Monday, April 3, 2017

{ The Past Few Days }


So last week Thursday I did my Spring Cleaning post and then I wasn't able to get any spring cleaning done because we've had really bad weather, strong storms, tornado watches and so forth.

You're probably wondering what any of that has to be with my spring cleaning, but I want to carpet clean and open windows and wash them inside and out, and can't exactly do that with a tornado watch, high winds and hail.

I'm hoping to get things started this week but unfortunately we are going to be busy with the State Testing tomorrow and Thursday, which just sucks.  I honesty wish I could opt out of these tests.

Anyway, so Saturday morning I had to run and get the groceries, and it was literally a *run and get* because I had to come back, get things put away and get on the road to Oklahoma City by 10:30 am.

I managed to get all the frozen and fridge items put away and then literally shoved the rest of the bags in the pantry for when I returned.   I was thinking that I would be home sometime around 3pm but ended up not walking in the door until almost 7pm.  Really didn't feel like putting anything away, but I did anyway, and I filmed a grocery haul as I did it too.  I'll put it up tomorrow.

But....I'm sure you're wondering about the blessing I mentioned last week.  Well, that was exactly the reason that took us 2 hours north.

But let me rewind a couple years, and tell you a little story.

About 14 years ago when my father in law passed away, Curt and I really wanted his truck. It meant the world to Curt to be able to have his dad's truck, unfortunately we had no way of affording it and were heartbroken to see it sold to someone else.

We are currently a one car family and have been needing a second vehicle for a while, but we have quite a few financial commitments (a lot brought on by our move to Texas), and haven't been able to afford anything. We put it in God's hands and have just waited for the right vehicle to come our way, and preferably a truck.

A few days ago that blessing materialized. To some it may just be a simple truck, but to us, and especially to Curtis, it means the absolute world. See this isn't just any truck that God placed in our way, this was Uncle Mike's truck. The right price, the right time and from a wonderful family member.

Curt wasn't able to have his dad's vehicle, but he got his uncle's (dad's brother), and that is the closest thing to perfect. This literally made his year

That is what we went up there for, to pick up the truck.

It is a huge blessing to our family, and let me tell you, this truck is going to not only help us but my husband is so happy and I just know he is going to treasure his Uncle's truck.

While up in Oklahoma, we took our aunt to lunch at an amazing Indian restaurant.  She is an incredibly strong woman and her strong faith sustained her through all of his cancer treatments and through his passing and is continuing to keep her going.  She does have her days, obviously, and when we showed up on Saturday she was in desperate need of some family hugs and family time.

Thankfully we managed to make her feel better and even got a few good laughs and smiles out of her.

Here is a picture we took right before we left.  My brother and sister in law drove up there with us, so that they could drive my car back.

Sunday, Curt and I spent cleaning out the garage, giving it a good tidying up and clean up so that we could fit his truck in there too.  We managed to get a lot of stuff thrown out which we've been wanting to do for a while but didn't have a big truck to haul it all, so this again was a huge blessing.

So a busy weekend was had and I really could have used a bit more rest time before starting this crazy week but, it is what it is.

I do have a few photos to share with you.  I did spring clean the foyer/entry way.




Washed all the walls, bleached them actually.  Vacuumed every crook and cranny.  Washed the doors and glass panels, front door, windows, and the floors too.  Looks and smells so clean and that's the first part of the house you walk into, so all the better.


Spring is well under way, just look at all this greenery. 



My yard is filled with birds of all species.  It's wonderful sitting outside and not only watching them all, but listening to them.  I think it's one of the perks of living in the country, all you are surrounded by is nature and it's sounds and nothing more.

I also started the new crochet blanket and I intended to take pictures of the finished block and completely forgot, now it's too dark to do so, will wait until tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, it's our first day of testing and I have to drive out 45 minutes for it.  It will just be Nick testing tomorrow, and then Thursday we'll have to return for one last test for Nick and a US History test for Jasmine.  She wasn't supposed to test at all and on Friday they decided that all kids need to take the test.  Oh well!!!

I need to get off here and go get my stuff ready for the morning as we need to leave pretty early.  I am taking my laptop and Kindle with me, I'm sure I'll be able to use one or the other.  If I am able to be on the laptop I'll get some computer work done, if not, then I my books on the Kindle.

I'm going to start Diana Gabaldon's The Lord John Series, it's been sitting on my Kindle for well over a year now, as well as some of her other books.  I'm just hoping to find some books to tide me over until Outlander returns in September.  And I'm also hoping this kick starts my love for reading again.

I'll probably take my crochet with me as well so I can work on the third square before the new square is released this week.

He'll be testing at 9am and then again at 12:30pm, so I don't plan on being home until late afternoon.  Busy tiring day I'm sure.

Anyway, I really do need to get my things ready for the morning.  Have a wonderful blessed night friends :)


  1. Good morning...busy days ahead.....I love your wreath at top of page....those pictures you took are amazing...the owl is beautiful........

    What a wonderful gift your hubby received....something much needed as well.....

    I hope your days are good.....look forward to upcoming of luck to Nicholas through testing........and a happy birthday as well....


  2. What a nice blessing. I too have started spring cleaning. I've been working a little here and there for a few months, but now it's the tile floor in the master bath - huge floor! Oye. I'll be so glad when I have the tile bright and white again.

  3. Oh my goodness!! What an amazing blessing for your whole family!! I am so happy for y'all!

    I began my second week of spring cleaning on Monday and I am going to try and get done by Saturday, but we shall see :-)

    ~Mrs. J~

  4. What a wonderful blessing!

  5. What a blessing! I'm so glad things worked out well for you all and you are no longer a one car family. I haven't really been doing much spring cleaning but it's pretty much been disgusting weather for the last 2 weeks or more. We did get the garage cleaned out this weekend though. Something that had been needing to be done for ages.

    Hopefully you'll be able to get your reading mojo back soon. I know how you love reading.

  6. I LOVE your flip flop wreath! And I absolutely love that he got a truck! We are suddenly a one car family too and we are borrowing my Mother's car. So I understand what a blessing a second vehicle is! Hope you have a fantastic week!!!

  7. I opted my son out of the tests and I will do so every year. I see no point in them. What a great blessing for you and your family (the truck). Sometimes these things work out, even if it's in a way we didn't expect. Good luck with it.


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