Saturday, April 15, 2017

# five senses saturday

{ Five Senses Saturday }


It's been, oh, a long time since I last did a Five Senses Saturday, but I was sitting here on the couch listening to the wind outside and smelling my coffee next to me and remembered that I used to love this feature so much.

It was a way to bring together a full week of sights, sounds, aromas and tastes.  It's quite amazing when you stop and think about it all, you quickly realize that you have so much beauty and deliciousness surrounding you on a day to day basis, but are often too busy to take notice.

So let's do that this morning shall we?  Let's all sit down for a minute or two and jot down what we experienced this past week.



- The pitter patter of rain outside
- Marley playing with a rope

- Wind howling through the fireplace
- My daughter and son yelling excitedly and laughing as they play a video game together

- Birds chirping loudly outside


- Hawks circling across the street in the dense wooded area, makes me wonder what they're after
- Lots of recipes as I browse through my cookbooks for new ideas

- My family enjoying the meal I prepared for them

- My daughter smiling as she talks to her boyfriend

- Marley playing with my husband, they are so cute together


- Marley's soft fur as he lays next to me

- Soft yarn running through my fingers as I crochet

- Hot cup of coffee in the morning

- Bubbles in the sink as I wash the dishes

- The hot steering wheel as I drive down the street


- Coconut creamer in the my coffee
- Hot toast with a slather of butter and tomato and apple jam

- Lemon water

- Sweet Chili Chicken and Rice

- The new Oreo chocolate candy bar


- Lilac dish soap as I wash dishes

- Bread baking in the oven

- My Suave Professional Moroccan Infusion Shampoo
- Cath Kidston Body Lotion

- Wet dog after I gave Marley a bath


  1. loved reading 5 senses Saturday..Today i treated myself to a little Easter cactus plant..Love them..Have a lovely day Sandra..

  2. I don't know why, but these are one of my favorite kind of posts you do. Makes me feel all warm and cozy.


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