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And down she went.....

Oh goodness, life really has been  crazy lately, I had full intentions of making this long sappy post of how life is unfair and blah blah blah, but when I opened up blogger I thought "you know what?  maybe your attitude is what is making your life so hard, maybe you need to listen to what God is telling you and just pull your big girl panties up and get on with it."

So I changed my mind, and I'm not going to do a woe is me post, because to be honest with you, I'm over it and I'm tired of it.  Everyone (including me), says that life is what you make of it, you think negatively and negativity is what will come, you think positively and that is what you will reap.

I've been so caught up in my shortcomings and bad situations the past few months that I have allowed myself to change, and become someone I'm not and don't want to be.  DONE, dusted, enough, let's get on with life shall we?

So as the kids have grown up, I've realize that a lot of things have changed and especially when it comes to certain celebrations, Halloween for example.

It's just around the corner, literally a few days away and I have not a single decoration in or outside the house.  No pumpkins have been carved, no costumes had been planned, nothing and all because I just assumed that the kids are too old and don't want to do any of it.  Then yesterday, the kids and I were talking and they both expressed the wanting of still celebrating Halloween and dressing up and getting candy and carving pumpkins.

If they want it, hey, I'm not going to say no, I will gladly go along with it, as it is it may just be the last time we do it, Jasmine is already 16 and Nicholas is 12.

We went to Walmart after Curt got home from work, and Jasmine picked out a cute costume.  Nick on the other hand, does not want to dress up, he just wanted a pumpkin to carve.  My baby boy is growing up.

As we were picking the pumpkins, Jasmine told me she was feeling kind of sick and light headed, and next thing I know, she's fainted.  Let me tell you, there is nothing like watching your child drop to the ground, my heart jumped out of my chest, I'm so glad my husband was with us.  She came out of it pretty quick.

This has now happened twice and both times have been because she doesn't eat.  It's been a struggle with this child to eat properly, for a long time, years actually.  If I don't force her to eat or remind her, she will go a whole day without really eating or drinking anything.

Now when I was a teenager I had a similar occurrence, I used to start feeling light headed and sick to my stomach and would either pass out or come close to it.  I went to the doctor and he said it's common in teenagers and that my blood pressure/blood sugars were dropping fast and that I needed to always have something either sweet or salty with me so that when I began feeling like that I would quickly eat.

I think I have to start doing the same with Jasmine.  She is tiny for her age, I mean, really tiny, she's not even 100 pounds and she doesn't eat much at all, so I'm pretty sure, actually my mother's instinct knows, she is not getting enough food, she is probably dehydrated and I'm pretty certain she is lacking in vitamins.

I'm going to have to start monitoring her food intake very closely and making sure she is eating something for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  After that incident yesterday, I asked her what she had eaten all day and the answer was "5 little pizza rolls", and this was 5:30pm.  Really?????

My word!!!

Miss Lola

Miss Lola had also had a seizure the night before.  She for some reason was down to having a seizure every 3 weeks, on the dot, and then we decided to do a little test with her and stop giving her the seizure medication because the side effects and the fact that it messes with their liver, was worrying us.  The vet had told us, both in Idaho and here in Texas, that if they have one only seizure every month or 3 weeks, that a lot of pet owners opt to not medicate them.

We decided to try and she has done really well off the meds, matter of fact this seizure was exactly a month and a half from her last one.

Miss Lola

That little face, she kills me with cuteness :)

Miss Bella is doing ok, she really has aged a lot the past few months and I feel awful.  She is not in pain, but her back legs are really giving out, it doesn't stop her though she still tries to run around and do everything she's always done.  Our goal is to keep her comfortable and give her as much love and attention as we can for whatever time she has left with us.

Miss Bella

She is the sweetest pug ever.

We have been blessed with the most wonderful of pets, truly.

I wanted to show you two little goodies that I've been indulging in, naughtily indulging in and I really shouldn't but, come on.....


The Dipped Peanut Brittle is from Braum's and the Kahlua Chocolates is actually from Ross.  Both divine, both so bad, but so good.  You know we all deserve a little naughty indulgence from time to time though.

Right, so moving on to my latest crochet.  I still have the scarf going, though to be honest I haven't done much on it.

This next project is something that I was really in the mood for and I loved the first one I made, I found it to be so much fun and such a simple, easy and quick pattern.

