Monday, August 27, 2007

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A Trip to the Library!!!

If there's one place I love more than my own kitchen, it's the library. Anytime I go anywhere in the world, my first thought is to scout out the nearest library, I don't know what it is, maybe I was a librarian in a past life (if you believe in reincarnation or whatever lol).

Seriously, the books, the smell of the books, even the librarians themselves bring a huge smile to my face, I want to run up and wrap my arms around them and yell out stuff like "I LOVE you, you mean the world to me". Of course I may end up arrested and in a looney bin!!!

This morning, I grabbed Nicholas and headed to the library on base. I had an idea of where it was but had never been there before so I guess in a way it was like an adventure. Did I tell you the base is separated by a main road????? The housing and commissary and BX, hospital school etc is on one side, then across the road is where you find all the squadrons, the work areas, the post office, library etc. It's pretty annoying in a way because you have gates everywhere, so you get out of the housing area and have to show your ID to get into the other side of the base and then vice versa when you return. Yeah, a little on the annoying side, but that's why they're building a bridge to go from one side of the base to the other. And with all this I just realized I went completely off track of what I was talking'll have to excuse me I tend to just say what comes to mind LOL

Nicholas is suddenly obsessed with Scooby Doo, I mean, he can NOT get enough of it. Scooby Doo movies, computer games, books, toys, you name it, he wants it.
That was part of our mission today, finding anything at the library that he would have fun with.
We came home with 2 scooby doo books and a movie. He's a happy camper.

For myself I picked up:

Cooking for Mr Latte
by Amanda Hesser (A novel and a cookbook in one, I mean, come on, how lucky am I?)

With this ring, I'm confused by Kristin Billerbeck
She's finally found that nice, good-looking Christian guy who-gasp-actually wants to commit, but will she make it to the altar with her sanity intact?
The Best of Amish Cooking

Betty Crocker's 4 Ingredient Dinners

So anyway, I have been trying to open myself up to this new base and to trying to like it. Yes I say trying because I don't like the heat, I don't like the place, I don't like the people and of course when you're already going in with a negative attitude I doubt anything will make you happy. At this point they could be lining the streets with gold and I'm sure I would find something to say about it........wrong wrong wrong attitude to have. I'm changing it and I'm working on embracing the new base. We'll see how it goes, you know I like to babble about everything on my blog so I'm sure you'll be hearing about it more. LOL

One of the biggest changes I'm making is the time I allow myself on the computer. My eye sight has been deteriorating and then because they were so red, I was using Visine and Clear Eyes, which turns out is only making it worse. Great isn't it, I look like I'm on crack 24/7, it's NOT becoming at all. I've stopped with all the eye drops and this afternoon I'll be working on a new schedule for me, that includes assigned time for computer. NOTHING more and NOTHING less. There's no need for me to be on here all day long, it hurts my eyes, it hurts my back and it's just ridiculous.

I'm bringing out my fabric stack and my sewing machine and getting down to work. I also have a Recipe Scrapbook that I'm working on, I have books to read and the house to take care of, tons of recipes I want to try finding something to keep me busy will definitely not be an issue.

I've also missed having my hour everynight, hubby keeps the kids and I get to crawl into bed and read a book or watch tv etc. You have no idea how it helps recharge me at the end of the day.

Anyway, I'm leaving you with what is around me, my thoughts etc. God Bless.

On my bedside table:
Dancing at Midnight by Julia Quinn
The Experiencing God Study Bible
With this ring, i'm confused by Kristin Billerbeck
Cooking for Mr Latte by Amanda Hesser

On board from Netflix:
28 Days Later
The Illusionist

Latest interests:
Baking the best Molotof (portuguese dessert)
Online Movies

On my mind:
My Uncle
Preparing Nicholas for Kindergarten

How to bake the perfect bread
Making my own DVD's

New Schedules
New Home Office Filing Cabinet

Looking forward to:
Trying the new Seafood Restaurant
Watching movies in bed
Going to Yard Sales this weekend

Watching Nicholas growing
Seeing Jasmine become independent and responsible
Trying out new recipes
Discovering new places around the base


  1. I'm glad you made it to the library! I feel the same way surrounded by all those books! It's so awesome!

    I really liked "The Illusionist" -- it's different and I was surprised by the ending -- which makes for a good movie in my book!

    Can't wait to see all the new recipes you come up with in your library cookbooks!


  2. Oh yeah! The library is one of my most favorite places on earth! I'm so glad you found it and found some books. I will have to check out that Latte book :) I love getting cookbooks at the library, let us know if you find some good recipe. So cool that you found that Billerbeck book! I've read the first one of that series, but not the second or third one (the one you got). I loved the one I read though, great Christian chick-lit! :)

    Oh, and I loved The Illusionist too. We saw both of those "magician" type movies and liked that one better.

    Hope you guys have a great day and an awesome week!

  3. Anonymous8:42 PM

    I love that place too lol!
    and i also love scooby i have a big collection on him of everything.

    have a great week!

  4. I love the library too and can spend hours there.

    That's something about the separating road. With all their organization skills you'd have thought somebody would have thought of that! LOL!

    The Amish cookbook looks very interesting.

  5. Is that the pic of the base library? It looks huge! That would get annoying having to go through different gates to get to the other side of base all the time! Glad to hear you're trying to be more positive about the situation! It was so hard for me to adjust to NM so I know what you're going through.

  6. wow!!! if that is the library then lucky you...good luck with gettig will happen. hugs

  7. I think the library is going to be my best friend and number one hangout now that we're homeschooling! I actually have about 50 books and such to return here pretty quick -- yeah that's with 5 of us!

  8. I love the library too, but find I don't have nearly enough time to read as I would like. (of course, if I was off the computer more, I could read more!)
    You have a lot of interesting things going on in your life. I've enjoyed this post with the lists from your life.

  9. OK, here comes your "Great Aunt Tilly" with some {more} advice. {wearing my hat as wife of one pharmacist and mother of another}

    Visine and Clear Eyes, are not to be used often. If you need something often, get 'Artificial Tears' or the same type name. Ask your friendly corner druggist. {Oooops, you don't live in my city, do you? Might not have a vintage family corner drug store around}

    The meds in Visine and Clear Eyes, can cause a rebound effect. Same as when one used too much of nose drops. Rebound effect.

    Are you SURE you shouldn't go see your friendly base optomitrist???? That btw, is what the resident pharmacist just said too.

    I 'hear you' with the need to NOT sit at computer all day! If I had your address, I'd send you little snail mail reminders to curtail computer time. And I'd send them to myself too! Just make a carbon copy!!!

    {aka "Great Aunt Tilly"}
    warrrmmm at yahoo dot com

  10. Anonymous10:35 AM

    Oh Sandra I love the library too. I am happy to see you out and about. One step at a time. Joy comes in the morning.Weeping last for the night.
    Bryan got orders to go back over seas but until the plane leaves we aren't getting too excited. Life in the army changes so fast.LOL

  11. Anonymous11:46 AM

    You have inspired me!! I am taking the kids to the library after school today (they get out early) and spend a nice afternoon out of the heat, surrounded by books!!! =)


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