Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Moving - Day One!


Oh help me.....no matter how many times we do a move, I'm never prepared for the actual moving day and seeing everything just all over the house.

Movers arrived at 8am on the dot.  Punctual which is something I admire and am not used to with other movers.

There's two guys for the whole house.  Usually there's more but these guys are FAST, within an hour the outside storage area and Nic's bedroom were done, and half my kitchen is packed too.

For someone like me who likes having things neat and tidy, this is the worst part of the move.  Not to mention the fact that I don't like sitting around doing nothing and while the guys pack I am sitting here just watching them and feeling like I should be doing something LOL  It's driving me nuts!!



Isn't it funny though how your whole life just fits in these boxes????   Years of memories and mementos and your favorite knick knacks, all in there.

We always buy the moving crews lunch, but frankly I am sure these guys are sick to death of pizza, so we try to get them different things.  Today we opted for Subway Sandwiches and the guys were SO happy hahahah


Squirt has been moved from his huge tank, to his temporary home and he is one happy turtle.  I never thought he would be so happy in here.


We also moved the Betta fish to a small container for the trip, but he's not looking so good.  He's been kind of acting weird for a while now, then again he's pretty old so I'm just hoping he makes the trip

I have to share with you these two photos of yesterday's sunset, it's like Arizona wants to give us a farewell, I haven't seen sunsets like these in a long time and this week we've had them every single day.


I've said often that the one thing I'll miss about Arizona are the sunsets.  One thing I will NOT miss are the constant triple digits.  Hubby and I always say that Arizona is a great place to vacation but it's not somewhere we would want to live all year long.


Alright I guess I should get back to watching them pack, hoping this goes by fast so I stop feeling guilty of doing nothing LOL


  1. Packing day is always stressful! No one likes to watch strangers touching your things. You know you are military when you describe the contents of your life in pounds. As in "Fifteen years of marriage and three kids weighs 9,556 pounds, as of our last PCS". At least you didn't have to lighten your load this time around. Good luck Sandra and family!

  2. You will have beautiful sunsets here in Idaho Sandra. And the triple digits will be here starting Friday. Sorry. I'm not happy about it either. I just hope they don't stay long. :)

    Have a safe trip! You will be home soon! :)

  3. And here the day is! I haven't been able to come around and I can't believe it's already here. Praying you have a safe and uneventful move with many little blessings along the way!

  4. Now, you can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel...yippee!!

    Won't be long now until you are in your new home getting everything all organized! xo

  5. Sandra- thanks for taking time to quick update us. We'll be praying for safety for you guys on the road and that you just can have a peaceful enjoyable drive. Love Love Love the sunset picture- absolutely gorgeous!

  6. Sandra - praying the move goes smoothly, for the whole family, including the critters!
    Great farewell sunset!

  7. glad you got good packers!!! praying the rest of your move goes smoothly!

  8. Best of luck with all plans and moving! Just remember your things won't be in boxes forever. ;)

  9. I always HATED move day!!! I visited AZ once and hubby just finished a project there. Have to agree we couldn't stand that heat all of the time. You are so close to being in your new home. How exciting!!!

  10. It's so odd seeing your home without all the pretty knick-knacks and doilys out... i'm sure you're doing far from "nothing" however... ;) Hang in there!! Hugs & prayers!

  11. That would be weird to have someone else pack up your stuff. Kinda nice though. You should just kick up your feet and do some crocheting while they pack! LOL! Beautiful sunset!

  12. Gorgeous sunsets! I'm so excited for you guys. The worst part is almost over. Next move, I'm hiring packers. I never want to pack on my own again.

  13. Good luck with the move. Here in PA we are between the 80 and 90 degree weather but the humidity is awful. I heard Arizona doesn't deal with the humidity we do, but I've never been to that state so I have no idea.

  14. Been there many times... actually even when they are scheduled to pack i do a lot of personal items myself. It is weird having someone go through all your things. Thinking of you and hoping things go smoothly for your move!


  15. So exciting!!! I know you have wanted to move for a very long time.. and it's happening!! Woo hoo!!

  16. It sure does look like Arizona is giving you a great send off with those sunsets :)
    I hope your move goes well Sandra. I know packing is not fun.

  17. When we moved I remember how weird it felt to pack up everything when own and put it into a truck. It seemed so odd that everything that we called ours, at least stuff, fit into a box. It helped me keep things in prespective that the greatest things in life really aren't things. Good luck with the move-I'm sure you will make great memories along the way!

  18. Hi Sandra,

    I bet it is a strange feeling seeing others packing your things. I have never experienced that. We've not moved but 3 times in our almost 31 years of marriage and once it was from our mobile home just feet away from our now present home, so it was not bad at all.

    I am so excited for you as you begin this new chapter in your life. You're a great wife and mom, so wherever you go, you will be making wonderful memories for your family!

    Lots of love,

  19. Oh and those ARE some gorgeous sunsets in Arizona! Like you though, I wouldn't miss triple digits often!

    What state are you moving to? I'm sorry....can't remember if you said.



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