Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Old Man Winter


I don't want to say it, but I have to.....I think old man winter is rubbing his hands together and smirking.

It's just been downright dreary and wintery around here.

Now, don't think I'm complaining, I'm really not, this is one winter I'm looking forward to.  Come next year I may have completely changed my mind, actually by January I may be crying for a truce and begging the old man to move away.

For now though, I'm loving it.


It's been raining, it's been cold, there's frost everywhere in the mornings, the days are shorter and the sun is rising much later.   Beautiful Autumn days, but very similar to winter which leads me to believe that the old man is going to make an early appearance.


This morning found me snuggled in bed with my laptop, my kleenex and a nice hot cup of coffee.  I didn't want to get up, honestly, but had so much to get done that I couldn't just lay there.


So I braved it, hobbled on out, started the fire and then sat by the living room window for a bit, just enjoying the rain and the start of the day.


I kinda want snow to come....I know, I know, call me crazy.  But I sorta, kinda, maybe do?

For now though I'll just be happy with what I'm getting, because this weather does allow for some wonderful moments spent snuggled with a good book and a crochet blanket.  Speaking of which, I think I'll head to my bed this very moment.

Have a blessed night sweet friends :)


  1. You are enjoying your 'moments' and counting your blessings, looking forward to each new day, that is inspiring.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  2. We have had snow! this week! It's been great because I've had things to do at home, but I'm afraid this is going to be a cold, long winter. We will remind each other of the blessing of winter come January!

  3. I know what you mean about the snow - it's much more beautiful to look out at a white snowy scene than a grey, wet day, even with all the hassle and inconvenience it brings, and that first snow is somehow magical and exciting, especially when it starts to snow silently at night - now you've got me looking forward to it, no!!!!!!!!!
    Hope you feel better soon Sandra, I'm just going down the first cold of the season too :(
    Gill xx

  4. When I'm watching the weather channel I find myself looking towards Idaho and wondering how your weather is, 'cause you're the only person I know in that part of the world! The greyness and frost and a fireplace and hot coffee and warm snuggling in bed are so different from the Arizona fall!! I'm so glad you are enjoying it all :)

    Now this is something that I had to learn after moving to Mississippi 5 years ago from Arizona...DON'T FORGET TO SET YOUR CLOCK BACK AN HOUR ON SUNDAY!!! Ha-ha!

    Have a good rest of the week, soon to be November!

  5. I love the cold as long as there is beautiful white snow on the ground or fresh flakes falling. Once the snow turns brown from the cars driving and kicking mud, salt, and sand everywhere I'm ready for it to be gone, and if there is no snow, there is no point in cold weather to me.
    Glad to see you are managing to keep warm and are enjoying the weather.


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