Sunday, July 9, 2017

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{ Weekend in Review }

Hello friends, here we are at the end of another weekend.

It is currently 6:34PM here in Texas, and I'm relaxing on the couch, in my pj's, freshly showered and sipping on a lovely cup of hot tea with milk (my favorite way to drink tea).

Before I do a quick review of the weekend, let me show you my bird wreath from the other day.  I made it, let it dry overnight and have finally hung it on the porch.


How beautiful is that?  And how perfectly matching and appropriate is the ribbon I found to use?  Cute little birds :)

I went through my stash of ribbons and found this small piece, it's only about a foot long or so and was just what I needed to hang my wreath.  I'll be making more this coming week, but if you're interested in making some for yourself, I did a tutorial on them a few years ago, so you can check it out on my post titled "Bird Seed Wreath".


Now what did I do this weekend?

Well a couple of things actually.  I started my Saturday morning needing to get my new car tags done as mine had just expired on the 30th of June.

Living in a small town means that quite often, you don't have everything you need at hand and so last year, when we go the tags done, we had to go to one place for the State Inspection on the car, and then to another for the tags.  We actually went to United Supermarkets for that as our local one does them.


Drove all the way to Hayes to do the inspection only to realize when I got there, that I didn't have my insurance card in the car.  Dangit.  I drove all the way back home to get print a new one, and my printer decided not to cooperate.  I was so frustrated to be doing this back and forth so early in the morning, so I just went ahead and installed my app for USAA and now I have my Insurance proof at hand anytime without having to rely on paper.


While I waited for the inspection to finish, I walked around the store.  They have such a huge variety of home ware, furniture, washers and dryers, guns and candles and all sorts of cool things.

The inspection didn't take but 10 minutes and when I went to pay for it, they informed me that they now do the tags too, so inspection done, tags bought, registration renewed and they even get the tags up on the windshield for you.  Perfect!!!

Of course what isn't so perfect is the price.....almost $100.  Good grief!!!

I returned home, got the laundry going, did a bit of housecleaning and sat down with a quick lunch for myself.


Yellow pepper strips with some hummus, two small pieces of the Crazy Pizza Bread, the last 2 deviled eggs from the 4th of July and a banana yogurt.  By the way, I didn't enjoy it, I also tried another flavor from these Custard yogurts and didn't like it either.  Not really sure what it is about them, but I didn't like them and definitely won't be buying them again.


Around 6pm, Curt, Jasmine and I were heading out to go grab some Panda Express for dinner.  We just recently got a Panda Express in Wichita Falls, so even though it's about 20 minutes from us, and not something we do often, we figured it was Saturday night and it sounded really good.

We step outside and noticed smoke and a fire on the property right across from us.



Two firetrucks quickly pulled out and there was a big of a confusion going on.  We weren't quite sure what was happening because the house had been for sale and didn't have anyone in there.

My husband of course, went over and talked to the neighbor and the firemen, and it turns out that a little old lady moved into the house a few days ago and was mowing and clearing up the back yard.  She decided to burn a stack of wood sticks and stumps she cleared up, not realizing that she is still technically considered to be in city limits.

The firemen quickly put out the fire.  That was a bit of excitement here in our quiet neighborhood, for sure.

We eventually made it to Panda, got our food, came back home and ate dinner, I did the dishes, then sat down and watched the new Ghost Adventures.



I finished off the laundry, got it all put away, worked on finishing up Part 7 of the Atlanticus blanket and caught up on Youtube videos.

Around lunch time, hubby asked if we wanted to go to lunch at this hole in the wall Mexican place downtown.  He had been there before with his coworkers and really enjoyed it.  And so we went.

I switched out my handbag before leaving, to one of my Cath Kidstons.  I just absolutely adore that handbag, especially during the summer months.  Love it's square, boxy look :)

We had an amazing lunch, the food was so good, and so far the best Mexican we've had in Texas, though there are quite a few others we want to try before we really decide which is our favorite.

If you want to see what we had, you can check out my Instagram, I shared our meal on there.  Matter of fact, if you haven't yet done so, be sure to follow me there, I share quite a lot on there :)

Came back home, and then hubby and I sat and watched the special that was on the History Channel today, about the Roanoke Colony.  It was very good and we quite enjoyed it.  I find all of that fascinating, really.

And that my friends, is how we spent our weekend.  Tomorrow is Monday already, and one day closer to school starting.  Feels like summer is just rushing on by, isn't it?

I'll leave you with some pictures of Mister Atlanticus in all his gorgeous glory.  After having to pull out about 20 rows, I was able to get caught back up and now ready for tomorrow's Part 8 release.



He is currently in the corner of the living room, on the floor, being blocked.   The center has a tendency to bulge a little, even though I've tried to redo it and make sure the stitches are right and the tension is not off etc.  It is what it is, and to be honest, if you know me, you know that I don't like perfection in my projects, I much prefer to see a flaw here or there, it gives it more character.

Righto, I'm going to work on my next Menu Plan for the next 30 minutes or so and then head to bed.

OH before I forget, if you're interested in the Amelia Earhart story, the History Channel has a special going at 8pm about her disappearance and what could have happened, and new clues that may point to her having been taking hostage by the Japanese and so on.  It sounds and looks quite interesting, so Curt and I are going to settle into bed and watch that before turning in for the night.

Have a wonderful Sunday evening and I'll meet you all back here tomorrow for Happy Homemaker Monday :)

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