Monday, October 17, 2011

# catching up

Goodness, it's been a few days

since I last updated the old blog.

I seem to be getting worse at this blogging thing as I age LOL

I'm still here, just been so busy the last few days, have a very full life right now with lots on my hands, but I'm so blessed to be able to do it all and end each night thanking the Lord for what I have.

 So what have I been doing?

Because I don't seem to have enough WIP's, and because I already have such a boring life, I decided to throw another project into the mix.  I'm doing the Ripple Along with Lucy and Heather, and I'm loving it so much, I'm determined to finish this one :)

Ripple blanket

The days are getting darker earlier so I'm reveling in the chance to light up my candles and enjoy their beautiful glow


Hubby is in the beginning of an inspection/exercise, so he's working 12 hour shifts which means we eat dinner a little later in the day, but we do enjoy sitting down after a long day, talking and catching up


There's always time for a little crafting in my home, I function better when I'm allowed to mix in the usual day to day shenanigans with some creativity


I love how my children enjoy learning even when we're doing the simplest of tasks....last Unit we studied the life cycle of plants, their seeds and how they reproduce, so while scooping out pumpkins we got to review that once more :)


Though I didn't have time to finish both topiaries, I did manage to finish this one with the kid's initials. I couldn't decided if I wanted to do just monogrammed pumpkins or a pumpkin topiary so I figured I would just do both.


and the best part is that you can get a tasty snack at the end....olive oil, garlic powder and salt, it's so good


We also started Home Life for Jasmine today and our first lesson consisted of making chocolate asphalt


it's just like pouring asphalt onto a road and then rolling it smooth....incorporating cooking with engineering, brilliant


and again, the best part is enjoying the results at the end


but in between all of this, I've been watching Period Dramas but most importantly Downton Abbey. How many of my readers love the show as much as I do? Did you know that you can watch the new Season even though it's not scheduled to air here in the States until January 8th of 2012?

You can watch it by going here to Fast Pass, or at Project Free TV. It airs every Sunday and so far there have been 5 episodes, the 6th will be airing this coming Sunday, so go one, go catch up on the new series so you'll be ready for the new one this weekend :)

I think I've babbled enough for today, I can hear my ripply blanket calling my name, so I'm off. Have a wonderful night :)

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  1. Thanks for the references to the sites where I can watch these shows. However, to watch them, it asks for a credit card. I don't get why? They say they are verifying our address, but I'm cautious of giving out my credit card number even if they don't charge it. Did you have to give your credit card number? Have you had any issues with them charging it?


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