Thursday, March 31, 2016

# what I'm doing

What I'm doing

On my bedside table:
I've got your number by Sophie Kinsella
Suave Body Lotion
Alarm clock
Nail polish

On my watching list:
Orange is the New Black Season 2
Kings and Prophets
Home Fires

Latest interests:
Documentaries and movies on the Wild West

On my mind:
Children's State Testing next week
Son and daughter's birthdays coming up
Family Reunion in May
Yard work

Favorite crochet corner

To enjoy everything around me
To make Indian food
To budget, to stick to it, to pay off our debts as soon as possible
To make South African food

A pretty yard
A menu plan for the next two weeks
A comfy home for my family
An effort to be patient with my teenage daughter

Cooking on an open fire

Looking forward to:
Heading to the Renaissance Faire this weekend
Getting the school testing over and done with
A yummy cottage pie for dinner
My son and daughter's birthday

My Easter chocolate
My current books
Watching movies with family
Almost being done with school


  1. Looks like lots of fun and work. We have a long list of hard work this summer. Praying for less rain to get it all done too. I'll be a happy gal if we get the root cellar dug this year.

  2. Great post. It's really cool here. I tried sitting on the patio but it was too chilly.
    I'll see you Monday.
    Have a good weekend.


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