{ Time to move things around }


If you've known me for a while, you should know that the minute Fall officially comes around, I get right into deep cleaning my home.  With that, also comes the time to move things around.

If you don't know what that means, you're probably wondering what I'm talking about.

I got into the habit, once we moved into this house, to switch the dining area and the sitting area, during the colder times of the year.  We love having dinner by the fireplace, and in the summer, we love having dinner right by the big window, watching the property and the animals outside.


Yesterday, I managed to get nothing done, due to my allergies.  I was ok in the morning, but as the day went on the allergies increased and I found myself really struggling towards the afternoon.  I would tell you I am so over this nonsense, but I'm sure that would be a waste of time.  If you suffer from allergies, you know what I mean.

As I woke up today feeling much better, I decided to get right into it.  I pretty much worked all day long, took about an hour break in the afternoon to work on the meal plan and grocery pickup, then got right back to it.



It is a lot of work, a lot of moving, pulling, grabbing, carrying and pushing big furniture around.  But I love seeing it all done and the end result.  It's always worth it.

I did get quite tired, and my hands starting hurting after a while.  I wanted to stop, but I know that if I did, then tomorrow I would not want to get back to it all.  So I finished moving everything where I wanted it to be, and then tomorrow I'll just clean and tidy whatever is still needing work.....the fireplace specifically.

I also managed to carpet clean the room carpets, and both rugs.  Let me tell you, you think your house is clean, until you run your carpet cleaner over one of those rugs, and then want to cry yourself to sleep just seeing how much dirt was still on it.  Don't ask how that is possible, I have no clue because I feel I'm vacuuming and carpet cleaning all week long.  

I guess it's just one of those chores that is never ending.



The days are getting shorter, and I am already thinking of dinners around the fireplace, with candles glowing nearby.

Hearty soups, slices of fluffy soft apple or pumpkin cake, hot cups of coffee or milky tea and warm blankets draped across our legs, as we turn the page of the book we're reading.

Fall just evokes all these warm feelings of cozy.



I have a list of fall specific chores that I need done.  One of those being the clean up and harvesting of the last garden produce, so that I can get the fall and winter garden going.

Another of those chores is chopping wood for the fire, which I think Curt and Nick are doing this weekend, and I'll just get it all packed away and ready for use.

I'm also hoping to get all the remaining pecan harvest boiled, dried and in the chest freezer.  I don't think we are getting a pecan harvest this year, since they only produce a harvest every 2 years, and if I'm not mistaken we got a huge one last year.
If I'm wrong, you will surely know as you'll no doubt start seeing pecans show up all over my photos.


That is pretty much all I did today.  I almost didn't take photos, but then I reminded myself that I need to get back to my daily blogging, since I missed a few days last week.  So out came the camera, took just a few to document this day, and even though I don't have much to share with you, or talk about, I still wanted to come in and get a post up.

I hope you're all having a wonderful Tuesday.  I will come around tomorrow, to all the Happy Homemaker Monday participants, to say hi.

But I'm going to end this one right here, as my laptop battery is getting low and I really need to charge it.

Have a great night friends,


  1. Moving things around is always so refreshing to me! I think I finally have things the way I want them around our home, but I used to move stuff all the time. Haha! Love seeing pictures of your fur babies! Hope you get some pecans this year.

  2. Great job on the deep cleaning! I also love to move things around from time to time - makes me feel good! Happy Autumn ♥

  3. You definitely have a way of making fall sound like the most wonderful time of the year. I enjoyed reading this! You also motivated me to get moving on my own house.


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