Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Family outing!


On Sunday we packed a picnic and headed out towards Glenns Ferry. It's a very small town on the banks of the Snake River, but it's beautiful and peaceful and the perfect place to have a small lunch and enjoy the fresh air.



One of the best things about these day trips is that you don't spend money, especially if the museums are free, which this one was.

As much as I love taking a peek back in time, I have to admit that my favorite items are house related.  Anything to do with the kitchen, bedrooms, living rooms is where I am most excited to be.

So I have to show you the items that most caught my eye...




Oh if only.  I have a huge fascination for old sewing machines, I think it's because of all the time I spent with my grandmother helping her sew when she had her job as a seamstress.


And then of course crochet, because well....I think you know why :)



I would love this stove, it's gorgeous and I absolutely adore the blue.



If I had to pick a way to spend a weekend, I will say that it's surrounded by family, going for drives, enjoying museums and having picnics.

What is your favorite way to spend the weekend?


  1. What fun! That stove takes me back, I used to go help an elderly neighbor when I was a teen. She had a huge old stove like that, only bigger, it burned wood, and it also helped heat her little cottage. Some winter mornings, I'd go over, and chop up the already cut firewood into pieces for her to add them to the stove. She'd grill English muffins right on the round burner covers, and we'd have coffee, and she'd tell me stories about her childhood in New Bedford, MA. All the kids on the street called her, mémère (French for grandma.

  2. Free outings are great and this one with your family looks wonderful.


  3. nothing better than taking a day of to play with the best people in the world. Your photo's are beautiful, reminds me of living with my grandmother

  4. I love things like that too! This place you visited looks very interesting. I love learning about the history and lives of ordinary people. Enjoy the rest of the week.

  5. What a fun outing, I absolutely LOVE your photos.

  6. Family outings to a GREAT movie, then out to eat a yummy meal, and seeing a beautiful sunset on the drive home.

  7. Oh that is a lovely shade of blue for the stove top. I might have to upgrade from my flecked gray if given an opportunity to switch to that blue. Inexpensive day trips are my idea of fun, too.


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