Sunday, August 19, 2007

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Well there go the uniforms!!!!

I tell you, I have the worst luck in the world.

School started last week monday and I was thrilled that they were wearing uniforms, I even showed you pictures and had told myself that the $200 I had spent on them was a good investment.

Well thursday, we get a letter from the school. After 8 years of having uniforms, they are no longer going to be are back to wearing whatever they want. Are you flipping kidding me???? How's that for luck??? Couldn't they have made this decision BEFORE school started and before the parents spent a ton of money on the uniforms??? I'm livid, I'm disappointed and I'm frustrated.

We're back to fighting over what she wears for school, so now I have to go buy new clothes YET AGAIN. They told us that they can still wear their uniforms, but they can mix and match etc....which I guess is not too bad, because she WILL be wearing them. *Sigh*

I'm having a really hard time lately, I thought that the longer I was here at the new base, the better I would become acclimated and would actually start liking it, but unfortunately it seems to be having the opposite effect on me, on ALL of us. I miss Idaho terribly, the kids are constantly crying to go back home and even Curt is not happy at work here, he too wishes we could just go back to Mountain Home.

It's just too busy here, there's too much going on, it's too hot, the air quality is NOT great, my allergies are getting worse, Curt is having a hard time breathing and the people (the ones I've come in contact with) are extremely rude. Can you hear the whining in my voice???? I hate being whiny but goodness, it's overwhelming.

I pray every day that the Lord helps us get used to this place and that in time we will all grow to love it here. I'm just bitter and homesick and I think it's affecting my attitude towards it too, I don't think I'm opening myself to liking it anymore and THAT has to change. No worries though, I'm a tough cookie and I'll meet Him halfway.

It's sunday and I realize I haven't updated since Thursday. Thank you all for the wonderful Slow Cooking Recipes, YUMMY. I've saved them all and I'm getting quite the Crockpot Recipe Collection :)

I have some cleaning to do today but I'm holding off on that for a while, I'm not feeling too well, I think we're all coming down with a cold. Curt told me to just relax and leave the rest for tomorrow, I've already done dishes, laundry, swept and mopped the floors etc. I guess I COULD leave the rest but I'm such a neat freak, if things don't look right I get hives LOL

I may just lay down and finish my last book of the English Garden Series by Lori Wick. I am just absolutely loving this series, what a wonderful set of beautiful Christian stories. If you haven't yet read Lori Wick you really should give it a try, she's amazing.

I have her next series to start after this one.....The Tucker Mills Trilogy. I also just stopped by PaperBackSwap and picked up 4 more books....

Highlander in her Bed - Allie MacKay

The London Trilogy:
By Possesion - Madeline Hunter
By Arrangement - Madeline Hunter
By Design - Madeline Hunter

I'm ending this post with one of my favorite songs and my favorite soap couple, Jason and Sam from General Hospital. I just can't understand why the writers would ever break them up, I've watched soaps for so many years and I've never come across a couple that has so much chemistry. Enjoy!


  1. Hi Sandra.I'm sorry to hear that you're not feeling well.And that the people are rude that must be so hard.I would be livid too at the no school uniforms!!!! ugh just ugh.. here's some hugs to you...and the family as well as the dogs..

  2. Wow, I am feeling for you! I've never lived anywhere but Michigan and I know I'd feel the same way you do!

    Have you found a church yet? Maybe if you find a church you really like you'll get to know some nice people. (There have to be SOME nice people, right? tee hee)

    I'm shaking my head at your uniform situation! I think my head would pop off if that happened to me! We just went school clothes shopping today and I tell you what, clothes are NOT CHEAP!

    Hugs to you!


    ps Would you mind sending me your address? I'd like to send you a card :)

    You can send it to:

  3. Oh my gosh! I do not blame you at all with the uniform situation. I'd be beyond mad! I'm sorry to hear your still not happy there but I could sort of tell by your posts that something was wrong. I pray you find your "place" there very soon!
    Oh I Love that you put this video up you know I TOTALLY agree on the Jason/Sam relationship. Plus, I love this song:) Hope you have a better week my dear friend♥

  4. I dont blame you with the uniform fustrations i would be too..
    ive read some of lori wick books too and shes awesome!i like her too.

  5. That is crazy that a week into school they change the uniform policy! What?! I hope the parents there are banding together and demanding they change it back to uniforms since they had to go out and buy them, or they get reimbursed because you could have used that money to buy other school clothes!

    Sorry to hear you're having a hard time adjusting to the new base; I had a really hard time moving from CO to NM so I can certainly identify with how you're feeling. I hope it starts to get better.

  6. I can't believe that! I would be so frustrated. I was so with you when you posted how happy you were about the uniforms. I would think there would be a lot of unhappy parents when you change the rules a week into school. I'm also sorry that you are still having a rough time there - I'll be praying for you. Hugs, Mari

  7. Oh gosh, that's awful about the uniforms! And after school has already started and everything, and parents think they are all set. What poor planning and decisions on their part. I'd totally be frustrated too.

    I'm so sorry to hear you guys are not settling in and its not feeling like home. I hope it gets better soon.

