Wednesday, December 30, 2015





One of my Christmas gifts, were these little glass jars in a wire basket.  I knew immediately what I wanted to do with them.  They now sit on my bedroom windowsills, and hold my different sprigs of Lavender.


Leftover spaghetti for lunch, while working on the new meal plan for the upcoming two weeks.


Finally got to try my pressure cooker.  Made pork chops for dinner and was serving rice with them, and so, that was the very first thing I tried.  So easy, and the rice was perfectly cooked.  I can't wait to try another meal in the pressure cooker.


Evening hours, kitchen is clean, coffee machine is set and ready for the morning, and shower is taken. 


I'm absolutely loving my little corner in the bedroom.  I'm using my sewing table as a desk/working space.  When I need to sew, I just pull out the sewing machine and get to work, when I'm not sewing, I use it for my laptop.

I had this pretty big wall in my bedroom that was empty, didn't quite know what to do with it, and after sitting empty for months, yesterday I finally had the light bulb go off.  Now it's one of my favorite areas in the house :)

I'm currently sitting right here in this spot, working on my grocery list for tomorrow morning, and listening to Lockup on TV. 

There is a lot going through my mind, so many ideas and thoughts about what I want to do with my blog in the new year, which direction I want to go with it, how often I want to post, what I want to post about etc.  One thing that I'm certain I want to do, is to start visiting you all again, which has been near impossible the past few months, actually the whole past year to be honest. 

But I want to renew those blogging friendships and really start catching up with everyone, visiting, commenting and showing you some love.  You have no idea how much I love getting your comments and thoughts, and I feel so guilty for not being able to reciprocate at the moment.

So, yeah, I have a lot to think about, ideas to formulate and things to get down on paper and then I'll be sure to do a post on all those things, so that I can share with you what my plans are for 2016.

BTW, tomorrow is New Year's Eve, which I'm sure you all know about and I don't have to remind you, but......I always do the Year in Review, so that will be going up, and I just wanted to let you know in case some of you were going to do it as well.  I would love to come by and see your years in review, so let me know down in the comments if you plan on doing one too :)


  1. Glad you all had a wonderful Christmas. Looking forward to reading your post tomorrow. Happy New Years!

  2. What a cozy space! And I love the owl. Hope 2016 is a great year for you!!!

  3. Happy New Year! Love the bottles with lavender!

  4. Happy New Year! I hope that 2016 is a good one! xx

  5. Love your photos. I love my rice cooker. I actually made potatoes in it the other day and they turned out way better then the stove top. I love your owl its awesome. Hope you have a wonderful New Year.

  6. Happy New Year. I'm so happy to be HOME on this New Year's Eve ... and I'm enjoying catching up on my blog friends. I was tickled to exchange Christmas cards with you this year.
    Still love coming by your blog and seeing the beautiful pics - and somehow I always seem to leave your blog feeling just a little HUNGRY!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!


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