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Sunday, August 02, 2015

Crazy weeds

My morning started with a 7am wake up call from Miss Lola having a seizure.  her seizures have become more frequent she is now averaging one a month and I'm hoping and praying that it stays like that.  I do have to get her to the vet soon because she's almost out of her Phenobarbital.  After that crazy start to my morning, I got dressed, had some coffee and then grabbed my grocery list and headed to base.  I have been there many times with hubby but never by myself and it's usually a little intimidating heading to a new base without knowing where anything is.

I did ask the gate guard where the commissary was and then ended up driving right past it LOL  Oh my!!!

But, now it's out of the way, I know exactly where to go and I can get my shopping done when I need to without having to wait on Curt to take me.

Came home, got the groceries put away, ran up to Whataburger for some lunch and then proceeded to move on with housework, laundry and putting some finishing touches on some rooms.  I still have not put everything exactly as I want it, and I think it's the first time that I have ever moved into a home and not unpacked and organized within a few weeks, then again it's the first time that I've moved into a place near all the family and had family at the house on a constant basis, which doesn't really give me much time to get my life in order, so to speak.


Living room window

The rain started pouring the minute I got home and it remained all day long, couldn't be happier.  The house took on a cozy warm glow, lamps were turned on, candles were lit and we all enjoyed the thunder and the constant pouring outside.

Living room window

While the laundry washed, I got to work on a few projects.  I still hadn't finished the family room, I think because I was a little unsure of what I wanted to do with it, you know how I feel about the paneling in there, but I decided that it will be perfect for a primitive/colonial look.

I don't have many things yet, but what I do have I got up and already I'm loving the room more.  Can't wait to add more touches here and there.

Working on house

I hung this shelf on one of the bare walls and added a few bits here and there, still need more but I'm thinking I need a trip to my local Goodwill soon.  It's been years since I've been to one, last time it was back in Arizona.

Family Room

Love it!!!

Family Room

Rearranged the fireplace area, added a few things and removed some and am completely in love with it. Makes the room so homey.


Added these two to the entrance to my kitchen, thinking of hanging some herbs from the bottom one, not sure yet, or maybe some vintage towels.

Crochet shelf

One of my favorite ways to spend my weekends is puttering around the house and it felt so lovely to be able to do that, to not have to worry about hosting family, or cooking big meals, just doing what I felt like and relaxing.

I watched shows, I changed out bed linens, I sat on Pinterest for an hour or so getting ideas and I planned our upcoming family reunion, which by the way, if I hadn't mentioned yet, is going to be hosted at OUR house.  Oh my!!!

Over 20 people, every bedroom and sleeping surface taken, breakfast, lunch and dinner for everyone.  I am sure it will be fun but I'm dreading it too and hoping my house doesn't get completely trashed.

So today is Sunday, and I've done nothing so far but sat down in the living room with my hubby watching TV.  We've been indulging in Beyond Scared Straight, which I absolutely love, and not really doing anything other than talking, relaxing and enjoying shows.  Sometimes you need a down day, a day of just being lazy and we don't get that very often around here.

I hope you're having a wonderful weekend so far and that it helps recharge you and get you ready for the work week ahead.  We have school starting on the 12th of August so only really a week and half left before the school year is under way.  I can't believe how fast this summer has gone.

Right, I have to get the pizza out of the oven and get back to my show, hubster is waiting.

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  1. I love your decorating touches. What you have shown us of your new home looks so comfy and homey. Good luck getting everything set up just like you want it! Enjoy the week ahead.

  2. Hey I'm making pizza today too :-) your house is looking pretty neat.

  3. You sound like you had a very relaxing weekend. For me, it was busy, busy busy (but productive).

  4. que boa chuvinha,por cá sufocamos com o calor, com o transito e com o turismo... nunca mais chega setembro, para arrefecer este calor e melhorar tudo!


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