Wednesday, July 18, 2018

{ Getting back into the swing of things }

As much as I love getting away, and enjoying a change in scenery, there is nothing quite like returning home to my belongings and my family.

I find a sense of comfort and peace in being surrounded by my every day chores, my routine and usual humdrum of daily life, maybe because I'm a creature of habit.

Now that's not to say that I struggle with change, I really don't, and I'm quite an easy going person who just goes with the flow and adapts as needed.  But there are certain things in life that I crave and need in order to be content.


Cooking, homemaking, taking photos of my day, even the simple task of hanging clothes out to dry, are all puzzle pieces that complete my heart.


I came back with a full heart, filled with so much love for my niece and great niece, and a replenished soul as only some time away and near the ocean, can do.


I jumped right back into my routine, my cleaning and my general taking care of my home and family.  It's a little strange falling back into the swing of things, but I love the familiarity of it all :)


Not much has changed around here, unless we take into consideration the return of the moth filled trees.  It's a normal occurrence very summer for us.  The first year I noticed it I actually thought they were spider webs, which conjured up in my mind horrid visions of dog sized spiders running around.

Boy was I happy to find out I was wrong.  HA!


Another thing that has changed, is my breakfast, or sometimes lunch.  While in San Diego I visited a Portuguese Market and was able to get some Marmelada (Quince Jam).

Growing up, one of my favorite sandwiches was quince jam and cheese and I know it may sound a bit gross to some, but it's so good.  I bought a small tub for myself and have been indulging in this yumminess with a hot cup of coffee.


After about two months of not doing any crochet, I got the itch again and quickly grabbed my current WIP, the Cosmic Cal.

I was but 3 rows before the end of Part 2, so while catching up on Call the Midwife yesterday afternoon, I finished Part 2.  I had forgotten just how gorgeous this pattern was, so it was quite a treat being able to work a few rows.


While taking the photo, I stood back and smiled at the amount of complete blankets I have in my basket, and this is not the whole collection either, as I have some laying around in different spots.

Some may call it old fashioned, but I truly couldn't imagine living without being surrounded by all my crochet goodies. 

So as I've stepped back into my role as mother and housewife, I am embracing it all again and counting my blessings that I'm able to do this full time.


Simply Quaint said...

Aw Sandra what a wonderful experience for you to get to be there for your Napier e and see your new great niece.......I hope you and nick enjoyed the time away, I bet dad and Marley we’re estatic to have you home.......enjoyed seeing all the beautiful Afghans you have piled, just amazing.........enjoy your home making


Pamela said...

Quince - that really brings back a memory. Years ago, one of the ladies at the travel agency I worked at between stints at one college and the next was eating something quince. It was almost like very, very firm Jell-o consistency and I remember her quite clearly saying that you eat it with cheese. Now that I Googled it and did a little research, I think she must have had membrillo which is a quince paste. Are you familiar with that? It's from Spain but perhaps it carries over the border?

Shellie Almond said...

I always enjoy your blog! Loved the picture of the linens drying in the line! It reminds me of being a little girl at my grandmas! Your crochet is beautiful! Hope you have a blessed week!

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

You are right about the hand crocheted "goodies." When the dogs were here they chewed holes in two of my blankets. I've since washed them and gifted them to the kids (with the dogs, since they already destroyed them). I am planning to replace them with new ones this winter. And of course I love seeing my crocheted rugs around the house too. I've not had much time for indoor work, as the weeding in the veggie garden is out of control. I have managed to shampoo carpets though, and am purging a large book shelf.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

You inspire me dear Sandra. Thank you!

Your crocheted works are beautiful!

Enjoy being back home doing what you love to do, caring for it and your family.


Sandra said...

That's exactly what it is. The Spanish call it Membrillo, we Portuguese call it Marmelada, it's a Quince jam but thick, and you can either spread it on the bread or do actual slices with cheese :)

Jean said...

Reading about your homemaking days is always inspiring to me.