19 May 2019

{ Sunday - 05/19/2019 }


Hi everyone, welcome back to my blog :)

I know, it's been a whole week since I've posted, aside from my Happy Homemaker Monday.  I really have missed blogging, but as I explained previously, it hasn't been easy without a properly working camera.  Or rather, properly working lenses.  The camera body itself is old as well, and that's due to wear and tear over the past 8 years, but it works just fine.

With that said, you can't exactly have a functioning camera body if you don't have properly functioning lenses, and that is the issue I'm faced with.

It's honestly just not given me any motivation to blog or put anything up, because as you know, especially if you've followed me from the beginning, I absolutely LOVE taking photos and sharing them with you all.  It's an imperative part in my blog and without it I feel slightly discombobulated.

Can I still take photos?  Technically yes, but it is a whole crazy production, lots of moving back and forth, trying to manually zoom, manually focusing when the lens ring itself is no longer working and switching between lenses trying to get just one single photo that I am able to work with.  So yeah, a little too much shenanigans for my liking at the moment.

But today, I grabbed the camera and the lenses and decided to try and snap a few.  It took me all day, not even joking, some deleted blurry and really not good shots and some choice words on my part.  Not gonna lie!!!


The lens in the middle is the standard kit lens that comes with camera, which is the 18-55 mm.  That one does not auto focus at ALL.  It stopped working about a year and half ago, just out of the blue, wouldn't work with the auto feature, so I've had to resort to manual and that's fine for now.  The one next to it on the right is the 50mm 1/4 which was my pride and joy for many and I say MANY years.

The minute I got that lens, I slapped it on the camera and it became my daily use lens, so when I first dropped the camera last year or maybe the year before, I don't even recall, that one stopped auto focusing at all and I wasn't able to manually focus either.

I was so annoyed because for 8 years I have taken care of this camera, it is my baby and I've been SO good with it, so when I dropped it and messed up the lens, I was just heartbroken.

At the time, my good friend Jen sent me another 50mm 1/4, it was one she had that she didn't need and I was beyond thrilled and thankful.

Things went back to normal, I was shooting every day and then a few weeks ago, the camera once again took a tumble when Marley went to grab something and accidentally pulled the camera strap.  It didn't even fall on hard floor, it fell on the carpet and not from a big height either.

But unfortunately, that did it.

Below is a photo of the lens, and if you look where my thumb is, there is a hole where the flimsy plastic broke off.


So yeah, it's been pretty hard getting pictures of anything in order to blog the way I'm used to.

The new lens is supposed to arrive this coming week, I'm so looking forward to it and I hope and pray it will be fine so that I can get back to normal, if not, I don't know, I may have to wait a few months until I can figure out how to get another camera.


Meanwhile, aside from the camera drama, the weather this weekend was glorious, lots of bright sun, beautiful warm days and my plants have been loving every minute of it.    My lemons are coming in and that in itself is enough to make me jump for joy.  If I am able to get a lemon tree going, like the one we had in Arizona, I think I'll be forever grateful.


Hot, bright days, also mean that I get to hang the washing on the line.  I know it's often seen as an old fashioned way of doing things, and there have been people who have asked why bother when you have a dryer that does it all for you.

But for me, there is nothing that says summer more, than freshly washed clothes hanging on the line.  it actually makes me enjoy doing laundry.


In between laundry today, while I waited for the clothes to dry on the line, I pottered around my bedroom, cleaned and rearranged the books on the shelf and also shuffled things around my little desk as well.



While I did this, I popped on to Youtube, selected the 60 Minutes Australia channel and just let it play in the background.  I enjoy podcasts and crime documentaries and this channel has quite a few interesting ones ranging in all kinds of topics, from mysteries, missing persons, plane crashes, space and everything in between.  Makes for some very interesting listening, and since the office is right next to the bedroom, my husband enjoys being on his computer and listening to these as well.

And that my friends, was my Sunday just the typical slow, relaxing weekend that I quite enjoy.

I hope you've all had a wonderful weekend, again I apologize for being so distant here on the blog, but bear with me just a little longer until the lens comes in, and then things will go right back to how they should be.

Anyway, I am off to bed, 6 AM comes around pretty quick.  I'll see you all back in the morning with our Happy Homemaker Monday :)

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