Wednesday, August 29, 2007

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How was I to know???

Remember my eye problems, being on the computer too much has given me eye strain and thenI was having this problem where I would wake up in the morning and my eyes were really red and remained that way all day long.

I finally stopped last night and decided to think back to when this started and if there was anything different that I had done. Then it hit me.....about 2 weeks ago I bought new make up, new mascara and eye liner. The minute I started using those is when my eyes started getting red and itchy. You would have thought that I could make the connection straight away but I didn't, so I continued wearing it everyday and I or two nights I completely forgot to remove it.

I guess I'm allergic to whatever was in that make up, I removed it all yesterday afternoon and instantly saw an improvement. I've kept it off and I'm going make up-less today........which means wearing sunglasses everytime I step out the house, I refuse to traumatize the little kids at school or any adult that comes into contact with my bare face. LOL


I was over at Barb's blog and she just amazes me, she continues saying she's NO Martha Stewart but again I beg to differ *snicker* She always has some sort of project going on, the cutest little things you can imagine. She just finished an Advent Calendar which is to die for and now she's getting ready to make the cutest Fleece now she's motivated me to start or rather, FINISH some of the projects I have laying around. One thing I'm going to start soon is all my christmas decorations etc. Yes I know it's a couple months away but if you knew me, you would understand the need to start them this early.

Chances are, I will get sidetracked along the way or lazy and they will end up being put aside until NEXT christmas.


I've been keeping up to date on my house cleaning, since cutting back computer time I get so much more done. I've decided that computers are wonderful but also addictive in a bad bad way. If you find yourself sitting at the computer desk for half a day or more, you know something is wrong.

Yesterday I got all the bed linens changed and washed, I swept the whole house and mopped, finished all the laundry and put it away, hung up my kitchen curtains and did my menus for next week.

Today I have some more laundry to do, I intend to stay on top of it so it doesn't accumulate, I need to make the grocery list for friday and I also want to go through my crafting supplies and fabrics etc and see exactly what I have and what I need. Should keep me busy for a while.


Get this, the housing at this base is privatized. The houses are NOT fenced in, so the back yards are wide open, something that bothers me because I can't let the dogs out without being on a leash, or let the kids just go play unless one of us is out there. I just called to find out about getting a fence and aside from paperwork it will cost us about $12 a month or more depending on what we want.........I only have one thing to say "WHAT the HECK?"
Now we have to measure the pros and cons, the pros of not having a fence is that they come in and mow all the lawn, water, do the landscaping etc.....obviously the con is the kids and dogs.

Now do we want a fence bad enough to pay $12 a month or more and mow ourselves etc......or do we just continue to take the dogs out on a leash, let the kids play outside with us there watching and let the housing people do all the work???? I am lazy, I'm kinda leaning towards letting them do it all LOL
What would YOU bloggers do???


I posted a recipe on my food blog, for a Blender pie. It's one of those easy desserts that you throw in a couple ingredients and VOILA, great custardy pie.

Now doesn't that look tempting??? It literally only takes a couple ingredients, dump them all into a blender, mix it up, pour it in a pie dish and bake can't get any easier than that can it???

I'm keeping this one short, I have things to do and eyes to cure....doesn't that sound wonderful??? LOL

Besides, I just took a sip of my coffee without realizing it's gone ice cold, it's just nasty nasty nasty, this means I need a refill so I'm out of here. Have a great day everyone and please don't forget the Slow Cooking Thursday tomorrow.

Before I leave though, go on over to Mari's blog, her Works For Me Wednesday tip for today is about the Slow Cooking Thursday......she's a genius I tell ya. Go on and check it out.

God Bless,


  1. OH MY GOD yum! I just whipped out the no bake cheesecake box that has been sitting in my pantry! Dang it wheres the whipped cream!

  2. Hi Sandra,
    youve been tagged over on my blog.

    have a great week!

  3. I'm glad you figured out what's causing the irritated eyes!!! I know what you mean about sunglasses w/ out makeup... I bet you still look pretty w/ out it, but me, since I am blonde and pale, have no eyes or lips unless I paint them on!!!

