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Pink Zebra Sprinkles Review and GIVEAWAY!!!

Hello friends, I'm here to tell you about Pink Zebra Sprinkles.  If you've never heard of them before, you may be a little confused, because like me, when I first saw the name I honestly was thinking about decorative cake sprinkles that you use for baking.

My friend Courtney is a consultant and I saw her mentioning these on Facebook, quite a few times, but like I said above, I wasn't sure about what exactly the product was.

When she approached me about doing a review and giveaway and I realized that they were Scented sprinkles, much like candles, I knew it was something I really wanted to try for myself.

My reason for agreeing to do this is not only to be able to try the product for myself, and even offer one of you a chance to win a prize, but also because I think it is extremely important to support our friends in whatever business venture they may be involved in.

These would be a really great gift for Christmas, just saying.

So what exactly are they, what do they look like and how do they work?? 

11 November 2015

Pink Zebra Sprinkles are soy-based wax made up into tiny sprinkles. They can be used in many different ways, recipes, and combinations to bring fragrance to your favorite places in the world.

“Pink” symbolizes the power of women. “Zebra” symbolizes our uniqueness and how strong we are together. Pink Zebra is one of the fastest growing Direct Sales Companies in the U.S. In fact, over 25,000 Zebras have joined our sales team. We’re kind of a BIG DEAL!

We Diva Zebras like change so all our products allow you to customize or make changes easily to match your mood!


Simmer your blends in our stylish lamps, Simmering Lights, so unique they’re patented.

You can also choose from over 40 decorative lamp shades to compliment any decor.

If you want the ambiance from candles we give you “glimmer candles” which are a unique 15 second DIY candle.

If you’re in a small space like a dorm or a car, or just don’t want plugs or flames, we offer 18 unique items that let you soak your favorite blend of fragrance with our liquid fragrance called Soaks.

All Pink Zebra products are designed to allow you to customize your fragrance. Our Pink Zebra product developers are women who love change and have designed all our products to encourage change affordably.


So when I first received the sprinkles, I was honestly wondering if something so tiny could give enough scent to my whole room.  I got it going and within 3 minutes the whole living room was smelling absolutely amazing.

I've been able to try out a few different scents, like the Prairie Sky which I loved, as well as Stonewashed Denim, another favorite.  During the Thanksgiving holiday I mainly stuck to Ooey Gooey Caramel and Pumpkin Bread and OH MY WORD, divine.

Be sure to check out their products page for all the wonderful scents, and remember that with the sprinkles you can mix and match and combine to your hearts content.

For example......

Did you know that if you mix Ooey Gooey Caramel and Crisp Apple you get a Caramel Apple scent?

And if you mix Winter Woods and Amaretto Cream you end up with the scent of a glazed donut.  Oh my word!!!!

 Another favorite for many seems to be Arctic Mist which is a combination of Turquoise Waters and Winter Woods.  You can even get Dr. Pepper scent by mixing Cherry Pie and Amaretto Cream, I think my husband would LOVE that one as he's such a fan of Dr. Pepper.

What about Southern Pecan Pie and Toasted Marshmallow????  Goodness the combinations are endless, sounds like a lot of fun trying different ones and seeing what comes of it.

They have so many cool products to offer ranging from sprinkles to shimmering lights, shades, simmer pots, glimmer candles and soaks.

 This telephone booth shade has my name ALL over adorable is that?

Shimmering lights, so pretty.

Cutest simmer pots too.


For the Giveaway::::

Courtney is so kindly offering one of my readers a free jar with the scented sprinkles of their choice.

But even if you are not the winner of the giveaway, be sure to try these out, I think you'll really like them, and keep in mind that if you buy from Courtney, she keeps track and your 11th jar is absolutely free.  Now if that is not an incentive to try, I don't know what is.

Again, would make a really great gift for a friend or family member who loves scented candles.

This contest is open to US residents only, you have to be 18 to enter.  The contest will run from today until Saturday midnight, so be sure to get your entries in and tell all your friends about it too.

Leave a comment down below, be sure that you have an email address included in the comment, it is not the first time that I pick a winner and have no way of contacting them so have to get someone else.

Good Luck everyone!!!!


  1. I love making my home smell yummy. The only problem that I have is when I have a candle that smells sweet I tend to start baking lol. Would love to try this new product out. Hope I win!

  2. WOW these sound amazing. I've never heard of them either, but will certainly be checking them out now! I love making the house smell great!

  3. never heard of these before - they look like so much fun!

  4. i like smelly things.....count me in :-) hsmom2my2boys an gmail dot com

  5. I have never heard of this product before but sounds wonderful. Great giveaway.

  6. Wow thoes look great. Love to make my rooms smell good. :) Hope you have a great day

  7. Love this idea of scented sprinkles! Please enter me for the giveaway! Have a lovely day in Texas :)

  8. Oh, the scents sound amazing! I'll have to look into them because I love using wax melts. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  9. I love seeing new things on your blog! Thanks for the giveaway ladies :)

  10. I absolutely love candles and this seems like an awesome product and something I've never tried.

  11. Winter woods sounds amazing. I have three inside doggies, two teenagers, and one husband. I'm always trying to freshen things up around here! :)

  12. Love candles and would love to try...Deborah

  13. Would love to try them. I am going to check them out now.

  14. Oh, how cute are those, id love to try!
    -Michelle :)


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