Friday, March 4, 2016

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No time to breathe!


Or at least that's what it feels like lately, just an overwhelming sense of business and no time to relax, breathe, take a moment to myself etc.

But it's normal, it's what happens when you have 8 people living under one roof.  I have to say though, it's been easier this time because we have a much bigger home and lots of space for everyone.  Still, I find myself constantly busy, doing this and doing that, cooking and cleaning and laundry and taking walks and spending time with the family.  It's busy, but it's a blessing that I'm very happy to receive.

I've taken numerous photos the past few days, as Spring starts coming to life around us, I can't but grab the camera and try to document it.  Be ready, a lot of pics incoming.


I've been trying to decorate as I go, the latest addition was in my bedroom and it's a very simple decorating trick but one I love.  I got the big S and the C from Hobby Lobby and painted them black, and I had two picture frames laying around that I didn't need.  Paired them together, and there ya go.


When I took this picture my Poinsettias were still doing well, unfortunately we had a huge windy day and it not only knocked everything over, but threw them clear across the yard and tore them apart.  Poinsettias, no more.  Bummer!!!


From the same windy day, I ended up with my car looking so filthy, so I gave it a good wash the other day and organized the trunk too.  I have two baskets sitting in there, which helps a lot when I buy groceries to bring them into the house.


My safe haven, the one place I know I can go to just to get away from the craziness.


I feel like I'm cooking constantly, and always in the kitchen, and granted breakfast is usually toast or oatmeal or cereal, some days you need a little extra something, so pancakes are the go to.  I can make a huge stack and fill everyone's tummies.


This cute mister, I was so worried that the dogs wouldn't get along, but from the very first day they are fine with each other.  What a huge relief off my chest.  Jax is such an adorable and lovable dog, though sniffy and extremely curious which means he is always up on the pug girls, smelling and trying to play etc.  They don't care, well, I should say Lola doesn't care, Bella gets a little irritated and growls a bit, but only to get him away and then she's fine.  She IS older though and I don't think she has the patience to be messed with.


The butterflies have started showing up, and it's such a sweet blessing.  It's one thing I noticed when we moved into the area, our yards are always filled with tons of butterflies, big and small, and all colors and patterns.







We've been taking walks down our country road and I am loving every minute of it.  Nothing but land, trees, birds, nature, farm houses and tons of horses.  There is something so calming about breathing in the fresh air and not being surrounded by neighbors and cars and pollution.


This is one of my favorite houses down the street, this wooden gazebo overlooks the river, and when you sit it next to that beautiful red barn, it is a dream scenario for me.  I keep telling hubby that we need to buy this house and build a gazebo just like that.  haha


I guess now that I've typed this up and put it in words and pictures, my blog title no longer makes sense.  Or maybe I just realized what I need to do to breathe when I feel overwhelmed........step outside and take a walk.

Yes, that is exactly it.  Yesterday I actually took 4 walks, two in the morning, one in the afternoon and one after dinner.  It felt so good!!!

Anyway, thank you to all who still come by and read and leave comments, it means a lot, and yes I do read every comment even if I don't reply or post much lately.

Well I'm feeling a little hungry and I have leftover chicken and potatoes from last night's dinner, so I think I'm going to warm up a plate, eat and watch some vlogs while I wait for General Hospital to start.

Have a beautiful, beautiful Friday friends :)


  1. Wow! I am sitting here and this is the first blog I opened (after reading some early this morning) my day started off great but then as my day went on I got overwhelmed with things and angry...(I smashed my finger in a door) So I stopped, wanted to go for a walk but the winds are ugly today so listened to some calming music and took a break. and now as I read am amazed at how you were feeling overwhelmed also and decided to write...the post and photos have helped calm me. So glad you are feeling better too. Thank you for sharing, you helped me and didn't even know it.

  2. Lovely photos Sandra.


  3. Love the pics and the little dog is so cute. Glad the pug girls get along pretty well with him.

  4. You have some lovely photos. Spring is a beautiful time!

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  6. I'm so glad you're feeling better!
    I've been feeling the same way. Looking at your peaceful photos was good medicine!

  7. looooove all the seeing things out in the country..would love to take a walk down the road also..

  8. Such beautiful photos Sandra! They sure feed my Spring fever as we got another 2 or so inches of snow. ::sigh:: I'll just live through your pics for a while longer until our Spring shows up.

    Thanks for the fix - and hope you continue to get those walks in and enjoy family time.
    Blessings. xoxo

  9. I have always thought that walking is good for the soul.


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