Monday, April 11, 2022

{ Happy Homemaker Monday - 04/11/2022 }

Good morning everyone, hope you've had a good weekend.  
This post is going up a little late, as I have a lot going on at the moment, just some family things that we need to sort through.  Would appreciate some prayers.  
It is also my son's 19th birthday.  Where has the time gone?  19 years old.  I have no babies left.  It's such a bittersweet moment isn't it?  On the one hand you are so blessed and happy to see your children grow and mature, but then you have that feeling inside that just reminds you that the babies are no longer babies.  *sigh* 
Anyway, let's get right on with our post for today.
Have a blessed weekend, friends ♥

♥♥ The Weather ♥♥
Can we please just get rid of the winds?  I'm so sick of this nonsense.  Other than that, the weather has been beautiful and the temperatures just wonderful. 

Monday -  Cloudy, 79
Tuesday - Partly cloudy, 91
Wednesday - Sunny, 76
Thursday - Sunny, 78
Friday - Partly cloudy, 89
Saturday - Mostly cloudy, 90
Sunday - Partly cloudy, 84

♥♥  As I look outside my window ♥♥
Cloudy and windy.  I can see a squirrel climbing one of the trees, and birds flying back and forth.  

♥♥  Right now I am ♥♥
Sitting on my couch just typing up this post and nursing a headache. 

♥♥  Thinking and pondering ♥♥
About the stress going on in my life at the moment.  Just asking God to see me through. 

♥♥  How am I feeling ♥♥
I'm ok.  I have a headache and just haven't slept very well.  But what's new right? 

♥♥  On the breakfast plate ♥♥
All I've had is coffee, not really hungry at the moment. 

♥♥  On my reading pile ♥♥
Reading Exodus in my Bible
My devotional
Janette Oke's Women of the West

♥♥  On my TV this week  ♥♥
Doctor Who
Crime Youtube Channels
Youtube homemaking channels

♥♥  On the menu  ♥♥ 

Monday - Panda Chow Mein, Birthday cake
Tuesday - Portuguese Stew, Rice
Wednesday - Maple Sausage Spaghetti, Garlic Bread
Thursday - Tex Mex Chicken Wraps
Friday - * Grocery Shopping *
Saturday -
Sunday -

♥♥  Looking around the house  ♥♥
I did a lot of cleaning this weekend so there's nothing to tidy up or clean.  It's always a good feeling when you can look around the house and breathe a sigh of relief.

♥♥  Devotional  ♥♥
God will not rest from his redemptive work until every aspect of his creation has been made new again. 
New Morning Mercies Devotional by Paul David Tripp


  1. So nice to wake up to a clean house! Hope things get sorted out for the best.

    Have a great week

  2. Tell your son -Happy Birthday. Hope you get over your headace and enjoy your week.

  3. Wishing you Joy and Happiness and no more Headache!

  4. Happy Birthday to Nick! It's crazy your baby is that old. I remember your early blogging and your kiddos were so young. Life sure flies by!
    I hope the winds calm down and pray your headaches do too. And of course prayers for your current stress - that you receive all the answers you need. Blessings on your week and Easter ahead Friend! xoxo

  5. Happy belated birthday to Nick! Hope your headache is long gone and prayers that the things causing you stress are working themselves out. Hope you have a wonderful rest of your week!

  6. I know the feeling when your youngest is no longer a baby - my youngest of five is 27! how did that happen. SOOOO warm (hot) where you live! We had snow here yesterday!

  7. I feel you on the kids part. I thought it was rough when our first moved out. He became a Lineman for our local power company and is always called out during storms. Then our youngest graduated high school last year and is now in Basic training with the Army. He will be graduating in a few weeks. It is empty nest for us. Where did my babies go.

  8. I use New Morning Mercies for my devotional as well. It's always "on point." Have a wonderful Easter weekend!

  9. I have started this comment several times, but keep getting drawn away so I really understand having too many things going on! First off, happy belated birthday Nick - where did the time go? And I'm keeping you in my prayers that things settle down, work themselves out and relieve you of your stress. Have a blessed Easter weekend.

  10. Happy Easter! My prayers and thoughts are with you.


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