I can use it! :) When we'd PCS, I used to have my new home up & running in about 3 days - curtains up, beds assembled, pictures hung. :)

  7. Am feeling totally in awe Sandra. Judging by all the replies, I am certainly in the minority of not owning or using tools. My excuse is, there would absolutely be no room in the garage for any of my tools. (yes, that is an excuse!) Have always fancied doing some D-I-Y though. Great post and will send postcards ASAP

  8. Yes, I have my own tools, and can use them. Which is just as well, as my husband is utterly clueless when it comes to DIY so if anything needs fixing I have to do it!

  9. I have a few of my own, but mostly use DH's. I love going into his workshop to get tools needed for projects.


  10. I don't have my very own tools, I know where hubby keeps all of his, but maybe I would be more inclined to use them rather than wait for him to get home if I did have a set that was totally my own. I think I'll go down to home depot and get me and my oldest daughter one.

  11. Anonymous7:31 PM

    I have my own tools and yes I know what they fix. The most helpful piece of advice i can give is when you have a repairperson come to the house hover over them and ask a ton of questions and the next time chances are you can do it yourself. I find books arent all that helpful with repairs although maybe thats just me. You go girl. Oh-and HIDE your tools....just sayin....

  12. I love tools. And I even got my own pink set this past Christmas. It's great being able to find what I need when I need it. And I can even use most of the tools by myself--what progress!!!

    Happy Easter to you & your family!

  13. I do not have my "own" I use my husbands. My Grandfather, father as well as step-dad made sure that I could take care of myself in my house if needed.
    I have even fixed the dishwasher!

    In order to get my license I had to take one semester of Auto Shop. It was an ROP course so I could get a job working in the field if I wanted. It came with a certificate also!

    My girls will do the same. It is good to know!

  14. Hubs never puts tools away in the right place, I've found screwdrivers in the cutlery drawer, spanners in the gas meter cupboard, no-more-nails glue in my storage cupboard. Perhaps I need to get my own set of tools because hubs' tools are never in the right place and I can never find them!


  15. I have my own hammer and two mini-screwdrivers, that is all I need for most jobs, otherwise I just raid the DH's worktable LOL. I am blessed with a very handy husband, don't know what I would do otherwise! I do try to fix a lot of stuff on my own though.

    Sandra I tagged you in a promotion to help Children's Miracle Network on my blog - virtual Easter basket!

  16. I think I'm on my third kit. If the kids or hubs gets into it and stuff disappears I make him buy me a new set. It took a few years but he finally learned to stay out of my set! LOL!

    If hubs is home I let him do the tool work...but he's gone as much as home so half the time its me. And I do learn alot by doing something wrong (like using the wrong weight hanger for hooks and heavy duty shelves) but I learn from my mistakes....and make sure I save that stuff for him ! LOL!


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