Corner to Corner Blanket

Corner to Corner Blanket

Yep, it's another Corner to Corner blanket.  If you want to try your hand at one, and trust me, they are highly addictive, check out the pattern here.  Scroll down on the page and there is also a video that shows you exactly how to do it, it can be a little confusing at first, but once you see the video you will understand and then it becomes one of those mindless projects that you can just work on at any time of the day without having to pay much attention to counting stitches etc.

Alright friends, I need to get off of here, it's almost 8am and I'm kind of hungry so I'm thinking it's time to refill my coffee cup and toast myself two slices of that Pumpkin Spice Swirl Bread.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!!!


  1. I too am in a funk so to speak, with unpleasant happenings and events. It really put me in a sour mood the past few days. Thanks for the link to the pattern. That would be a good one for me to use up scrap yarn. Although I want to make a granny blanket first, I am printing that pattern.

  2. It's so hard as our kiddos age, isn't it? I see the changes each year with mine too - especially my teenager. Lots of prayer! Lol

    And extra prayers to Jasmine that she realize God made her beautiful and perfect and she should nourish what He made and take the best care of herself that she's able, as that's what God and those that love her truly want.


  3. Hi! I'm a new follower of yours. I can totally relate to your post as well. Trying really hard to wear a happy face today despite some yucky circumstances. But, God is good. All the time. I have to determine to keep His goodness the center oft focus. (Easier said than done)!

  4. hope she starts eating better, poor thing, so scary...
    love your pugs, they are so adorable..
    have a blessed day ..

  5. It takes us all a while to wrap our mind (and our life) around change. You're strong and you're smart. You'll get into your new groove and soon be enjoying your new normal with kids going through puberty. Hang on to that Peanut Brittle - it will get your over the hump!!LOL

  6. My 14 year old daughter is the same way. She's so tiny and eats very little. It's a struggle for sure. Keep up the good fight. You are not alone!

  7. OMGoodness, I hope Jasmine remembers that it's really important to look after yourself, but with a mum like you she will be well taken care of.
    We are getting ready to celebrate our first ever Halloween and Niquitta is 9! We aren't doing trick or treating, but she will be decorating her room and have some decoratiosn outside.

  8. my own daughter has been having similar spells. She has not actually fainted, but has come close to it and has had vision spells --where she goes blind or nearly blind -- we saw a specialist and was told basically the issue is her not eating breakfast and not eating until like noon, even though we had been up since like 6am. I bought her some cereal bars. That has helped her to eat something in the morning.

  9. my own daughter has been having similar spells. She has not actually fainted, but has come close to it and has had vision spells --where she goes blind or nearly blind -- we saw a specialist and was told basically the issue is her not eating breakfast and not eating until like noon, even though we had been up since like 6am. I bought her some cereal bars. That has helped her to eat something in the morning.

  10. Anonymous4:58 PM

    My daughter is 15 and has experienced dizzy spells with near fainting for almost two years. My first thought was that she was not eating enough. When food didn't resolve the problem we went to the doctor. Her blood pressure was extremely low. The doctor stressed the importance of staying hydrated and even suggested sports drinks such as Gatorade. Although increased fluids helped a bit, the dizziness continued to interfere with school and sports some days. Her pediatrician referred us to a pediatric cardiologist just to be sure. Thankfully her heart is fine with no abnormalities. We were told this is common in teenage girls and that it typically resolves itself by late teens/early twenties. My daughter's specific condition is positional hypotension, as her dizziness is worse upon standing. The cardiologist also stressed the importance of hydration and keeping salty snacks on hand. Glad to hear that Jasmine is ok and that you recognized right away what the problem was.

  11. I thought I was the only one in a funk. Maybe it's something in the air. Keep your head up and I'll try to do the same.

    Poor Jasmine. I can't even imagine how scary that must be for you when it happens. Thankfully you are there when it does happen.

  12. Yikes on the fainting episode! Scary. Love that blanket and the colors. Huggles to you.

  13. LOVE that C2C! The colors make me think of the ocean. Gorgeous! How frightening that incident with Jasmine must have been! I still have issues with passing out. Mine is due to anemia, though. If I forget to take my iron, and if I'm dehydrated -- down I go. I always carry water and a granola bar now. Hope you guys have a fun Halloween. It is Jake's last year for Trick-or-Treating, so I am feeling a bit nostalgic myself <3

  14. My daughter had similar episodes around that age and she was tiny too. She's almost 20 now and still only about 115 lbs. Sodium. It's a biggie. Doc told me to make sure she ate salty foods. Scary stuff though!


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