    I'm reading the English Garden Series right now, after having read the Tucker Mills trilogy last year. I loved those books, and so far I think I'm going to like this series. Good historical Christian fiction :)

    Hope you feel better soon, take it easy today and get some rest. Take care!

  8. That is bad luck about the uniforms, looks like they would have said something before everyone bought them.
    Sorry y'all aren't settling in quickly....maybe you could visit churches and find a church home to be a part of, it'll give you some christian friends and make you feel a part of things.

  9. I'm hooked on Young & the Restless.....I so hope you find peace where you have moved. You need to get out and meet some people. It would probably help. Call a local church and get involved it means the world.

  10. I'm so sorry the adjustment to the new place has been so hard. It's so difficult to relocate sometimes, and I'm hoping you find something that brings joy to your new situation.

    Everybody deserves to whine now and then, so indulge when you need to. You'll feel better afterwards. :)

  11. Oh, I am with you, that uniform thing would irritate me, too. You're right, though, she can definitely mix those uniforms in with her regular clothes. Or if that turns into a huge battle, maybe you could get back much of your money by putting them on Ebay?

    I'm sorry to hear about the people... Hopefully it will get better. I know when I moved to NM from CA, it shocked me how rude and unfriendly people are. You'd think with all the sunshine they'd be cheerful, but no. I hope you meet some friendlier people soon, I bet you will, living on the base =)

  12. I'd be livid if they changed the uniforms after the 1st week of school starting. I definitly think the parents should get together and insist on reimbursement or that it get switched back until the next school year.

    I haven't read anything by Lori Wick in a Longggggggg time. But I remember her being good.

    I hope you all stay healthy. It's hard when u'r body is trying to adjust to a new climate.

    That's so sad that the people on the new base are not very nice. I hope it gets better.


  13. Sandra- I'm sorry tohear you're having such a hard time after this move. I've ony lived in two states my whole life, and I can't imagine moving so often...with kids and everything it must be very hard. And the whole uniform thing is ridiculous. Like you say...couldn't they have decided before school started? Unbelievable. I hope things get better for you. I'll be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

  14. Hi Sandra,

    I'd say the timing on the uniforms and the extra expense it's caused you is ridiculous. I can't believe the school is so mismanaged they'd let all the parents buy uniforms and then tell you the policy has changed.

    But such is the ways of public school systems. What can you do?Sigh.

    I'm sorry you're stuggling so to adjust to your new home.

    I don't think there's much you can do about it.

    So my advice, and it's worth exactly what you paid for it (nothing) is this:

    Try to remember that you could be in so much worse circumstances.

    And you, my friend, are the touchstone that will help your whole family accept this new home, in spite of the fact that it's so different from Idaho.

    You have the opportunity to help your husband and children get over the huge difference in living circumstances. And if you can do that, in spite of hating it, you will be their hero.

    This is your chance to shine and that chance doesn't come around very often.


  15. I'm so sorry about the uniforms! I hope the school gets enough complaints and rescinds their new policy.

    Wow! Barb can give me advice anytime!
    Moving is very hard, I've moved twice to very different climates - felt like I was in a different culture actually, and it is tough! I hope that you are able to adjust, find the good things about Arizona and make some amazing friends. God picked that place out for you all to be in at this time, I hope you can find peace knowing that. I really struggled with living in North Dakota. But remembering that helped me. Military life can be really really hard sometimes - you are in my thoughts.

  16. Hope you recover from your allergies and cold soon.


  17. Hang in there,, you have a whole blogging group pulling for you to become more "at home" & what can be better than all your blog friends praying.. So sorry about the uniforms too.. that is the pits...

  18. Wow, Barb's advice was excellent.
    I imagine the school is receiving a lot of complaints over this.
    I'll be praying for you Sandra.

  19. I agree with you on the uniforms thing. I wish that my kids had uniforms for school. I think it would make it much easier.
    And with being lonesome and missing your old home - I can't imagine how hard that is. The economy in MI is awful and my husband's job is always slowing down. He could get a great job with lots of work if we moved to another state but I can't do it. My family is here. I give a lot of credit to you military families. I'll pray that you continue to adjust and meet new friends.

  20. I read your blog all the time but don't often comment, and I just wanted to send some hugs your way! Sounds like you all are having a hard time, and I really hope it gets easier. The uniform situation is ridiculous! I'd be furious too.


  21. Hello Dear sandra,
    I wish I was there to comfort you. My best advise is to read Paul daily.I have learn to be content where ever I am at. Key word is learn. God puts us in dark places to strip us of ourselves and to draw us closer to him. This a new classroom. God won't remove you till you have pass the course. Trust me I know. I was in His classroom a few weeks ago and I falied. So I had to go back to the same dark place again till I surrender to Him. Ok I will take off my mommy hat. LOL I am here if you need a friend to listen.

  22. I had that problem.

    I wore uniforms from the time I was a kid in Ele. school up until Grad. (Promotion) of Middle school and I was heated when I found out that the kids at the same school later got to wear regular clothes.

    But they still had somewhat of a system.

    6th Grade had to wear Red Shirts
    7th Grade Gold
    8th Grade Black


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