Monday, October 12, 2015

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Happy Homemaker Monday - 10/12/2015

Happy Monday morning friends.

Hope you've all had a fantastic weekend, mine was actually pretty good all things considered.  I know it's Columbus Day, but our school is still in session so the kids don't get a day off, bummer.  We will be having our Fall Break on Thursday and Friday though, not as long as previous schools like in Arizona and Idaho, but nonetheless, we will enjoy it :)

Alrighty, let's get on with our HHM today....Oh and my goodness, I just realized I completely forgot Cooking Thursday last week, this is what happens when I haven't done it in forever and try to start it up again.  UGH!!!


The weather in my neck of the woods:
68 at the moment and beautiful blue clear skies.  The rest of the week looks like we'll be in the low 90's so not exactly Fall weather around here yet, but hopefully soon. 

Things that make me happy:
Researching history.  No really, I'm a history buff and love it so much, I end to find a subject that fascinates me and just dive right in.

Book I'm reading:
I have two more books coming in for review and one I'm so excited about because it is a cookbook and I'll be reviewing over on the food blog, BUT I will also review it here.  It is filled with Christmas recipes and I'm very much looking forward to it.  

As for what I'm reading at the moment, I've always been a huge Nora Roberts fan and this Saturday we went to the mall just to walk around and of course ended up in the book store.  I noticed she had a new Trilogy out called The Cousins O'Dwyer which looks so good.
 I was able to find them online and downloaded them to my Kindle, I am definitely starting the first one today....can't wait. 
Also got the Innsboro Trilogy for my Kindle.

What's on my TV today:
New Downton Abbey episode 3 and episode 4
New episode of Reign from Friday
New episode of Haven from Thursday
Some cooking shows on the DVR
The whole family will be watching the new Jurassic World this afternoon
Vlogs on Youtube

On the menu for dinner:
Pan Bagnat (Big Sandwich)

On my To Do List:
  Laundry, wash everything
Homeschooling with the kids
Empty and reload dishwasher
Help hubby mow

New Recipe I tried or want to try soon:
Nothing new last week but I was on Pinterest last night pinning a few recipes that I want to try, because I'm menu planning and really want some new things on the menu

In the craft basket:
Fall Scarf, still working on it

Looking forward to this week:
Fall Break on Thursday and Friday

Looking around the house:
I've actually been cleaning and tidying up as I go so the house is pretty well put together.  I do need to clean up the usual "after the weekend" things.  
It's so nice and bright, I love this green living room it lets in an amazing amount of sunshine and makes everything so much brighter.

My favorite blog post this week:
I would have to say my favorite last week was finding and participating in Amy's Five on Friday, so many good posts and fun lists to read.  Go on over and take a look yourself, and not just that post, but all of Amy's posts, I love reading her blog.

A newly discovered blog or youtube channel you would like to share with the readers:
One of my favorite vloggers is Libby Withnall, she is in Australia and I just love watching her.  She has a beautiful house and is so down to earth, just love her. 

No words needed (favorite photo or picture, yours or others you want to share):

Lesson learned the past few days:
I'm constantly learning lessons, isn't that the beauty of life?
Every single day I learn something new, whether it is spiritually, emotionally, physically related, or even something to do with science or history or math, or anything.  I'm like a little child in the sense that when I am taught something new or come across something I had no clue about, I get so excited and then I want to learn more.
I guess my lesson learned this past week was to never stop learning, to never close myself up to new things and to just keep living life with a sense of wonder.

On my mind:
My grandmother's continued recovery

Devotionals, Scripture Reading, Key Verses:


  1. Learning lessons is what we're here for I believe, embracing those lessons makes us more whole and compassionate human beings. Can't wait to hear what you think of Nora Roberts's new trilogy! And I absolutely LOVE your inspiration!

  2. Oh, I've never read a Nora Robert's book, but I've always wanted to. Maybe I'll have to make time to pick one up. I love that you love to keep learning. It's what makes you special, smart, and awesome. Have a great week Sandra.

  3. I hope you still feel some lovely Fall moments among the heat!

    I loved the Innsboro series, but I don't think I"ve read that other series of Nora's - especially if it's new. I'll need to add that to my ever growing reading list!

    I can't wait to see about the new Christmas recipes book you'll review. Yay!!

    Love your lesson this week (so good to stay open and curious and willing to learn new things) and your devotional. ;)
    Blessings on your week! xoxo

  4. I joined the Linky but it's not showing up. *sigh* It must be Monday. Have a great week Sandra!

    1. Ah there it is. Sorry it's on there twice.

  5. I've never read Nora Roberts but maybe I should give her a try! Those, with my little ones I don't get much reading in these days! :)
    I love that inspirational quote at the end. Such a great perspective to start the day on and, with that mindset, the most ordinary things will be 'wonderful'!
    Enjoy your Fall Break later this week!

  6. Anonymous8:44 PM

    Link up number 14 needs to be deleted it is very inappropriate.

  7. I read the key trilogy by Nora Roberts recently and loved it. I have also read her Innsboro trilogy. Great author.

  8. I hope that you have a great week Sandra! Thank you for the mention in your post, so kind of you, and it is good to know that you enjoy reading my blog. Thank you! I will get round to HMM someday! Hope you enjoy your reading and Downton too, it is getting exciting! xx


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