Thursday, October 03, 2013

Craziest wind and 31 Days of Autum 2013 - Day 3

We have had the nuttiest strongest wind ever, today.

I mean, it's the cut right through you, bend trees like it's nothing, kind of wind.

Yesterday we tried to put up a few Halloween decorations and now I'm regretting it, the spider webs are being ripped apart and thrown around.  The hubster and the kids seem to think it looks kinda creepy and perfect for the season, but the perfectionist in me is cringing.


If you didn't know those were webs, this picture would be so creepy lol


The girls and I have been trying to stay warm.  I refuse to turn on my heat yet, but boy is it chilly in these parts and my bedroom which is downstairs is the coldest of all.


Miss Lola is happiest on the bed with me.  While Miss Bella, prefers Nic's bean bag on the floor.  She is shedding something fierce and I'm just grateful that I can remove the bean bag cover and wash it, otherwise I don't know what I would do with all that crazy fur.


While we tried to stay warm, I did make a quick garland for my Kitchen window.  I usually have the dried orange slices garland, but figured that it was needing a little Fall decorating.

I saw this idea at Design Improved and loved it, so while watching my show earlier I quickly made these.  And when I say quickly, I mean *quickly*, they are that easy to make.

I had a small ball of this fuzzy yarn that I had no idea what to do with, so this was the perfect way to get rid of that yarn ball too.

31 Days of Autumn - Day 3

31 Days of Autumn - Day 3

31 Days of Autumn - Day 3

Aren't those the cutest things ever?

Since it's our 31 Days of Autumn, I thought that the pictures above would be good for Day 3, after all, they are pumpkins right?


  1. I love those little pumpkins. Your yard looks pretty "creepy" with all those spider webs! Have a great weekend.

  2. You are right Sandra, they are the cutest little pumpkins ever! They look amazing!
    Hope the winds die away, keep warm!
    Gill xx

  3. Those little pumpkins are adorable.

    The spider webs definitely are creepy and add to the Halloween looks for the month.

    Your canine friends look warm and cozy under their little blankies.

    The weather there is certainly different from where you just were for the past few years. It will take some getting used to, but oh how wonderful to have changing seasons.

    Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

  4. Your dogs are so cute! My husband wants to get a pug someday. I've only ever had Boston Terriers and would like something different, although those two breeds do seem similar. I love pugs! And I wish I was as creative as you are. Those pumpkins turned out great.

  5. Sandra, your pumpkin garland is so cute! I'm sending you warm thoughts right now. Hope you can feel them! ;)

  6. The wind here in these parts was awful yesterday. 30mph here most of the day. I have not been as tough as you though with the heat. I broke down and turned it on already for the night time. 33 here this morning.

  7. Love the pumpkin garland! So creative and cute. Wind, I know all about that! We had winds gusting to 115km/hr, which is 71.45 miles/hr one day last week! Crazy!


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