Monday, March 26, 2007

Spring Break!!!

I have to tell you, I'm so glad Jasmine's school is on Spring Break this week, with this cold/allergy thing I have going, I just don't have the patience and energy to get up in the morning and run around all day.

I finally went to the hospital on Saturday after feeling like my head was going to explode. I have NEVER had sinus this bad. I couldn't talk right, everytime I tried to talk it felt like my nose would explode, I was so congested that when I tried to breathe through my nose I would give myself a head ache....I mean really, how ridiculous.

Anyway I finally went into the ER on saturday night and the doctor told me that I don't have a sinus infection, I DO have a really bad cold and allergies too. Here's something else for you all out there, THROW OUT THE NASAL SPRAYS. The longer you use them the worst it is. It starts working against you, it makes the congestions recur and worsen, that is what was happ
ening with me. The only way I could smell, taste and breathe would be when I used the Nasal Sprays, but within an hour I was completely congested again.

Now I'm on Claritin and Sudafed, and I've been taking Sudafed since last week wednesday, it hasn't been a week yet, but I'm feeling SO much better, what a huge difference it makes.

So moving on, we've been enjoying the warmer temperatures, the kids have really enjoyed being able to spend the day outside in the back yard. They even had their lunch out there on the picnic table, but now they both have a little cold, nothing major, just sniffles.

Jasmine is congested and let me tell you, when this girl doesn't feel well, NO ONE feels well. She's one of those kids that if miserable it means everyone around her needs to be miserable too. The main reason being that she hates m
edicine and absolutely DETESTS Vicks.

Our night went something like this:

Jasmine *whine whine* - I can't breathe
Me - Let me put some Vicks on chest and back and a little under your nose, it will help.
Jasmine *kicking legs and screaming like a banshee* - NO NO I hate Vicks.
Me - Jasmine please, it's 3am, I'm tired, you're tired, just do this so we can both get some sleep.
Jasmine - NO....I don't want it, I'm fine, just go back to bed mommy.

30 minutes later...........

Jasmine *cry whine whine cry* I CAN'T BREATHE!!!
Me *ughhhh* - Ok that's it, you are getting the Vicks!
Jasmine - NO I don't want it *starts crying*
Me - Fine, but God help you if you wake me up again (the threats we make as parents are just ridiculous)

I act like I go back to bed, she falls asleep within 5 minutes......I creep back into the bedroom, Vicks in hand and put some under her nose. All done, I won this battle, never heard another peep the rest of the night. This morning she asked me what I did to make her sleep and I told her about the Vicks....she was NOT impressed LOL

So that's how my night went, we didn't get very good sleep and today I think we're both trying to get through without falling asleep all over the place. Jasmine had a dentist appointment this afternoon but I was able to reschedule it for Thursday, don't think she feels up to it and neither do I really. We're all still in pajamas and who knows, maybe we'll stay this way for today.

If you're looking for this week's menus, you can head to my Food Blog, I've posted them there and also at Laura's "Menu Plan Monday", be sure to go by and check it out.

Well I'm going to try and come by and say hi to you all, I've been sick this weekend so now I have 485 new posts on my bloglines. I honestly don't think I can get through it all, but I'm going to try my best. I would ask you all to quit posting when I'm sick but that wouldn't be fair LOL

Have a wonderful day, I'll see you all tomorrow,

Dinner tonight is Maple Sausage Lasagna. It's something I tried one night when I realized I didn't have ground beef....I just substituted the Jimmy Dean Maple Sausage for the ground beef and was really good.

Dancing with the Stars - *New*- ABC - 7pm
The 11 remaining finalists perform songs from the '60s British-pop invasion.

House cleaning
Cleaning my Carpets
Getting moving boxes


  1. Hi Sandra,
    Hope you feel better soon. Keep me updated on your address so I will know where to send books.

  2. Hi there, sorry to hear about your sniffles but thanks for posting a photo of the kids; it has been a while since Nela has shown me pictures, they've both grown quite a bit, and looking gorgeous - but I don't need to tell you that :) Take care. Lots of love,

  3. How are you and Jasmine feeling? Better, I pray! I'm just running through trying to catch up with everyone.
    Hope to hear from you soon.

  4. Poor you Sandra, I hope you are all much better soon!! HUGS (big bear sized) xxxxxxxxx

  5. Kayla's spring break is next week- I'm just looking forward to sleeping in LOL!

    Hope you are feeling better!

  6. I just recently found your blog, and I'm loving reading it! You're so organized with it, and there's so much going on! I look forward to reading more from you!

  7. Girl, I hope you feel much better soon. It's a bummer especially when you have little ones.


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