Sunday, July 16, 2017

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{ Weekend in Review }

Hot, sweaty, stung by two wasps, hard work, a huge blister on the palm of my hand.

That's pretty much how my weekend went.  We did a lot of yard work, some landscaping and are really working at getting the yard looking how we want.

We've been in this house for 2 years, and the extent of our yard work has been mowing the lawn and moving on.

All the previous houses we lived in, we made the yard look pretty, we added pieces here and there, water features and solar lights and flowers.  But here, absolutely nothing.

It's not because we don't want to, but more because since moving to Texas, life has moved at turbo speed and we've had everything and anything throw in our path.  It's been rough friends, it's been exhausting and fun at times, heartbreaking, scary, frustrating, a lot of soul searching and extremely rewarding.  Yard work was the last of the last on our list of cares.  Rightfully so.

But now it's crept up to the top.

Funny how when certain things get taken care of, your priorities shift yet again.  As we knock things off our list of to do's and must do's, we are now able to have a little more fun time devoted to our home.





Since went spent most weekend doing yard work, meals were kept to a minimum, or rather, the cooking was kept to a minimum.  I did a delicious Spaghetti Bolognese in my Pressure Cooker, and made quite a bit for everyone to eat whenever they were hungry.


I wanted to have the recipe up today but I really didn't a chance to.  It will be done tomorrow and I'll share that with you all.


I also started a new Pillow, here is my Sweet Caroline.  It is a mini CAL (crochet a long) by Helen Shrimpton who brought us the lovely Mandala Madness.  It's just 3 parts and basically a way to use up yarn in your stash.  This is Part 1.

Isn't that just a beautiful design?

Not my usual colors either, but they do complement each other quite nicely.

While crocheting this piece, I watched a very interesting documentary on Netflix, called The Long Shadow.  It is about World War I's long shadow of influence and how it still impacts current events today.  It is available on Netflix so if it's the kind of thing you enjoy, be sure to check it out.

Alright friends, I know I haven't posted much in this weekend review, but we really didn't do much other than yard work.  I will take photos of what we did as soon as it's all done.

I'm going to get some more reading done.  I finally have my reading mojo back and it's been quite frustrating not being able to have the time in the day to just sit and read.  Wouldn't that be amazing, if we could sit on the couch all day long and read without stopping?

I do long for a day like that.  A good book, a cup of tea or coffee, two or three homemade cookies and a comfy blanket.  Ahhhhh perfect!!!


  1. I agree on the yardwork, definitely is nice to have done, but not a major priority when everything *must* be done first... I always love your photos! That pillow is absolutely stunning! Gorgeous colour combination! Can't wait for that recipe! My new InstantPot is still in the box, eek! Need to do the water test then pack it up for the move... then I'll be breaking it out and hoping to pull off something that looks as good as your meals do! Yum!!

  2. What a lovely post.....I can not wait to see the yard transformation.....we've been diligent on keeping up with ours, we mowed this weekend, hubby weed whacked, I weeded throughout my perrenal garden, last evening I cut yarrow, silver king and queen ann lace to dry....

    Your crocheting is just beautiful.....

    Hope you have a wonderful week, and late but not forgotten, congrats on hubby's "new" job......



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