Saturday, May 04, 2019

Week of power outtages, tornadoes and a camera ready to break

It's been a week, I tell you that.

We've had quite strong storms, tornadoes in the area, hubby's work was cut back a couple times to get everyone home safe before it got worse, and they even had to seek shelter at one point.

It's been THAT kind of a week.

With all the bad weather, I've lost power in the house multiple times, and have found myself not really able to post anything online.

Along with all this, my beautiful trusty Canon camera is finally on it's last let out the door.  It's been my trusty friend for 9 years.  Most people don't use their cameras that long, I have seen many who have upgraded constantly and don't even use the cameras as often as I do mine.

We've just never had it in our budget to upgrade my camera, though it's something I've dreamed of for many years, so I've had to be very careful with it, and I have taken great care of my trusty friend.  But it's old, it's feeling all the use I've gotten out of it, and some of the lenses don't even work anymore.

I haven't been able to get good photos and it's led to frustration.

You all know how much my blog and photography mean to me, so this last week has been quite sad realizing that I don't really have the option to photograph my days.  I am not going to stop blogging, I'll continue, obviously, but I'm not quite sure how I'll be taking photos as I don't much care to do it with my phone, it's just not the same quality.

Anyway, I just wanted to come in real quick and say hi and give an explanation of why I've been missing the past few days.

It's all in the Lord's hands and He better than anyone knows what a new camera would mean to me, but it's not in my timing, it's in His and so I'll make do for now until the opportunity for a new one comes up.

Hope you all have a blessed weekend, I'll see you all back on Monday :)


  1. Hi friend!! As a cannon user myself, and a photography fan, I really love They sale used equipment, but its gently used by photographers! I've never bought a camera body, but I've bought lenses and flashes from this site and have been really pleased! I would recommend checking it out! Maybe if you could find a good body you could slowly work your way up to a whole new set! Also, Sigma lenses are also compatible with Canon cameras and they are SO much cheaper! I really loved the Sigma telephoto lens I had a few years ago, that unfortunately got stolen from me, but they are awesome lenses for half the price! My external flash isn't canon either, but I really like it- although I can't quite put my finger on what it is called, but do some research! There are lots of options out there!!! I'll be praying for you to find one, no photographer should be without a camera :)


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