Saturday, April 7, 2012

We went by

Barnes and Noble this morning.


My husband has decided to return to school and finish his Associate's Degree, which he only needs about 2 classes if that.  I'm so extremely proud of him, knowing that we are pretty much down to our last year or two of Military life before retirement, it's a good thing to get out of the way.

So our trip the bookstore was for some study materials and I was looking for a Pink Bible.  I have wanted one for so long and actually used to have one when I was a teenager, but left it back in South Africa and since then have never found another I liked.


I was in luck.  Barnes and Noble had a few in pink tones and I had one in my hand but then my wonderful husband saw this one and knew that it was what I was looking for.  It's gorgeous, simply gorgeous and I can't say it enough.  I immediately put the other one away.


I have sat looking at longingly and just imagining reading through it's pages, highlighting passages and really making it special.


I would have been fine with just my Bible but there were a few others that caught my eye.


Like this one....Whispers of Encouragement, Daily Inspiration for Women.


And Joy for a Woman's Soul - Promises to refresh your spirit


Lastly, I picked up the Devotional for Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer. I think these are all going to come very handy for me, especially right now.


If I was smart, I would have called it good and just headed on home, but I've never claimed to be wise, so we went into Kohl's.  Hahahahahah

Oh my word!  It was like Black Friday in there, what was with all the people out and about today, the traffic was insane, the stores were crazy.   But anyway, we walked in grabbed a few things and walked right out.

Trust in the it :)


I've also been looking for a new Laundry basket and this one was just $10 so I couldn't just leave it there right?

Are you sick of all my pictures yet?

I hope not because I have just two more to share with you.


These baking dishes were on sale.  You KNOW I had to get them, they remind me of Cath Kidston and I think they say "ME".  Don't you?


They look wonderful in my kitchen and will be put to use for our Easter meal.

Speaking of which, tonight the kids and I will be making Resurrection Cookies.  Do you make these with your own children?  Here is the recipe we use and it's always fun :)

Resurrection Cookies

And now I need to get off of here, I have books calling my name and have to make the difficult decision of figuring out which one to read first.  Hmmmm????

Hope you all have a fantastic Easter Sunday.  God Bless!


  1. I wish my calculus books had such pretty covers.
    Happy Easter to you and your family, Sandra.

  2. Do you know HOW MUCH TROUBLE you and I could get into if we were able to spend one day, just ONE DAY together???? Book store AND Kohls!!! Heaven! Kohls is evil. EVIL I tell you and David got me a credit card for Kohls..."in case I just need something". LOL

    I have been longing for devotional books, as well, going to take a look at the ones you got. Since we are so much alike, I bet I will love the same ones!

  3. OH and by the way, your pink Bible is beautiful! Which format do you prefer for your bible? KJ, NIV...heck, I can't even think of all of them.

  4. Anonymous12:16 AM

    I love your new pink Bible. The most beautiful Bible I have ever seen is pink. It belongs to my friend and it is torn, tattered, etc. but I think it is beautiful because you can tell someone has valued it and used it often.

    Happy Easter. Debbi

  5. What Beautiful items you purchased and the Bible and other books look absolutely gorgeous and MAKE you want to pick them up. Enjoy all your new items! x

  6. Your pink Bible is beautiful! Your other books are nice too, so is your sign, the laundry basket and your bakeware.

    I'd say you had a great shopping trip. May your husband do well with his classes. You guys are getting 'short' with your military career. Hurray for you.

    Have a lovely Easter day today.


  7. Aunt Nita7:22 AM

    Great shopping trip...your such a good wife, mother & niece....Love you lots....<3 Happy Easter

  8. Love love love the color of your bible and books. So pretty. I'm sure you will get lots out of the Joyce Meyers book. I go online and read her devotionals daily and they are really good.

    Sweet dishes. Very spring like!

  9. Beautiful Bible!! I can see why you love it! :) I just bought a new Bible as well, it's baby blue & chocolate brown with engraving as well... I love it! I'm going to buy the "Whispers of Encouragement" you suggested... I've been looking for something like this! Thank-you! :) Hope you have a blessed Easter weekend & I'm so glad you're blog break is over now.. I always look forward to your encouraging posts!

  10. i love it when you share about your store findings..Love the bible, never seen a pink one before..
    Happy Easter..

  11. Your books, your Bible, - they all look so pretty! I love me a sale at Kohl's. You scored big on your buys!

    Happy Easter!

  12. Anonymous1:52 AM

    Is there a publisher inside the cover or some other way to find that Bible? I'm drooling over it. Except for my dad's Bible (an old leather NKJV he's had since his preaching days, which is incredibly and obviously loved), that is the most beautiful Bible I've ever seen.

    I just went through all of the pink Bibles I could find on B&N's website, but didn't have any luck.

    Thanks in advance. :) You definitely got some nice buys there!

  13. I came to see if you were doing your Monday blog hop and found a fresh new updated blog. I love the new background. Please tell me it is a new background. I love the black and white

  14. I'm in love with everything you bought! The books' covers are amazing and the dishes are gorgeous. I think I need to go to Kohls for some new dishes.
    Kitchen items are my favorite, and I would really like something like your Trust in the Lord for our mantle over the fireplace.


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