Wednesday, August 15, 2007

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The Little Annoying Things!!!

You would think that after almost 9 years of being a mom, I would have learnt some lessons by now and known to avoid certain things. Like, asking your child what they want to eat. WHY WHY WHY do I continue to do that????

It's so much simpler to get something and place it in front of them than ask them what they feel like because I can tell you in 30 minutes, yes it takes about 30 minutes for them to decide.....they will go from a sandwich to chips to fruit to I just want a wait I want a cookie......ok no wait.....I want a banana. OH MY LORD........I feel my body slowly sinking to the ground and I want to reach up to my hair and just start pulling it out. My eye starts twitching and I keep saying to myself "you just never learn do you???" LOL

That is one of those little annoying things that drive me bananas about being a mother. It's also one of the things that I'm going through a lot more lately with Nicholas, the boy just likes pushing our buttons.

For dinner last night I tried the Enchilada Casserole in the Crockpot, it was really good, it got a thumbs up from the family so I'm going to add it to our list of favorites.

I got a picture of the kids this morning as we left the house to take Jasmine to school. I can't begin to tell you how much I'm enjoying the school uniforms thing, what a relief in the morning, not having to figure out what to wear.

I apologize if I don't seem to have much to say today, I seem to be drawing a blank. It was my Uncle's Funeral so I'm sure you understand.

Don't forget about the Slow Cooking Thursday tomorrow, I am eager to see what kind of yummy recipes you'll be sharing.

God Bless,


  1. Anonymous5:43 PM

    Yeah I know whatcha mean on asking kids what they want to eat are whatever....
    i cont. in doing the samething sometimes. i guess that just been a mom.hehe!

  2. Oh they look so cute. I wish ours wore uniforms too. What a great thing.
    Sorry you are feeling a little gloomy. I'll try to find a new recipe to post, there was actually an article in a mag I purchased with a recipe that I hadn't heard of that sounds good so I'll post that one!
    Have a good Wednesday evening!

  3. They look so adorable. I would love the uniform thing too. We argue every morning on what she is wearing....its only been 5 days of school and Im already so over it.

  4. they look so cute ..jasmine looks oh so impressed *NOT* lol. thanks for sharing the picture.

  5. I think uniforms are a great idea. My kids never had to wear them, but I sure wished they did!

  6. I can totally relate. Kids don't really need choices anyway... LOL!

    Sorry about your uncle.

  7. I read a quote a little while ago that said - never ask your child what they want to eat until they are buying! I true!

    Love the uniform! Makes mornings less stressful I am sure! They look as if they are in a deep conversation. Very sweet photo! Hope today is a brighter day for you.


  8. "Like, asking your child what they want to eat. WHY WHY WHY do I continue to do that????"

    Oh Hon, you have to try to catch yourself, on this one.

    Let's see... Today I'm *make believe* sending a St. Bernard dog with Diet Lemon Aid in his cask instead of a gal who's working tooo hard on a part time job. And I'm also *making believe* sending a 'Sprite' to stay on her shoulder and keep repeating things like.. "Pace yourself." "Let someone else get dinner tonight." "Lie down after dinner."

    So, I guess I need to *make believe* {I keep saying that, so no one will think I'm entirely off my rocker!! lol} that I'm sending you a 'Sprite' to nag you about giving the kids any more ways to drive you nutty. 'Cause any Mom knows that they can figure out their own ways of so doing! -grin-

    Hugs, Mari-Nanci

  9. Such a cute picture of the kids, Sandra! I hope school and the new places and faces are going good for them. :)

    Glad to hear the enchilada casserole in the crockpot was good too; I was hoping it was well received. I want to try that one sometime!

    And, on a side note, I have *finally* started the English Garden series from Lori Wick. I just started on the first one last night and look forward to reading the whole set. I've been seeing them in your sidebar for a while, and they've been on my library for ages. They had all 4 in, so I went ahead and checked them all out. It looks good so far :)

    Have a great day!

  10. she looks so cute in her school uniform!

  11. Que crianças bonitas.


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