Tuesday, July 25, 2017

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{ Super Productive Day }

But I am knackered.  My word.  I just sat down for the first time today, I've been on the go since 9am, busy, cleaning, organizing, and all that kind of fun stuff.

Feels so good to be getting a lot done and working on making our house a real home.  Not that's it not homey already but there's always room for improvement.

This morning, Nick and I worked on his bedroom.  He's had a twin bed for a few year, but my son who is only 14, is 6 feet tall already and the poor thing just doesn't fit on the bed anymore.  If he stretches his legs out, they hang off the edge of the bed, and with all that going on he hasn't been sleeping too well.

He needs a big bed and he has requested another bunk bed, like the ones they used to have before when we lived in Arizona.  So I ordered one today and it will be here on Friday.  To get ready for that, we went into his bedroom this morning and started cleaning, organizing and tidying.

I took out two huge trash bags full of clothes that don't fit, old toys, broken toys, baby things he doesn't want anymore because well, he's a teenager.


One of the things that I pulled out of his bedroom is an old dresser.  It was being used at one point but he had his old turtle tank on it, and it broke a seal and started leaking, causing a ton of water damage.

I did think of throwing out completely, but I decided against it and I have some ideas on how to refurbish it.  So I'm going to work on that this weekend, along with yard work and a couple other things.  I know, I just keep piling on the work but we're having so much fun doing things around the house.

We got his bedroom cleaned out, and then I actually moved into the pantry, purely by accident, but ended up reorganizing it all as well.


Those two plastic storage drawers containers, were in Nick's room and he didn't want them anymore, so of course, I grabbed them because I feel that I can never have enough storage containers in my house.

I didn't know where to put them at first, and I had moved them into the kitchen to give them a good wipe down, when I realized that I had the perfect spot in the pantry, and could use them in there to better organize and store my stuff.

I love how it turned out.  I was able to get a lot of things off the shelves, threw out anything that was expired or didn't want anymore, and kept just what I needed.


It really felt good to get so much done today, and in between all that, I did laundry and cooked lunch for the kids and then dinner for the whole family.

Been trying to make a few of our family favorites and take new photos so that I can update the food blog.  A lot of the older recipes either have old looking photos taken with my very basic camera before the Canon....or they were uploaded to older websites that have gone offline and most of the links are now showing missing photos.


It's a work in progress for sure, but I don't mind :)  Dinner tonight was this Creamy Oven Chicken, it's delicious.

I'm gonna leave you with a picture of some adorable birds just hanging out in my backyard, and I'm going to go and finish my book.  I don't want it to end, but sadly it is coming to an end, and I must crack on with my review books anyway.

See you all tomorrow :)



  1. Hello, I love your posts and I love having those "projects" where you rearrange the house, room by room and find new uses for things you just can't throw out! Your pantry looks great!

    1. Hi Trema, thank you so much for your kind comment, I appreciate it :) I too love doing room by room and seeing the end results, it's so rewarding :)

  2. I love me a bird picture any day! Aren't you clever using those storage carts in the pantry! I wish I had a pantry. I always seem to be running out of space to put things especially the bigger stuff.

    1. Oh I'm loving having a big pantry. For many many years, we didn't have one, not when we were stationed in Idaho, or Arizona, or the first house in Idaho after Curt retired. I don't know how I lived without one.

  3. Wonderful post....I am with you, I start on one thing it leads into many....love all the storage you have in your home.....I can not wait to see the dresser transformation.......


    1. I'm quite excited about the dresser considering it's so old and was pretty damaged from the water. I'm hoping it turns out how I'm envisioning it, fingers crossed. haha

      God Bless,


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