Wednesday, July 22, 2015

{ What contentment looks like }

First and foremost, I have to give you all a big shout out, the responses that my last post received were amazing, and it just reiterated what I was feeling and thinking.....that there are so many of us out here just wanting to blog about our lives and stay true to ourselves.  You ladies are amazing and one of the many reasons why I continue to blog :)

So contentment....I think it goes hand in hand with feeling comfortable in your own skin and where you are, and in the home you live in.

It's not always easy, I've struggled with it through the years and there have been times that I felt so lost and so helpless, like I was stuck in a place and time I didn't want to be, without a way out and not quite sure how to get through it, or past it.

As I've gotten older I've learned what contentment was for me.  Something as simple as being fine with where I'm at, knowing that no matter what the future may hold or where it may lead me, this moment in time is where I'm supposed to be and I will for sure make the best of it.

And so I have!!!

What does contentment look like right now?  Let me show you in a few pictures the few moments of my day where I truly smiled and felt content, like there was nowhere else I would rather be.

Thunderstorm on the way

Looking at the sky and seeing the darkness coming our way and being content that rain was about to start.

Incoming rain

Knowing that with the rain came the humidity I really dislike, but being content in the fact that it also meant water for the plants and the animals, and without it, I wouldn't be surrounded by all this beautiful greenery.


Whipping up a batch of Refrigerator Pickles, knowing it takes a bit of time to put together, but being content that I'm doing something I love, cooking, and taking care of my family.

A messy kitchen

Standing in my kitchen and watching this pot boil, seeing the mess that is surrounding it, but being content that I'm creating this mess while making a home cooked meal for my family. 

New car

Seeing my husband driving up in this beautiful car and knowing that we now have another car payment, something we didn't want, but being content in the moment knowing that we also have a reliable vehicle that will get us from point A to point B without worry of being stranded on the road.

Officially mine

Holding this key in my hand and feeling pure and utter joy, and pure and utter contentment for what it represents and knowing that our move to Texas, albeit difficult, has continued to open doors for us.

New car

I'm in a beautiful big house, in a beautiful area.  My husband has a great job that he loves, my children are loving Texas and growing and becoming amazing young adults, and I'm absolutely content in where I am in life.

It's not an easy feeling to come about, I remember many years of feeling unhappy with what was around me or the circumstances we were in, and I'm sure you all knew it, I'm not exactly the best at disguising my feelings.

Often, I would post on my blog and then read it the next day and think "Oh gosh, I sound terribly depressed and unhappy".  It was like I had lost my oomph, but boy am I glad to have that back.

As I get older, it's almost as if my spirit gets younger, I refuse to let age dictate how I should be feeling, but most of all, as I grow into my skin, and trust me it's taken almost 41 years of life to do it, I'm learning to be happy no matter where I am.

Embrace it.

Those dirty dishes in the sink?  Be content for the fact that you had food to feed your family.
The kid's toys all over the house?  Be content in the fact that you have beautiful little beings in your life.
The house that is not exactly what you wanted?  Be content that you have a roof over your head.
The mundane every day tasks that seem to be on a constant repeat loop?  Be content that you're a mom and a wife and a homemaker and that what you're providing for your family are memories and a stable platform from which they will catapult into this crazy world.

Look outside, enjoy the nature, take in the little things that we tend to overlook when we're rushing around.

Just be content, no matter where you are in your life, because, and even though I can only speak for myself, I've learned that if I'm content and I don't fight it, things go so much easier and life seems to be not as difficult to tackle.  A positive attitude can do so much, it's why I am the way I am, laugh through things, maintain the faith and smile every chance I get.

So yeah....that's what contentment looks like to me, and I end this post with a big smile on my face because I love my life and I love my blog and I wouldn't have it any other way, truly, wouldn't change anything for the world.


  1. Being content makes life so much better. It's a lesson to learn every day, being content with whatever circumstances God allows to come our way. If it seems like too much to handle, let us remember that He is our strength when we are weak.

    We have much to be thankful for. I am thankful for each new day that God blesses me with. I am thankful that my dear husband is with Him and one day we will be reunited. Until then I wish to be content where I am, with what I have.

    Bless your heart dear Sandra. I enjoy reading about your ongoing adventure in life. You inspire me.


  2. This is a very timely post, just what I needed to be reminded of lately. Just another reason why I love your blog. Thank you. :-)

    Laura B.

  3. You're so sweet, I love your blog
    Don't ever stop writing!

  4. Love you sweet friend. Contentment is a wonderful thing!

  5. After years of reading some of those posts of discontent - it's so wonderful to read the joy and happiness in this post!! It really sounds like you're all settling in and that you loving Texas life. But also that you truly have been "coming in to your own" Sandra and feeling so good with your place right now...and that is priceless. So happy for you!! xo

  6. Beautiful post, home, and awesome looking car....Sandra so happy for all of you, it sounds like you found your country home and well being.......wonderful to hear the children are adjusting to the move well too :)........


  7. I usually dont comment, but I love this post. This is something God has been working on in me over the last year. He gave us a great home in a great area... but even further from my family than before. I was thankful but not happy. those dreams of Sunday supper with mom and dad, the kids growing up close to their cousins, sprawled out on some property with chickens and cows, all gone. But since I have begun seeking him for my happiness, I see the beauty and joy in my home. We have found an amazing church home, been able to remodel our suburban home to match our style and most importantly been able to spend more time together as a family of six. Sometimes I forget God knows best, but I am thankful for his daily reminders! So glad you have found your joy again.

  8. This was definitely a great post. Thanks for writing it. I definitely struggle with being content. Even when things are good my mind seems to wander on the things that aren't so good, whether it's things of the past, present or what I think will happen in the future. I've been told that I need to take things a day at a time, moment by moment but it's so hard. So hard. I really need to try to get better and enjoy this life I am blessed with. It truly is wonderful. Just wish I could feel that all the time.

  9. I am glad that you are content now, it is something that takes time for all of us to find and I think comes and can only come with age sadly, I wish that it didn't have to be that way though! I am glad that you have it now! xx

  10. Your new car is amazing! And it goes without saying that I am so chuffed that you're going to carry on blogging! Yay! xx


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