Wednesday, June 11, 2014

# moving

{ Two days to go }


Well, two days until we officially move in, but thankfully we still have this house until the end of the month which gives us plenty of time to finish up and clean it etc.

I have to tell you though, my body is just screaming no.  It doesn't want me to keep going, it just wants to shut down.  It's actually quite comical, I find myself falling asleep at the weirdest moments, like this afternoon around 2pm, on the couch.

We had just returned from the new house and were having some lunch, right as I was done, I grabbed a blanket, leaned back on the couch and was out like a light.  Goodness!!!

Let me show you what my new garage looks like at the moment.  No matter how hard we try to get things moved into their places, we are getting to the point where we've taken to just bringing the loads in and dumping them in the middle of the garage to be deal with later.


It works this way, the truck load gets dumped there, and then each box/item gets moved to it's place and we clear it up as we go.

No matter how slow you take it, moving is just a royal pain in the behind, I'm so ready to buy a house and never have to think of moving again.

Packing up

I have packed and unpacked boxes for weeks now, and it's the same ones that we re-utilize. Bring it in, fill it up, take it over, unpack, bring back in and fill back up and repeat. *sigh*

One thing that cheers me up though is keeping some of those things I love nearby, whether it's my crochet or a favorite cookbook to page through as I relax.

New Taste of Home Book

And look what I got in the mail today, the new Taste of Home 2014:  The Best of Country Cooking.  As if I needed anymore cookbooks right?

I am actually about to look through it.  I've called it an early night, due to my body just being tired and on top of that it's that special time of the month and I'm feeling more drained than usual.

I've taken a shower, I've thrown on some comfy pj's and I'm relaxing on the couch with my laptop, chatting to my girl who is on her laptop too, and with my crochet nearby.....but first things first, a little meal planning with my new cookbook.

Tomorrow is another crazy busy day for us, we are taking some of the last things over, aside from the big stuff like beds and dressers, tv etc.  The last things to leave will be my plants, I don't want to take them over without me being already there full time.

But I want to show you how they are doing....


Actually rescued the one above from the reduced price shelf at our local Walmart, the poor thing was in desperate need of attention but is doing much better.

English Cucumber

Above is my English Cucumber, I can't wait for this one.


I currently have two Lavender plants which have been doing amazing.  If you have been reading my blog for a while, then I'm sure you know that I've been on a mission to successfully grow Lavender for a very long time.  Arizona was just NOT the place at all, I was never able to do anything with it there, but it seems to be doing great here in Idaho, so we'll see how it goes.



Here's another of my plants, I love it, I don't recall the name right now, but I had two of these back in Arizona and they were very hardy plants, they lasted quite a long time.  I had an orange and a yellow.

Red Chili

That is my red chili peppers, they are doing great too.  And on the top left just behind it, are my tomato plants which are also growing beautifully.


Last but not least, here are my Strawberries, I'm so excited for these, it's my first time being able to grow them too.

So, these will all go with me on Friday, for now though, they are enjoying the sunlight at my kitchen window.

Alright my friends, I thank you again for all the kind comments you've been leaving for me.  I haven't had a chance to visit anyone back, but once I'm settled in, I will try my best.

Hope you all have a blessed, relaxing Wednesday night.  This girl is going to sit back, have some hot tea and try to get some early sleep.


  1. The bad thing about moving is..well all the moving and work. The bad part of being in one place for years and years...stuff seems to pile up if you are not boxing it up and moving it around :) Take some time out for you!!!!

  2. Only 2 more days! Pretty soon this moving will be a thing of the past.

    May this final bit be a breeze for all of you.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  3. I just bought a lavender plant at the Country Living Fair this weekend. I'm hoping I can keep it alive! Yours is gorgeous!


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