Saturday, March 24, 2007



- Elliott Yamin (American Idol) "Wait for You"
- Air Conditioner bringing in the cool weather
- My friend Veronica on the phone
- Excitement on my hubby's voice talking about the move
- Mrs Doner praising Jasmine at school


- Horses at the base stable
- Green grass peeking through the dirt
- Jasmine's Report Card
- Nicholas smiling
- Big hole in the street by our house


- Paper plates the kids used to make crafts
- Pieces of glass that exploded in my oven
- Sun peeking through the clouds
- My favorite TV shows on the tv
- Kid's Bible as we read about Jonah


- Taco Bell Chicken Crunch Wrap
- Sinus Medicine *eewww*
- Homemade Pizza
- Club soda and lime juice
- Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream


- Downy Vanilla and Lavender Dryer Sheets
- Rose bush in my front yard
- Peanut Butter Swirlz cereal
- Bacon sizzling on the stove
- Kids Mango/Orange Shampoo


  1. I had no idea Elliot had a hit song. I wanted him to win that year. And I never would have recognized him from this video if you hadn't have said it was him. Glad to see he's getting a break.

    Great senses again!

  2. Awesome senses! How are you doing? I read your comment. Thank you. All the things one has to do to get ready!!!
    Oh, how is the green card coming? I've been praying. Hope to hear from you soon.

  3. I didn't initially like Elliot on Idol but he really grew on me and that's a great song! Thanks for sharing it.

  4. yay! I'm glad you're doing 5 senses again - I enjoy these posts!

    mmmm...isn't the crunch wrap so tasty?!

  5. Um beijinho grande para ti.
    Que bom irem para um sítio melhor, Deus sabe como faz não é? Arranjou um sítio de onde as passagens são mais baratas, vês?


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