Tuesday, March 6, 2007

I love my dentist but OY.......

I didn't exactly know what I was getting done yesterday so needless to say I was a bit shocked when he told me he was doing 3 fillings. What's a filling right? No biggie.

Well yeah but I seem to have conveniently blocked out the part about getting numbed up, which means long thin needles being inserted into your jaw. I had 7 all together and while it was numb I was ONE HAPPY CAMPER although I'm sure the people out in the waiting room weren't prepared for the sight they were faced with once I slowly emerged from the back rooms.

Crooked smile and drooped lip on the right side of my face coupled with a lisp (my tongue was half asleep) and I think I may have been drooling, but I'm not completely sure because you know, I couldn't feel anything.

I came home and was really hungry because I forgot to eat breakfast, so I tried to eat a piece of toast. LOL OH.MY.GOODNESS!!!!

NEVER try to eat anything when you can't feel, I had no idea I had completely butchered my cheek, I must have bit it a couple times but hey, I couldn't tell LOL

Anyway, that was my trip to the dentist, I'm doing ok today though it feels like I was repeatedly punched in the jaw, but at least my teeth are sparkly clean and I have NO cavities. Can't have it all right???

The weather has been beautiful here for the past 2 days, nothing but sunshine and even though there's still a chill, it's nowhere near as cold as it's been and there's no snow and ice everywhere. It really does feel like Spring. I wish I could take a picture of my tulips, they're all coming in and they look amazing.

Unfortunately my digital camera has decided not to work anymo
re, I can turn it on but it won't open the shutter and it won't zoom, which pretty much means, I can't take pictures.

Isn't it always like this??? The minute you start saving money for something, all sorts of obstacles appear to make you spend it. That's what happened with the dentist trips for me and Jasmine, $200 just for some fillings.

I've put it in God's hands though and will just be patient and let Him help us make the trip to Africa a reality.

Curt has his promotion test on thursday and he's been studying really hard, of course he's nervous because Tech is the hardest one to get. Please send out a prayer for him that he does well on the test, it would help us so much.

I have a lot of cleaning to get done today plus laundry to put away, I'v
e been putting that off as long as I could but it's starting to drive me insane. I don't mind doing housework and as a matter of fact, I quite enjoy it BUT that is when I don't feel like I HAVE to do it, then I become instantly lazy....isn't that just the worst?

Before I forget I just have to share this recipe with you, there is a wonderful blog that I visit and I'm ashamed to say I've only commented once or twice, it's called Farmgirl Fare and I love popping in every morning just to see what farm life is up to. She cooks a LOT and always has the best recipes to share, so when she mentioned baking bread my ears perked up, what is better than homemade bread???? NOTHING!!!!

Farmgirl mentioned a No Knead Crusty Bread that was amazingly easy to make but turned out so well that she was just speechless and so was I. Does this not look like the best bread on earth??? I can almost smell it and imagine slathering on butter watching it melt into the warm straight out of the oven bread.

The recipe was first posted on the NYT and it's by Jim Lahey of the Sullivan Street Bakery, who actually invented it. You will need to register for free with the NYT to read the recipe and the article. I'm sure now you know what I'll be baking this weekend.

Look at how many people are blogging about this wonderful bread. Are you as intrigued by it as I am??? I say we all pull out the flour and yeast this weekend and see how many of these beauties we can produce. I have to tell you that I think what first got my attention about the bread is that it looks a LOT like the traditional bread we see in Portugal. I remember getting up in the morning and walking down the street to the local bakery....the scents eminating from it were enough to make my mouth water and then you were met with tons of different shapes and sizes, but my favorite was always the crusty and airy loaves. YUMMY!!!

Alright now I better get on out of here, I have tons of housework to do, laundry to tackle, some ironing involved and I also have a living room carpet to steam clean. I should be busy for the rest of the day only stopping for lunch and to run out and pick up Jasmine at school.
Hope your day isn't as busy as mine....if you can get a nap in, please think of me LOL

God Bless,

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  1. I had to laugh - how did you go to the dentist and not know what you were getting done? LOL Even if I just go for the cleaning and he finds a cavity I have to make another appt for the filling, so I at least know what to expect :) I hate the feeling afterwards, I feel like I can't talk, I'm constantly wiping my lips and I can't eat until I regain the feeling!

  2. Our days sound alike today...I cleaned hard all morning...now I'm takin a break while the lil one naps....I'm busy the rest of the week so today was cleaning day.

  3. I hear ya with the dentist thing- the thoughts of going to the dentist is usually way worse than the actual procedures they preform, I think anyways, but there are always exceptions!
    Daniel is testing for Tech tomorrow, I hate the waiting- so does he. I think it stinks that they prolong the agony for us! Plus, he has to go to Boston for it since we don't have a base anywhere near by. I hope your husband makes it! It's a pretty nice pay raise!

    That bread looks so delicious btw!


  4. Please don't get offended by my asking this..but do you use United Concordia for dental??? That $200 seems so much. I'm a military wife too...and I so do enjoy reading your blog. And when I read the cost of your fillings, I just had to ask.

    My hubby just took his tech test too..he didn't study at all...because he knew it would be sooo hard and felt there would be no point to studying. What a goose...I kept telling him to study and with that attitude of course he wouldn't pass.

    It's the questions about his career field he has trouble with..since they pick such random circumstances to test on ..and things he has no experience with.

    Okay, I sure have rambled. Sorry.

  5. Gosh 3 filings, I'm feeling for you!!!


  6. Thank God your trip to the dentist is over. I really do not like going to the dentist. Once you get over the shots not killing you the bill certainly will. I just got done getting my sons braces on and our portion is $1700. and thats after Concordia pays their half.

  7. Ooooo I hate the dentist!! Those injections make me woozy. ROFL Once I'd gone on my own to have a filling, one measly filling I'm such a wimp, anyway the dentist gave me the injection and told me to wait in the waiting room until it had worked it's numbing powers. So I sat, and felt dizzier and dizzier. I went up to the receptionist and announced "I think I'm going to faint" and keeled over. Next thing I know I'm lying on the sofa with my legs in the air (to get the blood flowing to my head don't you know!) in full view of a queue of people waiting at reception, with this bearded dentist trying to get me to have a drink of water, which is drooling all out of my mouth. I was wearing a short skirt and (fortunately) opaque tights and my rear end is facing the reception, legs unattractively akimbo. I felt like a side-show, I was about 18 and very self-conscious. I have panic attacks now if my dentist so much as prods my teeth in a questioning sort of way now. LOL.

    And the moral of the story is, always dress modestly and always take your Mum with you to the dentists, lol :)

  8. I think the people in the waiting room understood what you went through during your dentist procedure. It's okay if you're drooling as long as you try to wipe the drool from your mouth. The bread looks delish! I'll try that recipe for sure!

  9. Ahh, let me guess, you didn’t have an appointment prior to this schedule. Am I right, Sandra? The thought of you being a little bit shocked about the fillings is actually okay. It happens sometimes, especially if it took you so long before coming back to your dentist. Well, the important is that your teeth “are sparkly clean and have NO cavities.” Hehe.

    Trinidad Philipps

  10. Who wouldn’t want to have a dazzling smile with sparkly white teeth? Haha! Nowadays, there are a lot of teeth whitening products available, from toothpaste with teeth whitening formula to standalone teeth whitening formulas. You wouldn’t feel helpless with regards to how you are going to make your teeth as white as snow! ;)

    Eugenie Velasquez


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