Saturday, June 21, 2014

# moving # yard work

{ Spiders and cobwebs and dust....oh my }

Guess what I tackled today?

The garage.  Yep, the big ol garage.  As we brought things from the other house, we dumped them in the garage and then unpacked from there.  It worked out just fine, but as I stepped into the garage this morning, I was faced with a big ol mess that I just was tired of seeing.

Today was the day, and what a day it was.

This is what I started with.....

Garage - Before

When I saw it, I actually thought about walking back into the house and pretending it wasn't there, but you know if I do that, then it will never get dealt with.

I set to work, cleaned, organized, put things in boxes for storage, for donation, for yard sale etc.

Garage - After

By the end of the day this is what it looks like.  A few things here and there, some stuff I still need to put away, but so much better, and I can park my car inside too.  Yay!!!


One thing we have in this house which I've never had in any of the others, is an attic.

I don't know, I'm thinking I watch too many scary shows because it scares the bejeebers out of me LOL

Every time I walk by, I look up and see the darkness and always think someone is there staring at me.  *shiver*  Ridiculous I know, but what I can do??

Something else that gives me the creeps, is the amount of spiders and cobwebs in the garage.  I don't understand, don't people ever clean their garages?

I've never had one, in all the base houses we lived, not a single one had a garage, so maybe this is all new to me, but I would assume people wouldn't want to go out there or have their things out there, with huge spiders crawling around.  At least I know I don't.

So one thing I also did today, before packing anything anywhere, I vacuumed the windows and corners and ceiling and sprayed and tried very hard to get rid of all the nastiness I saw.  It was GROSS!!!

Front door

I also worked outside with the hubby, he mowed the lawn in the front and back and helped me water the rose bushes, and set out some of our decorations.

Outside decorations

The yards are looking wonderful, the grass is nice and green, the sprinklers are going and it's just a beautiful summer day.

Aside from my sore feet and back, it's been a very good productive day.


Yesterday I decided to bake in the afternoon, just got the urge to get in there and quickly whipped up some delicious Sweet Potato Biscuits with some Honey Butter.

Sweet Potato Biscuits with Honey Butter

My family loved it, especially my son who ate 5 in one sitting.  Good grief, where do tween boys put all that food?

Glass of wine


Glad to have this day behind me, I'm now showered, in my pjs and sitting on my comfy couch with my feet up.  I am sore folks, like really sore and exhausted.

Nothing a glass of sweet Moscato wine, some crochet and some mindless tv shows won't cure.  Yes, I think that is exactly what I'm going to do. coming over for a barbecue and the Portugal vs USA game.  Oh goodness, it's going to get tough around here, I'm Portuguese but my hubby and kids are American Hahahahah

Will let you know how that plays out :)


  1. Quite the accomplishment. You are one hardworking lady Sandra and are an inspiration to me in so many areas.

    Are you going to share the sweet potato biscuits and honey butter recipes? :-) Hint, hint.

    Have a wonderful day today with family.


  2. Thank you so much for your blog! I enjoy you and your family so much, maybe because you seem to enjoy/love so many of the things I do. I totally agree with you on garages! Although you will soon see they are impossible to keep spider web Thanks again for your wonderful blog.

  3. We have a three care garage but because we have no basement, we tend to use it for a lot of storage, and it doesn't get cleaned a lot. We were on a roll with getting it cleaned out and tidied a few months ago, but that project has slowed considerably, and now its just too darn hot to work out in the garage. I'm with you though, I love a neat and tidy garage and now you have inspired me to get busy out in mine. Enjoy this week ahead.

  4. a garage is one of the "must haves" when we move. Mostly because of all the business stuff we will be storing for a while while we get settled, but also because I don't like to scrape ice/snow in the winter time. LOL! I've only had 1 garage in my lifetime and my dad had it built when we moved to Kansas. It was kept pretty clean since it also doubled as a wood shop. I'd never thought about cleaning garages.....something more to ponder. :-D Actually my #1 choice for house, if it's still available when we are ready, has an attached garage and a separate 2-3 car size metal building.


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