Monday, February 05, 2018

Happy Homemaker Monday - 02/05/2018

Good morning everyone.

I'm starting this post pretty early but having to take breaks as I go along.  This flu is kicking my behind and sitting up or standing for longer than a few minutes, is leaving me light headed and nauseous.  I'm not sure how long it will take to type this all up, but we'll just go at a slow pace and eventually get there right?

Sure hope you're all well and that you're not also dealing with a household of flu, this stuff is no joke, good grief.

The kids are starting to feel a little better, they came out of their bedrooms yesterday and actually sat the dinner table for a few minutes, something that hasn't happened in a week, so that made me happy to see :)  It's still slow going, they're pretty weak, but their appetites are back which is a great thing.  We'll all eventually get there.

Right, let's see what everyone's week looks like.   

The weather:::
18 degrees with a real feel of 14.  I just want Spring to come, like so bad.  Let's get rid of this nasty cold already.
The whole week we seem to be staying in the 50's, we have rain tomorrow, and then 70 on Friday.  Texas is clearly confused, as always.

As I look outside my window:::
Partly cloudy skies, it just looks quite miserable out there, and usually I'm ok with a dreary rainy looking day, but maybe the fact that I'm sick is making me wish it was glorious sunshine and warmth.

Right now I am:::
On the couch.  I have the laptop next to me and I'm taking breaks as I type this up.  I need to lie down every so often.  I've had some coffee which tasted amazing, considering the whole weekend I couldn't smell or taste anything (hate that feeling).  I haven't had anything to eat yet and I'm not really feeling hungry at all, so not sure what if anything I'll eat for breakfast.

Thinking and pondering:::
On our sickness, on how long this will take to go away and hoping it goes soon.  I have a Physical Therapy appointment tomorrow, I had to cancel both last week because of the kids being so ill, but my shoulder is really hurting and I am just needing to get in there and fix it.  I'm determined to kick this sickness today so I can feel well enough to go tomorrow.  this afternoon.

On my bedside table:::
Vicks, Dayquil, Nyquil, tissues, Motrin and Tylenol and a bottle of water.

On my tv:::
If I'm up to watching anything, I'll watch the second episode of Britannia.
Still haven't watched The Alienist so maybe that one.
Have all of last week's General Hospital to catch up on.

On the menu for this week:::
Last week was horrible, between the kids not able to eat anything, all the running back and forth to doctor appointments, urgent care and my needle treatment on my shoulder, we ate out more than ever.  I'm sick of take out, I'm sick of not cooking and I'm hoping this week we are back on track.  Not to mention how expensive all the take out food is.  Ugh!!!

Monday - Linguine with Peppery Beef Strips, Salad
Tuesday - Slow Cooker Chicken Curry 
Wednesday - Grilled Salmon, Steamed Broccoli, Garlic Potatoes
Thursday - Lasagna, Garlic Bread
Friday - Bangers and Mash, Green Beans
Saturday - Pork Chops Supreme, Rice, Steamed Broccoli
Sunday - *Sundays are our snack days, we pretty much just eat whatever all day long and no one ever wants a big dinner, so I'm actually going to stop planning meals for Sundays

On my to do list:::
Jasmine's laundry and the rest of the bed sheets and comforters
Vacuum and tidy living rooms

What I am sewing, crocheting, knitting or creating:::
Just started Part 9 of the Elements CAL.  While pretty much just laying around all weekend with this crud, I crocheted here and there and caught up on the blanket. 

My simple pleasure:::
Sitting with my husband on the couch, just laying my head on his shoulder, closing my eyes and not thinking about anything at all.     

Lesson learned the past week:::
To continue to follow my instinct, especially when it comes to my kids.  On Thursday, I could not break Jasmine's fever, she was staying at 102.6, really unwell and I knew then that this had to be the flu and not just a cold.  I took her to urgent care and they confirmed she had the Flu.
Sometimes we second guess ourselves, or think that just because the doctor said it's such and such, we shouldn't doubt it or get a second opinion.
But our instinct as parents, speaks louder than anything else and it's never steered me wrong.  I'm glad I went with it and followed up.

Looking around the house:::
Needs a lot of attention.  Last week was absolutely dreadful, I didn't have time for housecleaning at all, aside from the kids bedrooms and constant washing and changing of bed linens.  The rest of the house has been left to fend for itself.  Even though I'm still not well, I do need to get stuff done around here, so I won't overdo it, but yeah, gotta get things cleaned and put away and tidied up.   

From the camera:::

Prayer List:::
Still continuing with prayers for Erika, Laura and my mother in law.
My children, to continue to improve and to beat this flu.
Me, to continue trusting in the Lord through everything.

Bible verse, Devotional:::


Jodi said...

I pray the sickies leave your household soon!!!

threesidesofcrazy said...

I sure hope you ALL get well really soon! Sending BIG hugs and prayers!

Simply Quaint said...

Sending many prayers for all you to feel better, your shoulder to start the healing process, your friends and your mother in law, many, many prayers...2018 is starting out rough.....but keep your head up and stay got this.......


Rebecca Knox said...

I'm sorry to hear that you and your family have been under the weather, Sandra. Am praying for a full and rapid recovery over all of you. I love the photo that you posted. Reminds me of my upcoming winter wildflower program. No matter what the enemy throws at you, have a blessed week! <3

Jean said...

Sorry the flu has your family in such a solid grasp, glad your kids are feeling a bit better. Please take care of yourself and rest. Hope you have a wonderful week and are feeling healthy again very soon.

Joanna Unbehaun said...

I'm so glad you all art starting to feel better. Let's hope this week sees a fast recovery!

Mrs. Laura Lane said...

I plead the blood of Jesus over your family for healing! In Jesus' name, amen.
Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

Rachel said...

So sorry you guys have been sick! Hope you all feel better sooner rather than later!

Unknown said...

Your crocheting is so beautiful!! Hope you all feel better soon!!