Monday, January 06, 2020

{ Happy Homemaker Monday - 01/06/2020 }

Good morning friends, welcome back to my blog and to the very first Happy Homemaker Monday of 2020.

I worked on a new image, which you can see below, and I'm also adding a couple new categories, this year.

I started the Happy Homemaker Monday feature, many and I mean MANY years ago.  Since then it's gained a lot of participants and has evolved through time.  I don't like changing things up too often but I think it's been quite a while since I've changed anything regarding to our HHM, and since we are starting a new year, this seemed like the perfect time to do so.

Don't worry, if you've already done your for today using the old categories, it's perfectly fine.  You can go ahead and add the new categories from next week on.  I'll list them below to make it easier for you all.

Also, I haven't had to remind anyone of this in a long time either, but please don't change up the HHM categories on your own or make it different than what it is, because then it is no longer connected to my blog or the original.

Right, the categories from now on are going to be:

The weather
How I am feeling this morning
On my mind
On the breakfast plate
On my reading pile
On my tv
On the menu this week
From the camera
Looking around the house
Chore I'm not looking forward to today or this week
To relax this week, I will
On my prayer list
Devotional/Bible Verse

So let's get right into it, I'm looking forward to another year of Happy Homemaker Mondays.  I'm back to blogging full time, so I'll be visiting all the participants as well a the lovely ladies who leave comment on my blog.  Thank you again for always being here, even when I'm not as present as I would like to be.

The Weather♥♥♥
A bit chilly this morning.  It is currently 30 degrees.  I will say that I've been missing the rain, but it looks like we might get some at the end of the week, so there's that.

Monday - Sunny, 60
Tuesday - Sunny, 64
Wednesday - Mostly sunny/wind, 63
Thursday - Partly cloudy, 72
Friday - Isolated Thunderstorms, 66
Saturday - Partly cloudy, 46
Sunday - Partly cloudy, 60

How I am feeling this morning♥♥♥
Been struggling with my sciatica the past two days, so woke up a bit sore.

On my mind♥♥♥
Couple bills I have to pay, some mail I need to send out and making sure that Nick sends in his last Game Design project before Semester ends today.

On the breakfast plate♥♥♥
I've had some coffee with hubby at 5:30AM, but here shortly I'll have a bowl of porridge.

On my reading pile♥♥♥
Today, I am starting A Sister's Courage by Molly Green.

On my tv♥♥♥
I mentioned the other day how I'm wanting to return back to my Period Dramas.  This past weekend I started by watching the newest Netflix series, The Bonfire of Destiny.  It was brilliant and I highly recommend it.  Also watched the Downton Abbey movie and LOVED it.  Made me miss the series so very much, just wish they would bring it back.
I'll also be watching Witcher (may not appeal to many others but I do love fantasy type shows)

The rest of the week, I'll be watching:
Mary Queen of Scots
The Favourite
Tales from Green Valley
A hidden life
Jojo Rabbit
The Windermere Children
The Lighthouse
New Little Women

On the menu this week♥♥♥
I'll be working on the new menu.  I'm going grocery shopping on Friday morning, so meals are only planned until Thursday night.

Monday - A Husband's Delight, Garlic Bread, Salad
Tuesday - Smoked Sausage and Potatoes
Wednesday - Roast Chicken Legs, Rice and Beans
Thursday -  Frito Pie Casserole
Friday -

From the camera♥♥♥
I can't put into words how much I love my new kitchen.  I loved cooking and baking before, but now?  I could stay in my kitchen all day long.

Looking around the house♥♥♥
The sun has risen and rays are shooting in through the open windows.  The house is clean and tidy, thankfully as the kids have gotten older, their messes are contained to their bedrooms.  Not exactly happy with that either, but at east it's not in plain sight, right?  Hahah

Chore I'm not looking forward to today, or this week♥♥♥
I need to give all the bathrooms a good clean, and honestly, bathrooms are my least favorite room to clean.

To relax this week, I will♥♥♥
Pick up my book and really get back into reading, which I've always loved.  I am also wanting to bring back my love for crocheting, I feel like I've lost it and I miss the days where I was constantly working on something.

On my prayer list♥♥♥
Our country, our President.
Friends and family needing prayers at the moment.

Devotional/Bible Verse♥♥♥
I don't have a specific one to share this morning, rather I just wanted to share that I am starting to read the Bible again, I would love to read it all this year, so going to work very hard on that.  I also want to pick up a new bible and a new devotional. I have a few in mind and I think I need to just do it and stop putting it off.

This year is all about God, His glory and living for Him.


  1. Your kitchen looks so inviting, I can see why you want to spend all your time there. Love the prompt changes...will incorporate them for next week! Have a beautiful week!

  2. I love the new icon form hyhour kitchen.. very pretty, your temperatures surely do not seem very seasonal... Ours have been warmer than usual too, but we do expect snow tomrrow! Im glad! We need to kill those pesky insects over the winter!!We certainly do need concerted prayer for our dear President, troops, firefighters, and all the turmoil in the world today... I hope 2020 will calm down very soon and not be a year of strife and division!

  3. I love your new kitchen and the lovely icon for HHM! What a great way to usher in a new decade. Like you all our temps have been very unseasonal but we do expect snow this week and I'm glad!We certainly do need to keep our dear President, troops, and firefighters in our prayers as well as all the peoples in the midst of strife, pain, loss and difficult circumstances. I prayer 2020 will not be a years of trouble but that God's perfect Will will override all that is going on across the world!

  4. Your new kitchen is beautiful. It looks like you, I can picture you in there happily cooking away. Hope you have a wonderful first full week of 2020!

  5. Morning! Have been mia the last few weeks what with the busy Holiday season, glad to get back here to our normal routine.
    Love your new kitchen. Have a great week

  6. Hi, I really enjoy being here on your blog. A happy New Year

  7. To not want to leave your kitchen is a good thing! I think it means you're doing it right. Kitchens to me have always been the heart of the family - so glad you're able to do it your way and enjoy it. I hope you're feeling better too. Have a GREAT week.

  8. I bet you are enjoying the new kitchen. It looks beautiful from what I can see. Once we redid our kitchen I was in it a lot more, too. A change makes such a huge difference.

  9. I love the way your kitchen came out! I'm especially fond of your new island! Amazing what some paint can do! Have a wonderful week :-)

  10. I love your kitchen and find that a kitchen remodel can certainly add to the thrill of being in a kitchen. I love the new icon for Happy Homemaker Monday and I love the new list of categories. I am thrilled to read what others have written.

  11. I'm wanting to crochet again! I havent in years. I love your new kitchen. Its bright and spacious and I love the colors! Excited for you! I loved Mary Queen of Scots and Have not watched the Favourite yet but its recorded. Going to see the new little women this weekend with Madison though! Hope you have a great week! Your menu looks comforting!

  12. Love the new kitchen! So peaceful and homey! I'm just now realizing that I don't think I've been following the catagory rules too well. I will try to do better in 2020. Blessings for a Happy New Year, Sandra, and thanks for all you do! :)


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