Monday, January 12, 2015

Happy Homemaker Monday - 01/12/2015

Sooooo, well, best of intentions and all that, turns out that I am still horribly behind when it comes to getting on a normal post holiday schedule.

Anyone out there have a secret formula they would like to share?  It usually doesn't take me this long to get back on track, but this year, I don't know what the problem is.  I need to figure it out though because we're pretty much half way through the month of January and I have two posts to show for it.  Shameful!!!

The weather outside is::::
Woke up to snow again, and it's I think about 30 degrees, or at least it was last time I checked.  I don't mind the snow itself, I mind the slushy dirty mess it becomes and the slipping and sliding that ensues while driving and walking on it.

On the breakfast plate this morning::::
Right now, a cup of coffee with Butter Toffee Creamer, and as soon as I'm done with this post, I think I'm going to have some toast.  My favorite toast is sliced French Bread, it comes out nice and crunchy and always reminds me of the toast we would have for breakfast over in Portugal. 

As I look outside my window:::
White, slushy mess.  It does look pretty when you see all the trees covered in snow :) 

Right now I am::::
As always, in the living room typing up this post.  I have my pj's still on and a blanket over my legs because it's so cold.  My husband is awake too and is over on his computer playing a game and checking out Facebook. 

As I look around the house::::
It is actually clean and tidy, just have to pick up a few xbox controls that my son left laying on the couches.  I do really like the morning time, the house always looks so cozy and warm. 

On today's to do list::::
Laundry....Have two loads to get through.  It is just never ending, and there have been a few times that I was on top of it and really thought "I got this", only to be overwhelmed again by the laundry basket.
Cleaning....In the kitchen....Already emptied out the dishwasher, just have to refill it, as the day goes by.  The counters have a few items on them that need to be picked up and put away.  I really want to get the floors mopped but I'm not sure if I'll get around to that today.   *fingers crossed*
In the living room....Vacuum rug, mop the wood floors.  Open blinds.  Tidy up couches.
In the bedrooms....make the beds, open blinds, vacuum.  
In the bathrooms....Toilets, sinks and mirrors.
Homeschooling....End of semester is looming, have to make sure everyone is on track.  The only ones I'm a little worried about are the girls because their work load is out of this world.   
Cooking.....For lunch we have quite a few leftovers that I need to get through.  Dinner will be Mushroom Swiss Burgers.   

Currently reading::::
Nothing, still waiting on my book to come in for a review, hopefully soon.

On the TV today::::
Probably Star Trek tonight with the hubby.
I do want to watch Ascension, started the first part yesterday and then had to stop it, but hoping to get through it all today.

On the menu this week::::
Monday - Mushroom Swiss Burgers
Tuesday - Chicken Casserole
Wednesday - Spaghetti Bolognese
Thursday - * Grocery Shopping*
Friday -
Saturday -
Sunday -

What I am creating at the moment::::
Nothing, like I said, I have quite a few WIPs that I should be finishing up, just haven't  had a chance.       

New recipe I tried or want to try this week::::
I tried a yummy Chocolate chip skillet cookie.  I need to get the recipe up on the food blog, hoping I remember to do that today.  But here is a picture.....

Brown Butter Chocolate chip skillet cookie

Favorite photo from the camera::::

Foggy morning

Prayers, Inspirational Quotes or Devotionals::::
Every house is built by someone, but God is the builder of everything.
Hebrews 3:4

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  1. Andrew's work load is crazy as well! I honestly do not remember having y his much work in 9th grade.

    We have the slushy snow here as well! No fun driving in it. Have a blessed day.

  2. Hello dear Friend and Happy Monday to you!

    I don't think you should beat up on yourself and if you feel slow to "get back in the groove", than that's ok and what you need right now. I think we all like any bits you can share when you can share them. And I always love the HHM to start the week off right, so thanks for doing that!!

    And that cookie looks SO amazing. I will definitely try that recipe if you post it. God bless and have a wonderful week. xoxo

  3. Ascension was "interesting" - would love to hear what you think when you finish it.

    Gray, rainy and cloudy here so I will be spending the day inside trying to get ahead on paperwork and such.

  4. Please let me know what you think of Ascension. It honestly shocked me several times. Shawn and I watched it about 2 weeks ago. Very different.

    This year has been hard for me too. I sit down and start a blog post and never finish it, come back and think, eh I'll just start over with something else and the cycle repeats... We'll get back in the groove eventually.

    Hope you have a good week! Happy Monday!

  5. Your favourite photo from the week is amazing! xx

  6. Your skillet cookie looks delish! Unfortunately, or not, hubby has been off sugar since November and it dosen't look like he will indulge any time soon so that means I would probably scarf the whole thing myself. Which is not such a good thing. LOL. I'm having trouble getting back in the swing of things too.

  7. Good morning, Sandra. I've been reading along with Happy Homemaker Monday and finally decided to join you. Have a great week - stay safe on the roads.

  8. mushroom swiss burgers sound delicious! i never think to make burgers during the winter months but i'm definitely craving one now!

  9. I'm having trouble getting back into the swing of things after the holiday too. Don't feel guilty about not posting. Take your time and the flow will come back.

    I was on top of my laundry pile and had a good routine going, but my tumble dryer gave up the ghost yesterday and I have a feeling that will slow me down a little bit!

    Your chocolate chip cookie looks wonderful! That may have to go on the dessert menu this week. :)

  10. I miss participating - but I usually get by to read your blog.

    I too LOVE french bread slices, under the broiler for a few minutes for my "toast" ... closest I'll get to a German Broetchen. :)

    Praying for your family - TEXAS ... as "they" say: God's Country ... praying!!


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