Monday, March 19, 2007


They say there's a first time for everything, I guess I'm no exception to that rule.

Sunday night was much like any other, I went into the kitchen to prepare dinner, popped it in the oven and went into the living room to sit with Curt and the kids, no cares in the world, just chatting and laughing with the family while dinner cooked, it smelled soooooo good and I was eager to try it because it was a new recipe.

Next thing I know BAM, this loud sound that I can only describe as a bomb, eminates from the kitchen. I didn't know whether to run in there or run out the door with the kids. It's funny though because it only took a few seconds for my mind to register what had happened.....before I even went into the kitchen I knew. Yep, my pan just exploded in the oven. WHAT THE HECK???

I started to run a checklist through my mind.....what went wrong???

Pan too cold when I put it in the oven - Nope, wasn't cold at all - CHECK
New pan that is not safe for oven use - Nope, been using this pan forever - CHECK
Very cold ingredients that would cause it to explode - Nope, nothing cold in there - CHECK

So I have come to the conclusion that I really don't know why it happened, just that it did, and with it took my beautiful favorite pyrex dish. THAT is what I was most upset about. LOL
Nevermind the dinner and the fact that now I had to figure out what to make, considering I had nothing else thawed out......just the thought that my beautiful dish was gone, shattered into millions of little pieces, is what got to me.

I did feed the family, I made some quick Grilled Cheese and Ham sandwiches with some potato salad and macaroni salad, some carrot cake mini muffins for dessert and that's it. I spent the rest of the night cleaning out the oven with Curt's help, I'm so lucky to have a husband like him.

But moving on, I'm sure you've noticed the new template, the other one was seriously getting on my nerves LOL I found it nice the first 2 or 3 days and then it got really boring and you know me, I don't like boring, it does not reflect my personality at all. Since I don't have the time right now to be messing with my own template, I just used one of the premade ones available on the net.

The kids are both doing good and both back to 100% health, me on the other hand, I am still battling this sinus, congestion, whatever it is, it's frustrating and I can't remember the l
ast time I was able to breathe, smell and taste food and have a good night's sleep. I've been to the doctor and I've been taking but it's still not helping, guess this is what I have to look forward to for the rest of my life because I am NOT going under the knife, unless I really can't smell or breathe, then I might reconsider. Who knows!!!

I haven't had a chance to go around visiting anyone's blogs either, sorry about that, it's just been really crazy around here.

Tomorrow I have a Parent/Teacher Conference in the morning and a dentist appointment in the afternoon. Next week Jasmine has 2 dentist appointments, I also have my INS Interview coming up within the next few weeks, plus Check Up appointments for all of us, so as you can see it's always busy in this place.

I want to ask you all for some prayers for my husband, he's having some problems at work and without going into details, let's just say that at times bosses can be very unfair. Please send out a prayer that everything works out for the best.

I'll be updating my food blog later today, but for now, I've shared a recipe for Baked Ham and Cheddar Sandwiches, I tried them out the other day and they were really good.

Well I have things to do around here so I'm going to say goodbye for now, have a wonderful day.

God Bless,

For dinner we're having porkchops and homemade fries.

American Idol - *New*- Fox - 7pm
The 11 remaining finalists perform songs from the '60s British-pop invasion.

Law and Order SVU - *New* - NBC - 9:00 pm
Stabler agrees to hear the dying confession of a cancer patient named Judson Tierney (Brian Dennehy), but first he and Benson do some digging into what possible crime Tierney's guilty of and come up with an unsolved case that goes back 47 years. However, according to Tierney, that is merely the "tip of the iceberg."

House cleaning


  1. Wow~ I've never had a pan explode like that!! Interesting!!

    I'll keep your hubby in my thoughts...

  2. Sounds scary! Had a similar (almost) experience ... we were staying in Ponca City for Izzy's hyperbaric oxygen therapy in a room adjoining the room with the 'chamber' which also had a huge oxygen tank. About 5 a.m. the oxygen tank started making a huge noise I thought we were going to be blown up! Turns out it was just releasing pressure... whew!
    don't those pyrex dishes have lifetime warranty? I would send the shards of glass back and get a new one :)

  3. I absolutely LOVE your new template! Very cute. Crazy about your dinner exploding! I hope everything works out ok with your hubby's job. He'll be in my prayers :)

  4. My pyrex dish blew up on top of the stove because I had accidentally turned on the wrong burner. Thank God no one was hurt but it melted holes into my brand new lino floor whereever a big chunk flew onto it. :v(
    I'm glad yours was contained in the oven if it had to happen! Them pyrex dishes are starting to be a little scarey to me.

    That ham & cheese recipe sounds wonderful!

    And just to let you know you site keeps blipping off on me and taking me to some related websites page.

  5. My friend had the exact same thing happen to her. Makes me hesitant to use my pyrex in the oven. Thank goodness the oven kept all the glass inside though. At least you don't have to worry about little ones stepping on glass.

  6. Yikes, I am SO glad no one was hurt... I have heard of Pyrex exploding when you open up the microwave to take it out, but this is the first time I've heard of it exploding in the oven.

    I will pray for your husband's job situation, too. Oh, I know just how frustrating it can be our husband's bosses aren't being fair at work, it's not fun!!!

  7. so sorry to hear your dish exploded! Thank goodness no one was hurt...except dinner!

  8. forgot to say that I love your new template!

  9. I had that happen once... and there wasn't a reason for it either... so we just decided that the oven didn't like what we were going to have for dinner lol...

  10. Hey I had a very similar blog 'skin' for my old Seeking His Glory blog, I like it! It's green,I've been trying to get our Assistant Pastor to use green in our church website but he is very greenist and hates the idea :)

    Lol and commiserations at your exploding dish. :(

    Hope you feel better soon, I've had health issues myself.

    Hugs n' love.

  11. Good grief, Sandra. If something exploded in my oven, I think I'd just move the whole stove to the backyard and bury it. LOL

    You've been busy. Boy, I do understand that. I wish you could get over this sinus thing. That has to be getting very old.

    I'll say a little prayer for Curt. I understand the frustration of being treated unfairly at work.

  12. Hi Sandra, greetings from South Africa. I have been lurking around your blog for ages and I get the giggles almost every morning with the goings-on of your household. I've also noticed how your spelling has changed and how you use certain American terms - stinkin' cute:) Then again, it has been almost nine years since you left our shores... Love and blessings to you and the tribe, Anabela

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