Wednesday, September 11, 2013

# autumn

Heading into Fall.....


There's a crispness in the air.

The sun is coming up over the mountains much later than usual, mornings are starting to feel cold, afternoons are warm and then night times are back to cool air.

I am loving every second of it. 


See, after being gone for 7 years to a State that didn't have the full 4 Seasons, I am so looking forward to enjoying every leaf color change, every degree that drops in temperature and every hot cup of coffee that will be sipped under a crochet blanket on the couch.


My mind is already swirling with the thoughts of Pumpkin Pies, Gingersnap cookies, Spice Cake slathered with hot caramel sauce and soups and stews on a cold night.


For a few years I have done the 31 Days of Autumn daily picture, and I've had to make do with what I had, but it was so hard when everything around me was palm trees and hot weather.

I honestly dreamed of the moments where I could enjoy a big pile of freshly fallen orange leaves and was able to look out on a sea of colorful Autumn trees.

Oh goodness, I'm getting antsy just thinking about it.



© Ryan Larkin

Descending leaves fall to the ground,
Twirling, twisting, round and round,
Autumn season is almost here,
The smell of freshness is oh so near.

The crisp, cool breeze,
Shakes the leaves from the trees,
Autumn takes away the green,
Golden-bronze and brown is all that can be seen.

Are you starting to feel and see Fall around your area?


  1. The only 'hint' of autumn coming is that the sun is at a slant instead of straight over head. Otherwise, it is still hot and humid down here in s.e. FL. I am so ready for fall weather. I look forward to reading your blog as you enjoy fall where you are.


  2. I get what you're saying here, tho I love heading south for awhile in the winter I would totally miss Autumn/Fall my favorite time of year. I'm so happy for you.

  3. I am so with you on this! I absolutely love fall! Add to your list the smell of the wood burning smoke from the neighborhood fireplaces in the crisp cool air. And the wind! I love the wind too. Some of the trees in our area are just beginning to turn, but today is hot and humid - a reminder that we have not completely left summer yet.

  4. i love fall...glad you will share pics of your fall and winter there Sandra..
    have a great evening..

  5. As someone still stuck in the desert, I'm so jealous! But I'm glad for you and will vicariously live my fall through your photos!

    My Wholesome Home

  6. I love fall and all it's colorful glory!

  7. I to am looking forward to fall. Our leaves are slowly beginning to change color and it looks beautiful.

  8. Experiencing the season is nice. Fall is one of my favorite seasons - but here in Arizona it is pretty much just and extension of summer. We did get a lot of rain this week and that has cooled things off. Great fall pictures. Enjoy the change of seasons!

  9. I love how you've described fall. Where I live we get to enjoy all 4 seasons too and fall is probably my most favorite of them all. We've had the cooler mornings and nights but somedays the temps are in the 90's and other days it's in the 70's. It's crazy how it changes from one drastic temp to another but I can definitely sense that fall is so close.

  10. We are supposed to start cooling off today. Don't know is summer is officially over or if we will get another heatwave. Thankfully this summer hasn't been as hot as last summer, we only had a few days over 100, compared to over a month last year. Nothing has changed colors yet, except to the dry brown of summer. if it cools off the leaves will start changing though. I'm not looking forward to the cold, I'm a hot weather person. :-)

  11. I hate to see Summer leave, though we usually do have beautiful, late, Falls here. I'll admit that I'll enjoy the cooler temps.

  12. Beautiful pics Sandra. I love coming to your blog and see what's happening on the other side of the world. We are just going in to Spring and just as excited as you. I get to enjoy blossoms and new leaves and warm days. We cleaned up the pool and are tidying the yard this weekend ready for endless evenings of outdoor BBQs. It is lovely to enjoy seasons - though here in Australia our winters are so mild and then summer hits with avengeance. xx

  13. Fall is my absolutely favorite time of year! I like all the seasons although I sometimes get antsy for the next season to begin, but I get so excited for everything about fall.

    It's starting to get darker earlier here and the sun is coming up later in the morning. The evenings are almost cool enough for a jacket. I'm getting so excited!!!!

  14. Miss your posts, Sandra, but it looks like you are in a place you love! Enjoy this time with family and discovering your new home. Love your pictures!


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