Tuesday, August 14, 2007

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It feels good to be back to a normal routine!

I love the summer and I love having the kids at home, but it does get frustrating at times, especially when they're fighting and bickering over trivial things such as who gets to sit where on the couch, who takes their bath first and who's towel belongs to whom.....and God Forbid either one drink from the other's cup, we have total shutdown, Threatcon Alpha, Call the President Drama.

School restarted yesterday and Jasmine was happy but also worried and scared, it's a new school and new teachers so she felt a little overwhelmed, it was hard to just leave her there and walk away. I spent the whole day doing what mom's do best......worrying and hoping she was doing fine. When I went to pick her up she was all smiles, talking a mile a minute about how much she likes the teacher and her classmates and she made a friend named Samantha etc. Isn't it always like this??? We worry for nothing!!!

Here's a picture of her AFTER school, I tried to take a photo in the morning but the batteries on the camera were dead.
She's not used to the heat though and since she's fair skin, she has a hard time being outside. Their recess is 45 minutes long and she made it through 15 minutes before having to go inside to see the school nurse, she said she was feeling really sick from the heat. Poor kid!!! I probably would have been right there with her though, it was 113 degrees here yesterday. Again, WHY do we need such hot weather, what for??? I'm perfectly happy with 90 degrees.

I've been missing Idaho lately, I mean, REALLY missing it. I've tried to keep an open mind and to get settled and accostumed to this new home but it's hard, one day I'm ok and then the next I just want to cry. We're seriously considering moving back to Idaho when we're done with our assignment here.

I managed to visit some blogs yesterday and I apologize to those that I didn't, but I've decided that in order for me to maintain some sanity and to not feel like blogging is a chore, I will first comment on the blogs that take the time to come and visit me and then if I can, I will get to the others. There's nothing worse than feeling like blogging is an obligation, it just takes all the fun out of it for me.

Anyway, not much going on here today. I'm hoping to get to the last box that needs to be unpacked, it's driving me crazy seeing it sitting here against the wall. It's like it's taunting me, everytime I look over I feel as if the box is crying out "For the love of God, just empty me already". LOL

Oh I almost forgot, I have to tell you about my new favorite cleaner, it's called Simple Green. It's what we used when we were cleaning the other house for inspection....let me tell you something, this stuff cleans SO SO well, I actually use it undiluted for my floors and they come out white and sparkly clean. I use it in my kitchen, in the bathrooms, the laundry room, the floors, everywhere. I just love it.

I have to work on my grocery list for tomorrow and a few other things. I'm going to cut this post short and I'm sorry if I babble about a million subjects at once, I could never just stick to one topic when it came to blogging. Guess I get bored easily LOL

Have a great day everyone, and to my family in South Africa, I LOVE you guys more than anything in this world, wish I could be there with you but know that we'll all get through this together....and Uncle Carlos, we miss you more than yesterday and less than tomorrow.

Right now I have an Enchilada Casserole in my new crockpot....it smells so good. I will make a salad to go with it and a Pecan Pie for dessert.

Just for Laughs
Singing Bee
Dirty Jobs

Wash the bed linens
Finish Grocery List
Write letter to mom and grandmothers
Finish Laundry and Put it away


  1. AWWWW! your daughter is so pretty!
    yeah I know whatcha mean on the worrying part,I do that alot for no reason at all too.

    Oh I emailed you yesterday i think it was your msn email addy . I hope you got it.

    I love try different cleaning products i will have give that stuff a try.

    I hope you have a wonderful day
    and thanks for the comment you made on my blog .I love comments on blog. and visitors!


  2. Great photo...yeh Jasmine for having a great 1st day of school. Yeh Sandra for supporting her and being a super mom. I'm doing laundry today too....getting ready to go clean up the kitchen I cooked a meal for a friend today....see ya tomorrow.

  3. Glad to hear the first day of school went so well for Jasmine! That is quite hot to be outside for recess for 45 min! and it's probably after lunch in the middle of the day? Yikes! I wonder if they could have recess in the morning when it's not as hot.

  4. I'm so glad that Jasmine made a new friend on her first day of school! She is just beautiful, btw!!


  5. I was so hoping that Jasmine would make a new friend on her first day. I'm glad she did. It sounds like she's off to a great start. You know, looking at that picture of her, I really see a mini-Sandra with red hair. I hadn't noticed before how much she looks like you.

    Idaho sort of gets into your skin, doesn't it? But when we're having 29 degrees and clouds, you'll be having warm, warm days. I do hope you get to move back though.

  6. Oh yeah, I'm so glad Jasmine's first day went well. And she made a friend, that's even better :) I would have had to go inside with that heat too, ugh. I can't imagine it that hot, especially coming from Idaho where the temperature is much more moderate.

    Can't wait to hear how the crockpot enchilada casserole comes out, that one looks really good! I keep all of those ingredients on hand, except corn tortillas, so that looks like a great go-to recipe. Hope it works out :)

    Have a great day!

  7. First ~~ We must, must, must remember to 'Blog Without Obligation.' We do not make blogging a chore. We do not! We do not! We do not! Honest!

    Second ~~ What a lovely daughter and what lovely red hair and waves/curles! I got a red haired Granddaughter but... not as much on the curls. Just some very faint waves. :-) It's a family joke... my *ordering* curls on Grands, and not *getting* them. ^_^

    Third ~~ Moms HAVE to worry about first day at new school and such stuff! Didn't you notice that in the marriage contract?!? ^_^

    Hugs, Mari-Nanci

  8. Jasmine is really cute - I think she looks like you. School doesn't start here till after labor day and this year is the first year that I don't have someone going to school.
    I love Simple Green too - it's the best!

  9. Glad Jasmine's first day was great. She's so pretty & growing up too fast! Thanks for sharing your cleaning secret. I'll have to try some. Hope you have a wonderful week!

  10. Hooray for Jasmine!! Isn't that always how it goes, we moms are fretting at home and the little ones are off having a blast!! I know what you mean about the desert sun and fair skin, though. Our first year here, my daughter got a horrible burn. They love the sun, but their skin is too fair to be out in it long, also.

    I love the Simple Green, too, doesn't it smell nice? It's one of a few cleaners that doesn't give me a headache or asthma when I use it!!

  11. Cute picture of Jasmine. I'm so glad her first day was good!

    I just tried Simple Green this summer and really like it but it's quite a bit more expensive, so I haven't done things like the floors with it. Maybe I'll just have to go ahead and do that.

    You're bound to have homesickness sneak up on you! But remember Jesus is with you whereever you are!

  12. oh i am so happy to hear she liked her teacher and made a friend...Thats so nice...
    She is so pretty, she looks so much like you...
    food looks good, yummers....
    Take care,

  13. Routines help us to keep our sanity and with the begining of the school year...
    Here we only begin next month.

  14. I'm glad that Jasmine adjusted not too badly to the first day back..Good for MOmmy to be supporting her as well. Sorry it's so hot in Arizona..is some consolation that it's going to be in the 30's here today??Huge hugs ..


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