Monday, September 2, 2013

# happy homemaker monday

Happy Homemaker Monday - 09/02/2013

Good Morning ladies and Happy Labor Day :)

Sure hope everyone is having a great weekend so far.  I wasn't sure if I would put this up today but I figured since everyone is home anyway, might as well get it posted, right?


The weather.....
It's been getting cooler in the mornings and it's starting to feel like Fall which I'm so excited about.  we've had a bit of weather here and there, but today it's really cloudy with a chance of rain so I'm hoping it comes through. 


Right now I am....
Writing this post up, working on the menus and grocery list, working out a new budget and talking to hubby.....oh and drinking coffee.  Multitasking at it's finest.

About how happy I am that everything is getting back to a normal routine and how excited I am to get back to my daily blogging :)

On my reading pile....
Finishing my library books before they are due.  I've been on a Civil War kick lately so I've sought out anything to do with that time period.    

On my TV.....
Hell on Wheels
True Blood
White Queen
Breaking Amish

On the menu for this week....
Some things ended up not being made because I switched them around on the menu, so they're back on and hopefully will be done this time.

Monday - Sausages with tomato sauce, rice
Tuesday -  Stuffed Peppers
Wednesday - Broiled Parmesan Tilapia, Garlic Potatoes
Thursday - Rissois de Galinha( Chicken Rissoles), Salad
Friday -  Homemade Pizza
Saturday - Feijoada (Portuguese Bean Stew)
Sunday - Steaks with Pepper Sauce, Fries

On my to do list....
Guess what?  I have laundry to wash again and some left to iron and fold.  Aren't you excited for me?  *BLECH*
Run to the library
Finish claims for our move

In the craft basket....
Dishcloths, afghans, baby booties.  I keep adding things to the list, just wondering why I'm doing this since I haven't even gotten around to finishing what is already there?

Looking forward to this week....

My niece is starting at a new dance studio, she's been dancing since she was 5 so she's excited to get back into it after taking two months off for the move overseas.
My hubby is going to be at the Police Station for training.....and then we have the usual homeschooling etc going on.

Looking around the house....
Kids are all asleep, hubby is sitting at the dinner table with me doing his college homework.  It's cloudy and dreary outside so the house seems very dark.  The dishwasher is loaded, the kitchen is clean and the only sound emanating from the living room is the snoring of the pugs and the water in the fish tank.

From the camera....
I love bonnets and have been wanting a few for a while, but this is the only one I have so far.  I think I need to find some cute cheap fabric and make a few more.


On my prayer list.....
My stepmom, she is going through a horrible time right now.  After 36 years of marriage, they are getting a divorce and she is just lost at the moment.  I feel helpless.
My father who has made very poor choices for a few years.  He has distanced himself from God and is in a constant spiritual battle.  I pray that he finds his way back to God AND to the family.  Very sad situation at the moment.

Bible verse, Devotional....
The earth is filled with your love, Lord; teach me your decrees. Psalm 119:64 NIV


  1. Prayers for your Dad and step Mom...I think I may have a couple Bonnets if you want them just PM me....

    Aunt Nita

  2. I love the bonnet. You said your husband was training at the police station. Is his new job in law enforcement? So glad he found work and that your lives are getting back to normal. I am also interested in the Civil War period. Have you ever read "Across Five Aprils?" It is an old young adult book about that period and it is one of my favorites! Enjoy your Labor Day! I am linking up for Happy Homemaker Monday today. Thanks.

  3. SO sorry to hear about your dad and stepmom. I will be praying for them.

    I have that SAME bonnet! :-) Surprising isn't it??

    We love the Civil War! Have you ever seen "Gods and Generals", "Gettysburg", "North and South" and "Blue and Gray"
    are a few of our favorites.

    Our favorite museum has a replica Civil War balloon used to map out locations.

  4. Hugs to your stepmom and prayers for them both, and you!
    I am so glad you've posted on the holiday - it is the perfect way to catch up. Facebook just really doesn't "do" it for me these days. I am so loving being back on the blogs!

  5. Love the header! So happy your hubby has found work but it sounds like he's hitting the books once again. All the best in his new job!

    Sorry about your Dad and MIL. Saying a prayer for them.

  6. Ohh such a pretty bonnet! I hope your niece enjoys her new dance studio, I used to love dance many years ago!

    Sending prayers for your family :)

    Have a blessed week xxx

  7. After many interruptions I finally finished my Happy Homemaker Monday! Some days are just like that!

    So sorry about your dad and stepmom:( I keep thinking after 34 years of marriage hubby and I are going to make it but then I hear of couple married that long that didn't. Stuff happens! I will pray for them.

    Have a great week. You are so brave to take on two more students in your homeschool.

  8. I haven't done a great job at commenting lately.

    I am sorry to hear about your dad and stepmom. Breaks my heart to hear this.

    I am so happy that hubby is now employed! Finding a job is not easy now a days. I am glad you will be able to start a new routine for your new life!

  9. So glad to see you back to daily blogging! We have missed you!

  10. sorry about your family - many prayers for them. Loving our cooler weather as well - enjoy!

  11. I'm sorry to hear about your Dad and Step-mom, I'll keep them in my prayers.


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