    Oh, I also know what you mean about the addiction of the computer!! I actually had to move my laptop to an empty corner of my kitchen so I won't veg. out on the couch w/ it all day. =)

  4. Twelve dollars a month vs. walking the dogs on a leash and not being able to let the kids go outside without you. I say twelve bucks is CHEAP! When we bought our house last year, we were constantly walking the dogs on a leash. Needless to say, my first priority was getting the fencing purchased so that we didn't have to go out every time the dogs do!

  5. I'm glad you figured out the eye thing - that means it will get better! Mine are read and watery now because of allergies and I am sick of going out looking like I've been crying.
    Here's my thought about the fence. I think having to pay and mow your lawn is kind of sad. My daughter has a dog; they have one of those stakes that they put in th middle of the yard. Then they attach a really long chain to her collar. She is then able to roam all over the yard and not get off. That probably wouldn't work for the kids though! Good luck with that decision.

  6. What a relief to know there's nothing wrong with your eyes -- just the makeup.

    I think I'd choose the $12 a month and the fence. Mowing can't take that long, and it would feel really good to know the kids were more protected. Then they wouldn't have to wait until one of you has free time to be out there with them.

  7. I was sorta thinking you might be allergic to something. As it came on so suddenly.

    With a preschooler I think I would go the fence route and just call it a monthly expense. If they were both older, definitely the lazy route! ;v)

  8. So glad you figured out what was wrong with your eyes! My mom has terrible allergic reactions to make up!
    I would get the fence... just for peace of mind.
    Happy Wednesday.

  9. Hello! It is so good to be home! I saw that WFMW tip and thought of you and your question you left for me earlier. Great idea!
    I think I'd go for the fence too just for peace of mind.

  10. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaa! You realized the simplest of cures for your blood shot eyes!!!!! But it's still good for you {both of us} to cut back on computer time.

    I'd go for the fencing. But in today's world, one still has to keep and eye on kids out in their own back yard. -sigh-


  11. I am so glad that you found out what was hurting your eyes, Sandra! I hope they heal up quickly! That blender pie looks soooo yummy!

  12. That does look really yummy. I love your blog! You are very inspiring!

  13. I would love a fenced in yard, personally. But it stinks that you have to mow it yourself AND pay more if you put it up. The convenience would sure be nice.

    So glad you figured out what was bothering your eyed! When something like that is going on - with one part of your body- it seems to affect everything, doesn't it! I hope they return to normal quickly for you.

    That pie looks great!


  14. Oh gosh I should have known & told ya! I had the same thing a few months ago. I bought new eyeliner & my eyes were itching,red & burning for days after. I just knew I was going blind. LOL! Glad it's getting better & you realized before you lost an eye:)
    About the fence. I'd have to say I'd spring for it. I think I'd be lost without ours. I like having that privacy & letting the kids out back to play.

  15. Hey gal....on the pet thing...we have never had a fenced in back yard until now and I.LOVE.IT! But...before we had a steak in the ground with a long long leash and Lucky would stay in the could try that.
    I forgot about Slow Cooking Thursday...sorry.

  16. The pie looks great. I'm going to make it for Sunday night dessert!

  17. I would love to have a fence personally!
    What kind of makeup were you using that caused the problems? And what did you get to replace it? I hate having to go without it but I need to do that to see if some of my eye problems will clear up.

  18. So glad you figured out what was bothering your eyes!

    Our base is privatized now too. I'm liking that they take care of the yard work - especially w/Joe deploying I wasn't looking forward to mowing - I'm lazy too!

    We don't have a fence, but our neighbors do so we have a fence on one side of our yard, and then we have "privacy/border" type fencing that is up between all backyards - they aren't secure as there is an opening for the walkways, but it does give us a separation between the yard directly behind we only don't have a fence on one side of the yard.

  19. If it were me.. YES I would love a fenced in yard... not because I'm not social.. Ü but I would love to be able to let the kids play and the dog roam without worry... So if you can afford it.. I say go for it!


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