Saturday, July 29, 2006

Yesterday reminded me why I made the

right decision to just have two kids and not a third. I don't know what is going on but I feel old, and yet I'm only about to turn 32.......make sense?

I had my friend Veronica's kids over the whole day, they're packing up their house to move next week and obviously it's much easier doing it with the kids not in the way. So I had two 7 year olds, two 3 year olds and a 1 year old who just learnt how to walk and is ALL over the house, really fast, my legs couldn't keep up LOL
I had totally forgotten what it's like to have a little one in the house, but you know what? Now I realize why I never had weight issues when my kids first started walking....I guess in a way I was just starting out myself (on the exercise path that is). Woke up this morning and I feel like I was run over by a truck, I hurt my left knee, my arms are killing me and even my stomach muscles are hurting. WHAT?!?!?! Then I get on the scale and it says 134 lbs.....YAY, you know I think I should have Matthew over more often then LOL

But with all the running around and the kids playing constantly non stop with their friends, at 7:30pm, I finally sat down in front of the computer to go on the Tour of Homes.....while I was sitting here doing that, I looked over to the couch and saw this,

How cute is that??? And what exactly was the curtain for??? I'm still trying to figure that out :)
Both kids were out pretty early, no fuss, no whining and no 1000 excuses to stay know the ones right? All of a sudden they're thirsty, they're hungry, they're not tired, there's a special one-time cartoon on the tv, and the list goes on and on.

I have to tell you all that I just had such a blast going on the Tour of Homes, but some of your houses (well most of them actually, if I'm going to be honest) put mine to total shame. I just can't wait to buy our own house, living in base military is great but you can't do anything to the houses, hence the reason why all the walls are an egg shell white.....BARF!!!
I want paint and LOTS of it, all over the house, different colors, different themes, you name it....although I'm sure you've noticed that I'm into the country look, if my kitchen dolls etc didn't give it away, then I'm sure the shelves did. Oh and someone asked about the wooden shelving unit under the sink....that was built by my hubby, these houses come with NO storage at all in the bathrooms, so I asked hubby to build me something and he came up with that, I LOVE it :)

I have nothing planned for today, I did all my laundry yesterday and actually put away Nic's laundry too. I could go work on the back yard, but honestly I don't feel like it. *GASP* I said it, I'm telling all of blogdom that I, SAHM don't feel like cleaning or doing any unnecessary work today. Wow that felt good LOL

You know what I'm in need of though? Some good relaxing time with God. I've been so busy the past week and I haven't had time (forgive me Lord) to sit down for a few minutes and do my devotionals or even have a conversation with him....what's worse? Well the past 3 nights I've fallen asleep without even getting to pray. That's not like me, and it's frustrating and sad at the same time. So if anything, today I'm going to find time to be, just be with Him, talk about my week (though he knows I'm sure), talk about my frustrations, my worries, my happy times too....get some Fatherly Energy back I guess, you know the one, it fills you with smiles and courage and makes you ready to face anything that life may throw your way.

Well I'm off, I don't have a Surfing post today, didn't get on the internet this past week, so I really don't have any new or interesting sites to share. Will be back tomorrow and hopefully will have something more insightful or smart to blog about, my mind is just not there right now.....


  1. I can really relate to your post. We live in military quarters also and of course what color do you think the walls are? You guessed it, white!!! My daughter is always pestering me to paint her room now that she is 16 and I tell her no way unless you want to paint it back before we move. I will tell you though, like I said before, your house is so inviting when I lookded at the pictues that I wanted to ring your bell and stay awhile. You have made it a home anyway and it is awesome. I have friends who won't do a thing to their quarters just because it is not theirs. You can always spruce them up. I kind of like moving though so I can kind of upgrade my decorating. I will miss that when we someday own a house. The good news is, if your moving, and if it is first because of demolition, you don't have to do a thing. The just looked in my fridge and oven, never even walked around and said ok, sign off on it. They said they don't need to check because it is being demolished. Anyway my old house doesn't exist any longer. It is so strange to drive by their and see no houses and know last October I was living there.

  2. Love the picture! There is not much sweeter in this world than a sleeping child!! I check on mine every night before I go to bed and kiss their sweet little faces...I love that!!

  3. How cute is that lil' guy of yours sleeping in the curtains! They fall asleep in the silliest places sometimes! LOL!

    I'm a SAHM and don't usually do a whole heck of a lot during the fact my house FALLS APART.....but then on Monday i "get back to work" and make it all nice again. Sadly, the only time anyone "just drops by" is when the place is a MESS.....where's the company when I'm having my June Cleaver days???? LOL!

  4. You have had over 2000 views!! GOOD FOR YOU! What a queen of blogs.

    Been thinking of you much lately. Glad to always return to your site. And glad to see a cute, peaceful pic today of a kid in the curtains.

    Nice job on being caught up on all the housework!!

  5. so sweet...the curtain..not sure

  6. I know how you feel, some of the houses made me feel a little disatisfied with my own tiny abode - however, I'm learning I need to be grateful to God for what I have right now, not always wanting something else (which is hard, lol, for me).

    And I soooo know how you feel with 2 kids, I have 2 and my 2 year old is in screaming with frustration at everything mode. And spilling drinks and ripping up flowers and running EVERYWHERE! No wonder I'm too skinny, lol. My 4 year old has decided she is my 2 year old's mother and bosses her about creating more screaming fits. Oh dear. I couldn't live without them though, love 'em.

    Summer always makes me not want to be a SAHM too, I'd much rather move into a little wooden hut in Cornwall and be a beach-bum. But that doesn't feed the kids and pay the bills, so hey ho back to responsibility.


  7. Raising hand - we've got the egg shell white too :) I think we can paint here, but of course you have to paint it back before you move and I'm not going through that!

    I think I can only handle 2 kids too...I just don't have the patience for more! We were at a friend's daughter's bday party yesterday - she was turning 7. Oh the kids that were there! running made me nervous...I like calm and quite and order LOL I told her I must be getting to old for this kind of noise :) And I'll only be a year older than you next week :)

    Enjoy the day of doing nothing! How wonderful!


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