Thursday, July 09, 2015

It's so hot and humid.....oh Texas!

Early morning

Did I ever tell you how I don't like humidity, how it is one of the things I really really immensely dislike and so does my hair?

When we moved to Texas, or rather, when the whole Texas thing first came up, I didn't even think of it, I mean I had bigger fish to fry and a myriad of things running through my head, none of which included humidity.

Now I'm here, and I'm really really immensely disliking the humidity, and so is my hair.

Worst part?

Our AC decided to conk out last night and we've been dying here in this heat.  I don't think you can survive in Texas without an AC, I'm pretty sure that it's not even legal to live in this State without one.  At least that's what I tell myself.


More rain

The rain has been coming down for the past few days, matter of fact as I started typing this post, it started up again.

Early morning

Had a really hard time sleeping last night with the heat in the house, even though the fans were going, I actually ended up getting some ziploc baggies and filling them with ice to take to bed with us and the doggies, it was the only thing that made laying in bed bearable.

Early coffee

Didn't even bother to try and sleep in today, it wasn't going to happen and I had phone calls to make and things to attend to, so just got up and enjoyed a cup of coffee while watching he day starting to break.

Red, White and Blue


Anyway, enough about humidity and heat, I wanted to show you just a very few pics of our 4th of July weekend, we had so many people over, the house was packed.  I didn't get many opportunities, if any at all, to grab my camera and document anything.  Craziness!!!

Milk Can Drink dispenser

I did want to show you my drink dispenser, I've had my eye on it for a while and thought that this weekend was the perfect time to get it. It held Mint Tea, yum!!!

Oh and guess what I saw in my front yard, I can't tell you how excited I was, I'm sure for most of you it's nothing, you're probably used to seeing it all the time, but I've never in my life had them in my own yard.

Momma and baby deer


I also wanted to tell you all that it looks like we finally have the kids school figured out, which is a huge weight off my shoulders, had me quite worried there for a while.

Right, I have floors to vacuum, a house to clean, laundry to get through and a menu and grocery list to plan.

Curt's aunt and uncle are arriving tomorrow afternoon to spend the weekend with us, we haven't seen them in so many years, and we're quite excited to visit.

Almost forgot though, wanted to share with you real quick.

Hair Mask

My hair has been really frizzy and dry with all this humidity and I don't like it at all, so I've been needing to deep condition it more often.

I just did it last night, and this is my favorite go to hair mask using ingredients you already have on hand.

Moisturizing Hair Mask

2 tablespoons coconut oil, slightly warmed
1 squirt of honey
1 egg

Whisk it all well, then apply all over your hair, starting at the ends which are usually the driest.  Wrap a plastic bag around your hair, tie it with a knot and let sit for 4 hours.  Wash as normal and voila.....soft and silky hair.

 You can check out my results on my Instagram.

I better get started on my day, have a wonderful rest of Thursday friends :)


  1. Oh yes, it sure is humid this year and you cannot survive in Tx. without and AC. It actually has been on the cooler side, by now we are in the triple digits.

  2. I just saw those milk can dispensers at a local store, but they were missing the bottom pieces. Love it!

  3. Oh Lord - I think I would melt away in that kind of heat and humidity! I hope you had some fans blowing too. Yuck!! Hope the a/c gets fixed quickly!

    Love all of your other photos too and that drink dispenser is awesome!! Love love love!

    I love the deep conditioning recipe and so need to try that! Thanks for sharing.

    Stay "cool". ;) xoxo

  4. My air conditioner's condenser, I think it's called broke down, so I know how you feel. BTW, I'd like to ask, Sandra, that hair mask, is it applied to wet or dry hair?

  5. Thanks for giving us a blog update! I live in Mississippi (transplanted from Arizona 7 years ago) and I'll join you in your Hatred of Humidity...the worst is when the local weatherperson gives the temperature that a thermometer would read...AND THEN THE "REALFEEL" TEMP as it is with the dratted humidity!! From 5 to 10 degrees hotter. I try to remember that this is the reason for all the green, green things around, flowers galore. That helps a little ;)

    Yes, it's so awesome to see deer in the backyard, and an adorable baby, too! you, I never lived in a country place where one could see them from a window. I LOVE country life, that's for sure.

    So happy to hear that the school situation is ironed out.(I know YOU would love that phrase, ha!)

    Try not to over-do, hope your AC can be fixed with minimal expense. It's good your electric didn't go out and you can still have fans and ice cubes and cold water to get you through...try taking a cold shower, or at least as cold as the pipes will let it be :)


  6. I always thought Texas just had dry heat. Humidity is the one thing I cannot handle. I get headaches and am just plain miserable. Canadian summers can be horribly humid. I feel for you with no A/C. I visited a friend years ago in Dallas and remember how crazy hot it was. I just ran from one air conditioned spot to the next. I could not live in that heat year round. Makes me thankful for snow 6 months of the year :).

  7. Yep, your neighbor here in Arkansas also does not like the humdity, or the air you can wear as we say.

  8. I've got to tell you that we don't always have this kind of humidity in N. Texas. It is usually very dry. It's just that we have had so much rain. If it stays hot now, without rain, you'll see, it will be dry. And no, it is definitely impossible to live here without A/C. I hope it is now fixed!!!

  9. That is certainly a bad position to be on when living in Texas. I hope that you were able to get the AC fixed soon after, as it can be unbearable at times. Anyway, I hope the repair guy did his job well, and that you have not encountered the same problem since. Nice pics, by the way!

    Rosa Nelson @ HVAC Services Philadelphia


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