Monday, February 12, 2018

Happy Homemaker Monday - 02/12/2018

Good morning friends.

I just realized that I've been pretty MIA from my little corner here on the web, and actually the last post I made was last week's Happy Homemaker Monday.  For shame!!!

We've been extremely sick around here, when I say that the sickness grabbed hold of our house, I mean it really sunk it's clutches in and has been reluctant to let it go.  The kids are finally better, the hubby is still getting over his second bout with the cold and I'm slowly and I mean very slowly trying to get out of this crud that I caught.  For me, it's been sinus, congestion, feeling of being lightheaded and nausea.

Last week was the absolute pit for me, on Tuesday I felt ok, then bam got hit Tuesday night, was pretty much laid up on the couch without being able to eat much at all the rest of the week.  Friday I managed to get to my Physical Therapy appointment but by the time I got back home, I was once again on the couch with horrible nausea.  Saturday I was meant to get groceries, and got up, got dressed, only to have to get undressed again and back on the couch again.  Ended up doing Walmart grocery pick up and what a blessing that was, Curt drove me there and within 5 minutes we were headed back home with the grocery shopping.

So yes, it's been just horrible around here and I pray that we're all finally headed in the right direction and out of this sickness.

But let's get going with our HHM :) 

The weather:::
I'm so incredibly sick and tired of Texas weather.  I may as well have stayed in Idaho, because aside from the actual snow, it's colder there than there.  What the heck is going on?
75 degrees one day, down to 20 the next, then 60 the next day and down to 16 this morning.  It's no wonder everyone is sick.
Just as an example, here's this week's weather....can you say crazy?

As I look outside my window:::
Partly cloudy skies.  I won't lie, I'm quite looking forward to Spring, everything green and warm. 

Right now I am:::
Still on the couch, but finishing this up, getting dressed and starting with my day.  I've had my breakfast which was just a cup of coffee and some toast.

Thinking and pondering:::
On everything I need to get done this week, and specifically today.  I haven't been able to do much homemaking or cooking the past two weeks, and it's honestly thrown me completely off kilter.  My house is not dirty because I've tried to stay on top of things, doing a little here and there as I can.  The past two weeks have consisted of me doing chores in between lots of laying on the couch trying not to die hahaha
I'm needing to give my house a good cleaning and since I'm finally feeling better, it's a definite must.

On my bedside table:::
Bible, TV remotes, Tissues, alarm clock

On my tv:::
I've been catching up on my Portuguese soap *Jogo Duplo* and absolutely obsessed, love it so much.
I still haven't watched The Alienist, ugh, but hoping to do it this week.
Want to rewatch Call the Midwife

On the menu for this week:::
Last week ended up being another lost case when it comes to cooking and staying on track with the menu plan.  I was so incredibly sick, I couldn't eat, I couldn't get up, it was awful.  I lost 4 pounds, absolutely insane.  I'm so glad to be back on track, and really looking forward to cooking and eating this week.

Monday - Spaghetti Bolognese, Garlic Bread
Tuesday - Slow Cooker Creamy Ranch Chicken with Buttered Garlic Noodles, Green Beans 
Wednesday - Valentine's Day - BBQ Ribs, Steak Fries, Smoked Applewood Bacon Beans, Chocolate Covered Strawberries
Thursday - Slow Cooked Sticky Chicken, Rice
Friday - Best Chili Ever, Tortilla chips
Saturday - Sausage Alfredo, Garlic bread
Sunday - *Sundays are our leftovers and snack days*

On my to do list:::
Put away clean laundry - washed everything yesterday just have to hang up, pack in the dressers
Kitchen - empty dishwasher and refill, clean counters, sweep
Bedrooms - make beds, open blinds and curtains, open windows, vacuum
Living Rooms - Vacuum, dust

What I am sewing, crocheting, knitting or creating:::
Took this weekend to finish Part 9 of the Elements CAL, and started Part 10.

Also have to crack on with my girly blanket.  My niece is pregnant and just found out that she's having a girl, so I'm making the blanket for her little one :)

Lesson learned the past week:::
That even when I don't want to slow down, my body will stop dead in it's tracks when it needs to.  The most frustrating part about being a mother/wife/homemaker, is feeling so unwell that the smallest of chores have to be left undone.
I have absolutely no patience or time for being on the couch, but sometimes our bodies need the break and the TLC, and mine completely shut down last week, forcing me to do just that, lay back and do absolutely nothing.  It was so hard, but I'm glad I did :) 

Looking around the house:::
Needs attention, obviously.  It's not bad but needs some tidying here and there and picking up.  I can't wait to sit later and be surrounded by a clean house.

From the camera:::
I honestly have not taken any pictures the past week, so don't have anything to share here.  Bummer, but I'll try to snap some pics today as I go about my day, and maybe be able to get a post up either later, or tomorrow morning.

Prayer List:::
Friends and family going through hard times.
My family, that this sickness finally leaves our household for good.

Bible verse, Devotional:::


  1. Glad you are feeling a little better. Sorry that sickness took such a toll on your family. Yes, rest is not always easy but super important when you're sick. Hope you have a wonderful week and a happy (and healthy) Valentine's Day!

  2. So sorry you guys have been so sick! Hope this week is much kinder!

  3. I'm working my way through Call the Midwife in preparation for the new season. I can't remember, have you watched A Place to Call Home? It's excellent. We were so sad when we got to the end of Season 5 but the good news is that Season 6 is coming!

    I'd love to hear more about your Wal Mart grocery shopping/pick up - how does it all work? What did you think about the prices as compared to the commissary?

    Glad to hear you're on the mend. This flu/cold/whatever it is bug has knocked out so many.

  4. Glad your house is on the mend!!! Yummy menu this week! And the weather has been crazy every where lately!! Have a great week!!

  5. Hoping you are feeling better real quick. cozy menu planning this week

  6. Sorry to hear you are all sick. I think sickness has been very bad this year, everywhere.

  7. Thanks for hosting such and encouraging bloghop!
    Morgan from:

  8. O sorry to hear your family has been hit hard with sickness! Praying all of you start feeling better soon! Seems like most places around the states are battling this crud! Your Texas weather is a lot like our NC weather right now! Hope this week brings healing and your back to yourself!

  9. Oh poor Honey! Hang in there and sending lots of healthy thoughts your way. Sometimes we need to just accept we need to rest. Then you'll be able to be a more energized Mama that much sooner. ;)

    My sinuses would go crazy with that up down weather too! Geesh :P
    Blessings on your week and feel better. xoxo

  10. The crocheting is beautiful! I thought I was all done with my upper respiratory stuff in January, and so I was. But then I got shingles on top of my noggin and an infection near my ear! all better now but still tired from three months of being sick. Praying you are all well now.

  11. Am sorry to hear that you guys are still battling illness. You remain in our prayers here. As for looking forward to spring...I hear you! I'm really looking forward to it myself this year. Blessings, Sandra! Stay the course! <3

  12. I now how you are feeling about being sick and not being able to carry on. I had just one day where I could not move off the sofa and it really got to me. Hope you are all feeling better soon.

  13. Hope you all are feeling better soon! I too can't wait for spring. A few days ago it was 6 degrees an today it's now in the 70's. Crazy weather.


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