Tuesday, October 4, 2011

# rain

When it rains.....

We are so starved for rain where we live that when it starts pouring, the whole world seems to stop.

At least for us.

We have this habit of dropping everything we're doing and rushing into the driveway, looking up into the skies, sticking out tongues out and just enjoying the scents of the wet earth, the sound of the pitter patter and then feel of the water dropping on our heads.

We love it and we soak in every single minute of it when it happens.

Most of the day was dark, cloudy, gloomy and for some reason it's when I'm the happiest, not that I think it mirrors my personality in anyway (HA), but because I love rainy days.


Then it gets brighter and suddenly there's heavy, hard rain pounding against the windows


You can't fake happiness like this, I mean it's written all over his face


Catching raindrops as they fall


Looking to the skies and begging the rain not to stop for a while longer


Contemplating, watching, letting the hair blow in the strong winds, and boy were they blowing that hair was EVERYWHERE


Throwing rocks into the small puddles that the rain made, because it's the closest we come to skipping pebbles in a creek


doesn't matter how tiny the puddle is, there's still much joy in jumping over it, back and forth, back and forth with a big smile on your face


As the rain subsided we were left standing, soaking and happy on the one hand but disappointed knowing that it would be a while before we got some more play time in the rain......but as we turned to walk back into the house, we were met with this stunning sunset.


It felt like a gift from God, almost a way to make up for the rain that had stopped.  It's breathtaking and I think it pretty much is the only thing that I will really miss when we eventually leave Arizona.

But as for now, we will continue to look forward to the next downpour with as much anticipation as we did for today's storm......after all......half the fun is in the waiting.

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