Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Quick heads up on the comments section......

I was using Disqus for the comments but all of a sudden it went beserk and I couldn't see anything, it was also leaving out some of the comments, so I've decided to just remove it altogether and stick with the old Blogger comments platform.

Those of you who have left comments through Disqus the last two days or so will no longer have the comments showing up. So sorry!

Everything should be working fine now, so no fear of losing comments anymore.


  1. Odd!! I probably lost my comments then, but I hope it's smooth sailing for you now!!

  2. That's why I left Disqus behind several months ago...too unpredictable.

  3. yeah I had Disqus on my old blog and it gave me problems,so I dont have it on my new blog

  4. I had problems with Disqus, too. I ended up switching to Livefyre which I really like a lot.


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