Friday, October 16, 2015

# five on friday

Five on Friday!!!

Good morning everyone, here I am back with another Five on Friday.

I'm trying to post every day or at least more than once a week, I am starting to feel like I may be losing my blogging mojo and that saddens me.  I could easily go a week or so without even thinking about my blog and the thought that I may actually stop blogging one day, just doesn't sit well with me.

This little blog of mine has been a huge part of my life since 2006, so many memories, happy moments, sad moments, pics of my children growing up etc., has been shared here and I would hate to see it all end.

But to be able to continue blogging I need to find something to blog about, get interested again, and I think daily features like this Five on Friday may just be what I need.

Anyway, I'm once again linking up with Amy over at Love Made my Home.  Go on over and say hi if you get a chance :)

1.  Missing my kids being little.  
It's been a huge issue for me this past week, I don't know, but I just have been missing them being toddlers.  Sometimes I see moms taking their little ones to the park to play and I miss those days.  I miss pushing them around in a stroller or watching a cutesy cartoon with them.  I actually wrote a blog post about it yesterday, you can check it out if you want.

2.  Devouring documentaries
I tend to go through these phases where latch onto something and for a few weeks or months, that is all that I want to do.  Movies, books, documentaries, historical events etc.  Lately I've been devouring documentaries of any and all kind.   Some of my latest watches have been Alcatraz, Hard Time, Escape from a Nazi Death Camp and Witch Hunt:  A Century of Murder which is brilliant.  You can watch the first part below:

3.  Fall is in full force around here
The trees are changing, the leaves are falling and I have such a fun time finding evidence of this season all over the place.

4.  Homeschooling
The kids are both struggling a bit with the amount of work they have on their plates.  My daughter is in 11th Grade and my son in 7th and it really is quite a big work load.  I know they get frustrated at times, but I keep reminding them both that when college comes around it will be even worse so it's good to get some good experience now.

5.  Adorable Candle Warmers
My husband bought me this candle warmer last weekend, he knows how much I love country looking things and chickens and barns.  How absolutely perfect is this?


  1. What a great gift from your husband, I love all the little details. Take care.

  2. It makes sense that you miss the "little years" because the daily doings are so wholesome and pure. You'll get to revisit them when you are a granny!
    Aw! Your husband is a good gift giver! How sweet!
    Your leafy photo is gorgeous. Fall is so golden, so perfect, most of the time.

  3. I know what you mean about going through a phase to last for weeks. When I get emotionally invested into something like a book or a show the energy and interest just runs for weeks and weeks. Period dramas are my weakness and the show Poldark is my poison! Thank you for sharing. I really do hope that you continue to blog for your space is so lovely. Have a wonderful weekend! Aloha.

  4. love your blog and hope you keep going..i love taking a peak at your little corner of the world and family your food pics, your little corners of your home..just lovely Sandra...keep taking pics, love them, but you keep forgetting the little doggies..:-)
    have a lovely weekend..

  5. I understand completely how you miss your children being toddlers. Just be prepared when they leave the nest and you're an empty nester. My mom used to tell me this and now I'm telling my daughter as time keeps ticking faster. It's a joy to see them grow into adulthood and have their own lives, too. I love the candle warmer you shared. It's so cute. Enjoy your weekend.

  6. Lovely gift from your husband! It sounds as though times are very busy at your house right now with getting into the autumn mode and all the schoolwork going on which I am sure is a lot of work for you as well as your children. I know what you mean about blogging mojo, and I have been doing it for far less time than you, I find that it comes and goes and is a bit on the go side right now. Perhaps it is the time of year that somehow leaves us bereft a little. Let us hope that we both perk up soon. Thank you for joining Five On Friday. I hope that you have a great weekend! xx

  7. I can hardly believe Jasmine in in the 11th and your son in the 7th already. Time is zipping right along.

    What a sweet gift from your husband.

    Happy Fall and I hope you keep blogging. I for one have enjoyed your posts for years now.


  8. Hi - just popped over from Amy's blog and have enjoyed having a read. I know what you mean about blogging my mojo went a little while back but at the moment I am enjoying blogging everyday. Love your tart burner. Have a great weekend. Joan at

  9. I blogged about that exact thing a few months daughter being grown, our grandson no longer being little, and how sad in a bitter-sweet way, it makes me! I hope you will find new things to blog about...this post was great. I adore finding beautiful things to photograph (birds, scenery) and sharing such things every week. But I also love the Friday Fives where I can share thoughts and experiences and other odds and ends. Both such memes I belong to are a joy every week.

  10. I hope you keep blogging Sandra! I love following your journey & your posts & beautiful photos. Not to mention great recipes! ;)

    I love the Fall photos & that warmer is so sweet. My oldest is a freshman this year & it's crazy the workload & things he's learning. I hope you get time to have life slow down & just enjoy beautiful autumn moments.

    Blessings to you & your family. Xo

  11. life sometimes happen. I pretty much got sicker into FB, starting a local homeschool group, that I pretty much quit blogging and the blog nearly died. I'm just now getting back into it and understand that struggle to find or want to blog.

  12. love your candle warmer - I have never seen or actually ever heard of them. It is spring here!

  13. I think blogging, like parenting, goes through seasons. Mine had nearly died and now I've found joy in it all over again.

    Love your pictures. Have a great weekend!

  14. Oh how I can children are in the same grades as yours...they are growing up so fast. Happy to have found your wonderful blog.


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